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Before Twitter I didn't realize this many people were angry about white people.

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SNHR has reported 6779 children killed in #Syria from 1 Jan 2013 to 31 Aug 2014, an avg. of over 11 children killed per day. (via @SN4HR)

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The Wire creator David Simon: why American politics no longer works via @guardian

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is based on a non-fiction book of the same name by formerNew York Times writer Lisa Belkin

cycle of violence that is visited on places such as this when it notes that the arrest of two dozen gang members two years before had paved the way for a rival to thrive in their absenc

In 1985, US federal court judge Leonard Sand ruled in favour of the NAACP and instructed Yonkers to build 200 units of public housing on the east side. That’s when the trouble started.

What attracted Simon to this story was not the issues of housing or race or deprivation but something more fundamental – the dysfunction of the American political system. The story, Simon says, is tailor-made for showing how US politics now runs on fear and money, two forces that are slowly corroding American society.
“What intrigued me about the story was that it’s an almost perfectly allegorical argument about how our political processes are no longer equipped to recognise or solve problems. You have this mid-size American city, Yonkers, that didn’t have terrifying racial dynamics before the controversy. It had problems like any city but there was no reason that fear should be such an effective currency in the political process. And yet fear and money are the only currencies in the American political process that get their due any more. Nothing makes people more stupid and foolish than money and fear.”
What was required in Yonkers was to ask: ‘Are we all in this together or are we not all in this together?’ Is there a society or is there no society, because if there is no society, well, that’s the approach that says ‘Fuck ’em, I got mine’. And Yonkers coincides with the rise of ‘Fuck ’em I got mine’ in America

"How We Got To Now" Looks Like A Terrific PBS Series

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Driving back home in #Kuwait last night, I got stopped by a police checkpoint... #ThirdCultureKid

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Fed whistleblower secretly recorded 46h of regulatory capture inside Goldman Sachs via @BoingBoing

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Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) on Learning, Education, and Technology #edchat

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So there’s a lot of things you do in school that accrue in other ways to your talent and enlightenment. But there’s so much that does not, and that worries me. These are precious hours that we spend that we will never get back, unless you continue on to educate yourself after the time where the law says you don’t have to.
also - tidbit - snippets.. 24/7 ness of twitter vs courses/classes et al


The real issue in the Southern border: The lessons of El Paso

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How I feel about arguments over definitions of “open” #sharefest14

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Meet the Edgeryders coming to this year's Living OnThe Edge @unmonastery. Up to 40 and going up! #lote4 #mt2019

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Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
9/27/14 7:24 AM
"social relationships less transitory than at any time modern history" b/c of persistent contact of social networks: @mysocnet #smsociety14

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9/29/14 6:42 AM
"None of the ways we have so far found of looking at quantum theory are entirely believable."…
While the mathematics of quantum theory works very well in telling us what to expect at the end of an experiment, it seems peculiarly conceptually confusing when we try to understand what was happening during the experiment. To calculate what outcomes we might expect when we fire protons at one another in the Large Hadron Collider, we need to analyse what – at first sight – look like many different stories.


According to this approach, a scientific question makes senseonly if we have a direct way of verifying the answer. So, asking what we’ll see in our particle detectors is a scientific question; asking what happened in the experiment before anything registered in our detectors isn’t, because we weren’t looking. To be looking, we’d have had to put detectors in the middle of the experiment, and then it would have been a different experiment

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I'll be on @NPRatc tonight talking about the Atlanta cheating trial, and this @npr_ed post:

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"Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat. Burn away your self-doubt with a fire lit beneath you. So believe that voice that says you CAN run a little faster, that you CAN throw a little harder, and that for YOU, the laws of physics are merely a suggestion."

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This is BRILLIANT. "Baseline reality dissolves and no new reality emerges in it's pixelating wake"

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“A lot of people interrogate guests, but don’t interrogate ideas,” says @heffnera about @OpenMindTV. Well put!

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[Podcast] Q&A w/ Dale Dougherty (@dalepd) on how the #MakerMovement inspires social connection

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New day begins in Hong Kong with protesters still defying police. The Umbrella Revolution?
 01:06 AM - 29 Sep 14

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we're competing with people driving alone in their cars, not with @Uber@johnzimmer at#CityLab2014
 06:00 PM - 29 Sep 14