Sunday, September 1, 2013


Democracy Now! (@democracynow)
8/30/13 12:55 PM
Does your child attend a #charterschool? You'll want to hear this report by Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzá

Barry Wellman (@barrywellman)
9/1/13 7:00 AM
Printing an updating Wikipedia.

Clay Forsberg (@clayforsberg)
9/1/13 7:05 AM
“Life is a kaleidoscope. Turn your head a different angle and see it a whole new way.” ~ Anonymous@dlhampton

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
9/1/13 7:08 AM
“He produced the “Soul Train” pilot with $400 of his own money.”… #dailyobit

Max McKeown (@MaxMckeown)
9/1/13 7:09 AM
"War on drugs is one big lie..." ~…#dumbstrategy

Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer)
9/1/13 3:58 PM
Any term like authenticity loses all its value when co-opted by corporate culture.

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
9/1/13 4:01 PM
Wow: A LOT of kids go to unsafe

Chris Finlay (@chrisfinlay)
9/1/13 7:15 AM
GMAT scores inversely related to entrepreneurship? RT @skap5 via@AlexOsterwalder

spot on.
and what if we quit re ferrying to things as normal...?