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Congrats on your upcoming @TEDxTeen in London, @erikfinman!
You're a WTP role-model :) thx for motivating me

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Wow! http://t.co/jn4mFNNl7B via @todd_park @pahlkadot http://t.co/VYDYkAGrpy

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#Dubai has become much larger than a city, it is now an idea, writes @SultanAlQassemi http://t.co/iRt6lYHbZr

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Terry Heick (@terryheick)
9/1/14 5:11 PM
I'd think schools would be ground-zero for debate and interpretation of laws, concepts, and actuation.

Jacob Appelbaum (@ioerror)
9/2/14 6:35 AM
The amount of security surrounding the #IGF is absolutely absurd. It fits - the internet is being isolated in#Turkey, why not in reality?

Daniel Lynds (@daniellynds)
9/2/14 6:31 AM
Thanks @bonstewart for giving us all a great/concise/foreboding read to start the week:theory.cribchronicles.com/2014/09/02/som… #HigherEd

The Restart Project (@RestartProject)
9/2/14 6:36 AM
Our friends at @The_BikeProject repair bikes and donate them to refugees. They're short on bikes, help them: thedewar.co.uk/tom/thebikepro…

Jonathan Worth (@Jonathan_Worth)
9/2/14 1:28 AM
"Anything that limits engagement inhibits community" Bruce Schneier#ccourses #phonar

Paul Ford (@ftrain)
9/2/14 6:36 AM
my the internet is exceptionally moist with self-regard this morning

Aral Balkan (@aral)
9/2/14 6:35 AM
Oh fuck this, current speaker starts by congratulating Erdoğan on his presidency.

#igf2014 #keynote

Aral Balkan (@aral)
9/2/14 6:35 AM
Oh fuck this, current speaker starts by congratulating Erdoğan on his presidency.

#igf2014 #keynote


How do Unschoolers Turn Out? http://t.co/Fad8WtXaye via @MindShiftKQED

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What is life really like for families in the first all-charter school district? http://t.co/30sMAVquqk

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Poudre School District’s PSD Global Academy Tops Student Growth Scores in Colorado http://t.co/tOxsQZS4nI

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Why has the Mayor of London decided he needs water cannon on the streets of London? You do not need water cannon for happy people?

too much ness- pf to happy people

Torino, 2 October: "The Evolution of the Internet Governance Ecosystem" http://t.co/JOcvixMzvj @Network_Centers @berkmancenter @hiig_berlin

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Zeynep Tufekci @zeynep
@jilliancyork @slim404 What happens is a weird intersectional mix. Check this out: academia.edu/7278027/_Who_T…
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Zeynep Tufekci @zeynep
@jilliancyork @slim404 It is fascinating. I didn't think I could be surprised in this topic. I was.