Monday, October 14, 2013


@jimmy_wales MT @CancerGeek: Used  Wikipedia to develop a test to find cancer - I didn't even know I had a pancreas. #60minutes @jackandraka

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Another ICYMI from this week: Letter on journalism in the age of mass surveillance from @emilybell @EthanZ et al:

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Cool talk from @TEDxTeachersCol by @chrisemdin on need for mindfulness and wakefulness in education:

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Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
10/14/13 6:52 AM
1) #discovery MIT Tech Rvw's 10 breakthrough technologies of the year… HT @rossdawson #a3r

Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff)
10/14/13 6:55 AM
How house Republicans changed the rules so a majority vote couldn't stop the government shutdown@AshAlman

Sinan Si Alhir (@SAlhir)
10/14/13 6:56 AM
"@ronkarr: Is eye contact really key?"

Heidi Hass Gable (@HHG)
10/14/13 6:55 AM
Goodness is the only investment that never fails. - Henry David Thoreau

jack andraka (@jackandraka)
10/14/13 6:57 AM
Such a thrill to meet everyone on @CBSThisMorning and raise awareness for #pancreaticcancer@PanCAN @Aiims1742

John Hagel (@jhagel)
10/14/13 7:00 AM
Perhaps Columbus Day is a good time to get a more real picture of the man and his deeds - it's not what you think

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
10/14/13 7:01 AM
Can This Be Home? Borderlessness & The Internet Citizen #TheBridge via@ellerybiddle

nationality: human.

interested in a 6wk free course on open online education? #wweopen13 starts tomorrow. i'm facilitating a week on networked identities & being a connected educator...that Dave Cormier guy is also leading a week of the discussion. we'd love to have some of your voices in the conversation.

registration is here:

FB group is here:

What will help cities be economically viable. Walking. So says @JeffSpeckAICP and me:

How #SanFrancisco became the least affordable city in America, and what can be done about it now. via @AtlanticCities

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Jim Groom (@jimgroom)
10/14/13 6:59 AM
Today #dtlt sits down with @audreywatters @kinlane @cogdog and @opencontent to resume a conversation about #reclaimyourdomain #reclaimopen

johnkellden (@johnkellden)
10/14/13 6:57 AM
Zen of Small Tasks: Signals and Messages "In the year 2032, we decided to take a path less travelled." -- +John……

I am chilled to the bone by this one: A young life lost due to schooling and due to the hatred and ignorance of adults! What is WRONG with our culture? Why are boys targeted for such horrific treatment? Don't any adults have common sense anymore? Do they not remember once being young? Wake up! The human brain is not fully developed until age 24. It is NATURAL for adolescents to make rash, impulsive, thrill-based choices because they think primarily with their temporal lobes rather than their prefrontal cortexes. They should NOT be punished for natural kid behavior. A simple parental discussion would have been plenty; this child would have laughed about this 20 years from now, but now he can't- the anti-child school and the anti-child, anti-male legal system drove him to take his life.