Thursday, October 24, 2013


New Post: We've Got It Backwards

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In the wake of mass student protests, embattled King College Prep Principal Resigns via @DNAinfoCHI

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See this yet @jonbecker @edjurist? High School Football Player Kicked off Team, Suspended Over Poem

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Drone Victims Recount Horror of Follow-Up Strikes Launched Against People Rescuing Wounded #DoubleTap #UniteBlue

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Wow! Must read Harvard student: Don't @teachforamerica it's working to destroy public education system

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AmnestyInternational (@amnesty)
10/24/13 7:12 AM
Is your country attending #CHOGM2013 in Sri Lanka? Watch this video to see the whitewash in store:

Anya Kamenetz (@anya1anya)
10/24/13 7:12 AM
3 stories of student success with ipads:…

Dan Schawbel (@DanSchawbel)
10/24/13 7:12 AM
The Top 10 Workplace Trends For
6. Employers create new ways of filtering candidates
Every year it becomes more competitive to apply for jobs because there are more applicants for fewer positions. In the past, I’ve called this the black hole of resumes and the Wall Street Journal calls it “resume oblivion“. Companies, especially larger ones, are finding new ways to filter candidates. One of them is to have HR programs that filter out those who didn’t graduate from college. The second way is to use social networks to screen candidates. reports that 94% of employers are using social networks for recruiting and that number will be about 100% next year I predict. More smaller companies and even midsize companies are looking at your online footprint first before giving you an interview to see if you would fit into the corporate culture and if there’s anything negative that comes up for your name. More companies will be using tests next year to try and close the skills gap. One test is called the “Collegiate Learning Assessment“, which provides an objective, benchmarked report card for critical thinking skills.
Collegiate Learning Assessment - post college sat - hardly. we know better.
interesting how we've gotten so good at lying about and/or faking formal documentation (d pope 95% et al) and yet we seek more..
imagine a non-linear portfolio over the last umpteen years.. accessible from whatever angle.. insight within 2 min. more humane to create/read.

George Siemens (@gsiemens)
10/24/13 7:13 AM
"65 faculty, student, teacher and union associations have formed a coalition against [moocs]"…
seems we spend our days deciding/arguing/justifying/credentialing how to spend our days.. and then we run out of time/energy/money.. to live our days.  no?

Bruce Nussbaum (@brucenussbaum)
10/24/13 7:14 AM
Regulator acts to make crowdfunding more accessible - via @FT

johnmaeda (@johnmaeda)
10/24/13 7:14 AM
"Hope is belief in the plausibility of the possible, as opposed to the necessity of the probable." —

core of a story is a plot, a moment of choice in which a protagonist is confronted by a challenge for which he or she is not prepared, but which he or she must nevertheless face, the outcome of which we take away as the “mora
Augustine observed, it is one thing to “know” the good, but another to “love” it – and loving it calls forth action
 I say values, not interests, because while self-interest is sufficient to sustain the status quo, our values are sources of the courage to take the risks, make the commitments, and reach out to others that challenging the status quo requires

i don't know. that quote...?

of the probable...?

Nicholas Thompson (@nxthompson)
10/24/13 6:59 AM
I suspect it would have been easier to build for a single-payer system.

Inside Higher Ed (@insidehighered)
10/24/13 7:15 AM
Increasingly sophisticated tools allow universities to target very specific types of prospective… …


Bill Gates (@BillGates)
10/23/13 11:33 AM
Three charts from @bbchealth that tell one of the great success stories in global health:

imagine if we started vaccinating each other.. by proximity..

ᴬᴿᴼᴺ (@aronsolomon)
10/24/13 7:38 AM
If Tebow isn't a better option for the Rams than Favre, Tim needs to get a one-way ticket to Montreal or begin his run for the (@Salon)
10/24/13 7:38 AM
Hillary Clinton brushes off deranged "Benghazi" heckler in true Hillary

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
10/24/13 7:38 AM
Filkens: There's a knife fight going on inside the Iranian government right now [between Suleimani and the moderates]. #FDDiran

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
10/24/13 7:38 AM
Filkens: Whether or not the US gets a deal w/ Iran will probably depend on who wins the moderates. vs. Suleimani knife-fight. #FDDiran

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
10/24/13 7:38 AM
#Tajikistan official caught plagiarizing in praise of President during election
This is a good lesson for Khamidov. If you have nothing to say, do not speak about issues that you have nothing to say about. In general, however, this is a very instructive case. It shows that in the age of the Internet and Google, it is difficult for the authorities to [fool] ordinary people. It is so because these people have access to sources of information that the authorities cannot control.
Emily Badger (@emilymbadger)
10/24/13 7:39 AM
How crummy, run-down #housing harms the children who live in

GlobalHigherEd (@GlobalHigherEd)
10/24/13 7:46 AM
Measuring America’s Decline, in Three Charts:… via @NewYorker #oecd#oecdskills
George Siemens (@gsiemens)
10/24/13 7:47 AM
@GlobalHigherEd @NewYorker woah. those are some bad numbers.

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
10/24/13 7:47 AM
Gerecht: I'm extremely skeptical that the ppl around Rouhani are prepared to give away anything they've worked so hard to make. #FDDiran

likewise ish..
so many hours into Ed 

Patients are 30-50% more likely to use mobile health apps when their doctor uses a mobile device in the exam room.

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