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peter gray - reading w/o schooling

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Seven Principles of Learning to Read Without Schooling

Thanks to +Jay Cross for sharing this article, an excellent read. Below are the seven principles, many of which have significance beyond the schooling years, especially No.5.

Insights from: "Children Teach Themselves to Read"

1. For non-schooled children there is no critical period or best age for learning to read.

2. Motivated children can go from apparent non-reading to fluent reading very quickly.

3. Attempts to push reading can backfire.

4. Children learn to read when reading becomes, to them, a means to some valued end or ends.

5. Reading, like many other skills, is learned socially through shared participation.

6. Some children become interested in writing before reading, and they learn to read as they learn to write.

7. There is no predictable "course" through which children learn to read.

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by Peter Gray, Ph.D.