Wednesday, October 16, 2013

urx as c app

Milinovich left me with these thoughts.
“Mobile commerce doesn’t just mean taking things that work on the web and putting them on a new form factor. The level of data you can collect beucase of the supercomputers in people’s pockets? It’s insane. We get exited thinking of how URX is the catalyst for the next generation of mobile commerce. We see ourselves as an ads company. But the reason we do it is fundamentally to allow these new business models to work. To enable the next wave of innovation from not just an ad perspective but an app perspective. If people can monetize their apps, they can build more apps, do what they love, and bring more of their creativity to the world. If we enable that, I feel like we’ll have done something pretty powerful.”

imagine if we just jump straight to Milinovich's last sentiment.
at list do that first..
so that everyone gets a go.