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What's puzzling (or not so) is that those who critique those who talk about the internet ignore those who actually study the internet

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Mosaic & the WWW in 1994 by Bob Frankston and Dan Bricklin:

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'twas undermined ages ago. :) MT @mdeimann #EdX to charge for ID-verified certificates undermining "nature" of #MOOCs

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@JimZbuildOn Best book I have read in a long time. Keep it up! #mustread #attorneyactionclub #walkintheirshoes

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hastac annual conf:

UN Foundation (@unfoundation)
10/3/13 5:47 AM
"In situations where leaders fail to lead, the people can make them follow by indicating the direction." - @KofiAnnan #KofiAnnanLive

UN Foundation (@unfoundation)
10/3/13 5:49 AM
"We are living in a world where the kinds of problems we are confronted with are problems no one country can handle alone." #KofiAnnanLive

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
10/3/13 5:49 AM
#HATCH10 unites top creative thinkers w/ most promising minds-Connected 300+ mentors w/ 5000 students. @JenniferSertl…
kool beans.
imagine hatch 24/7. and on steroids. equity today.

danah boyd (@zephoria)
10/4/13 6:29 AM
“To the degree that we take away play, we deprive children of the ability to practise adulthood”…

Cory Doctorow (@doctorow)
10/4/13 6:19 AM
Lessig Blog, v2: On the meaning of a political "innovation" - lessig: In The Daily Beast, I lamented a...

Tom Peters (@tom_peters)
10/4/13 6:30 AM
Almost no comentary about "we the people." D.C. standoff all about who "wins," who" loses" ... as if it were a sporting event. Sucks!

Idit Harel Caperton (@Idit)
10/4/13 6:33 AM
"DigitalLearning&MOOCs most importnt invention since printingpress" says @MIT Prez RafaelReif @TIME.Agree! We've seen it w/ @globaloria MOOC

cool - but what if there's more web-ness..

Alain de Botton (@alaindebotton)
10/4/13 6:33 AM
Are you in a bad mood? Here are some works of art I picked out as possible

Fred Bartels (@fredbartels)
10/4/13 6:34 AM
Slavery didn't end by having better education for slaves. Poverty won't end by having better ed for the poor. #slavpov

Adam Braun (@AdamBraun)
10/4/13 6:39 AM
Great story from @sashadichter, reminds you of the good people create every…

Deepak Chopra (@DeepakChopra)
10/4/13 6:41 AM
Where Are We Going? A Wandering Scientist Asks via@HuffPostScience

"Wandering" because we are all wanderers, living on top of a planet called Earth, moving through infinite space. "Planet" comes from the Greek, it means "the wanderer, the one that moves in the sky." 
Now let's examine the scientist part. I am by training and by profession a scientist. But foremost I am a human being. As a human being, I wander through space. As a scientist, I of course also wander through space. But being a theoretical physicist and a scientist, I also wander through the realm of thoughts. All humans do. However, scientists make careers out of thinking, not a bad thing I must say. And in the process, I wonder (pun intended) where I am going. I don't mean through space, that much can be understood and accepted. I wonder where I am "going." You had that thought I am sure, probably many times. 
Why would a scientist's wandering thoughts be more profound than anyone else's? Actually, I don't think they are. Since though a scientist is trained to methodically think, to consistently think when developing scientific ideas, the wanderings of a scientist thoughts might be interesting and more applicable to general situations than just individual, private thinking wanderings. That's all. 
or they might too be blinded by their consistency.. no?
Now the word "science" comes from the Latin word scientia, which the Wikipedia tells us means "knowledge." It is a special "systematic enterprise" that can be put to tests. Science is a special kind of human knowledge (yes, it is human, after all) that always seeks to disprove itself. 
ah.. wikipedia..
You might think that is some sort of punishing or self-inflicted nasty activity. As humans, aren't we after all not happy when we are proven wrong? Don't we want stability, please no changes? When someone tells us that we are wrong, don't we get defensive and, often, indignant?
Well, a particular scientist might not be happy when her theory is proven wrong. Science, however, progresses by many, many scientific ideas becoming wrong, upon examination, careful examination, shown to be wrong. Some that survive, at least for some time, we view them as successful ideas. 
In some ways science progresses over the dead ideas, which in the process become discarded and thrown out. So if you are a young person and want to become a scientist, get used to the idea that your success will most likely require you being wrong, probably many times and occasionally being right.
the it is me - ness
In our wanderings, we will ask how will science change, how will it evolve (we already established that by its nature, must change). We will examine some fundamental challenges facing current science today. Often progress occurs not when we carry out business as usual but when we are facing some profound challenges. 
calculus-ish - perpetual beta ness  
..any scientific wanderings have to be relevant to non-scientists. And it is my strong world view that other humans should understand what scientists are saying. Many of my colleagues probably don't agree with me on this, holding the view that science is too difficult, too "esoteric," you need years of study to understand it, etc. Fair enough, it may not be easy. But it is the job of scientists to communicate what they are doing and making accessible what they are practicing. 

Benny Lewis (@irishpolyglot)
10/4/13 6:42 AM
Video tour of my home in Japanese after learning it for 2 weeks! 日本語で我が家を紹介

Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
10/4/13 6:44 AM
Full interview of Pearl Jam talking exclusively to Australian surfer Mark…

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
10/4/13 6:46 AM
#dailyobit “You can build a persona from what the larger culture has discarded, misrepresented or ignored”

n his book “Popism: The Warhol Sixties,” written with Pat Hackett and published in 1980, Warhol said: “Mario had that classic comedy combination of seeming dumb but being able to say the right things with perfect timing; just when you thought you were laughing at him, he’d turn it all around.”91% of homeless or runaway teens
75% of teens in drug rehab,
71% of high school dropouts
come from #fatherless homes.

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