Saturday, September 6, 2014


“Why Twitter Should not Algorithmically Curate the Timeline”. It's humans not the chronology. Thanks to @robinsloan

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New @DMLResearchHub report: What Counts As Learning - #badgeschat (cc: @BadgeAlliance)

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I don't make this stuff up! A CERTIFIED poll showed 90% of PACER users are satisfied. Up from 75% in previous poll!

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Very cool to see the great @KateMfD playing with the unknown @withknown #ccourses

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I'm amazed that this op-ed from a Muslim convert on why he wanted to fight is in the WashPost: very worth reading

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Now Avalaible! READ @GTF2016 Communiqué @UNECOSOC #OurcitiesOurWorld #CitiesWeWant @UNHABITAT

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Greg McVerry (@jgmac1106)
9/5/14 6:21 AM
"Mother Jones Story on Gates Core" #ccss

Tech Delight (@techdelight)
9/5/14 6:23 AM
Bits Blog: Apple Says It Will Add New Security Measures After Celebrity Hack

or. perhaps....
lets give 7 billion people the luxury.. of something better to do with their time..
aka: the thing they can't not do

1st... 2wks to fix...?

2 nd... 7 bill with something better to do. ... would have ignored.. missed that nude sharing..

Jenny Lee (@jeanettelx)
9/5/14 6:22 AM
so stoked about this tool that can be used to create maps like this #ungovForum

using the platform for investigative journalismdata researchcivic activismstrategizingorganizational analysiscurating content and what not. We believe you will find a unique way to use Graph Commons in your own con

John Robb (@johnrobb)
9/5/14 6:23 AM
A map of fake cell phone towers called interceptors. These towers can take contol of your cell

Pasi Sahlberg (@pasi_sahlberg)
9/5/14 6:23 AM
China’s new national campaign for equity by teacher rotation, @YongZhaoUO…’s-new-national-campaign-for-equity/

The plan is ambitious. Ultimately, the central government expects to systematize the practice, making teacher and leader rotation routine for all schools. It also is expected to lead a transition in the teaching profession in China by making teachers employees of the system, instead of each school.
that part i like..until we detox from money/control

Antoun Issa (@antissa)
9/5/14 6:15 AM
1 of the 4 beheaded by #AnsarBaytalMaqdis shared his story months earlier - a poor young man just looking for work…

Thoughts on how innovation happens from 3 people w/impressive track records--@carlbass, @astroteller & @timoreilly:

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Emphasizing the need for a new mind-set — and perhaps pointing to the importance of play — O’Reilly noted a conversation he’d had with Maker Media CEO and Make Magazine founder Dale Dougherty:
“[Dougherty] said the thing that was so exciting about kids and 3D printers, as opposed to adults and 3D printers, was that adults want to make stuff that they’ve made before, where kids want to make things that they’ve never seen before.”

Listening to fantastic discussion on government and the internet featuring @macon44 @MattLira @adamconner #GovNet2014

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net neutrality focused more on latency than bandwidth
85% of people within net, only 1/3 online

"How can you regulate uber when you live your life in a motorcade?" Shots fired at #GovNet2014

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Michael Beckerman, President & CEO, The Internet Association; Tod Cohen, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, eBay; Adam Connor, Vice President-Politics, Brigade; Laurent Crenshaw, Public Policy, Yelp; Althea Erickson, Policy Director, Etsy; Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CIO, City of Boston, MA; Leigh Freund, VP & Chief Counsel-Global Public Policy, AOL; Matthew Guidarelli, Assistant Director for Social & Cultural Entrepreneurship, Harvard Innovation Lab; Anton J. Gunn, Fellow, Institute of Politics; Founder & President, 937 Strategy Group, LLC; Mary Hart, CIO, City of Cambridge, MA; Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer, Harvard University; Matt Hindman, Fellow, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy and Author, The Myth of Digital Democracy; Seth Kalvert, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, TripAdvisor; Joel Kaplan, Vice President-U.S. Public Policy, Facebook; Chris Khosrovani, Campaign Manager, reddit; Adam Kovacevich, Director of Public Policy, Google; Matt Lira, Deputy Executive Director, National Republican Senatorial Committee; Chris Massey, Director of Government Relations, Lyft; Michael Miller, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary,; Margaret Nagle, Head of U.S. Government Affairs, Yahoo!; Macon Phillips, Coordinator, U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Information Programs; Bruce Schneier, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Security Technologist; Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, Boston College; David Simon, Senior Vice President-Intellectual Property, Salesforce; Nick Sinai, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, White House; Molly Turner, Public Policy, Airbnb; Maggie Williams, Director, Harvard’s Institute of Politics; Brian Worth, Federal Public Policy Lead, Uber.

Telling. "You have to be able to control the journalist and prevent them from asking really hard questions."—Apple PR

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Here’s @audreywatters on how we ended up with the LMS, and what we can do about it. @ns_allanc

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Could places look more charming simply by narrowing the streets? Photo magic by David Yoon: #urbanism #photography

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for your weekend reading--Civic Tech and Engagement: In Search of a Common Language

@courosa explains 5 Back to school apps in 6 min: Remind, Aurasma, Flipgrid, Peardeck, Hyperlaps #webheadsinaction

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"You cannot arrest an idea"

How creative do we want our young people to be on the web?

#Activism @DoubleJake

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Obama Will Put Off Any Executive Actions On #Immigration Until After November Elections

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