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#ethereum and the roles of #institutions #bitcoin

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As a result, Ethereum eliminates the need for trust between parties as well as the need for a centralised entity coordinating these parties. People can thus coordinate themselves, in a trustless (since the trust has been shifted onto the technology) and decentralised manner, without having to rely on the services of any third party institution - be it a corporate body or public institution.


philippe interview:

Wow, @teamtightpants brilliantly breaks down first 9 episodes of #TheWire in wk 1 summary #wire106 #ds106

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Grant Wiggins (@grantwiggins)
8/31/14 6:05 AM
Feedback to the chef - a new popup restaurant…

Juliette Cezzar (@oubliette)
8/28/14 6:41 AM
Time to start making universities cooperative. Student-Built Apps Teach Colleges a Thing or

8/28/14 6:47 AM
Outcome will be function of self-organising, critical mass, rough consensus: Richard Samans, #WEF Mg Dir #NETmundial

Shelly S Terrell (@ShellTerrell)
8/31/14 6:58 AM
via @drdouggreen A Good Listen, Add Coding to PBL, Get Active, Better #edchat

David Weinberger (@dweinberger)
8/28/14 6:47 AM
Outstanding report on data journalism by @digiphile…

8/31/14 7:29 AM
The multimillion-dollar scientific quest to find out what is making us so fat

lack of eudaimonia...

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
8/31/14 7:29 AM
Ideas flow through cracks in the ordinary. @Gjetting

lanier - from 2011

Apple has $164.5 billion in cash. It could buy:


have $11B left.

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NEW from @LauraPoitras & @SPIEGEL: How NSA helped Turkey kill Kurdish rebels: same ones US now aiding to fight ISIS

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Low doses of marijuana compound could slow or stop progression of Alzheimer's, study suggests

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"you know what you need... you need a learning contract" First post in a few months.

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So many great books are being released this fall by authors like Naomi Klein, Bob Herbert, Lawrence Wright, Jenny Nordberg, Bryan Stevenson.

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Education as informed by market values. "The hidden order of politics in this instance is that the United Stat...

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Join @uclg_org & partners to launch the #CitiesWeWant social media action [**uploaded image**] #HabitatIII @UNHABITAT

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are we not already there - following orders and such.. leaving the thinking to the machine.. to the supposed tos...

Some enlightened London graffiti #ProudLondonGirl

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helping them find something that completely obsesses them, then turning them loose. 

from 2009
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
9/1/14 6:44 AM
Among the people encaged at Guantanamo was Al Jazeera journalist Sami al-Hajj, kept for **7 years with no trial…

Wu, who is running on a ticket topped by fellow academic Zephyr Teachout, has blasted Hochul for being too conservative, citing her strong support during her days in Congress from the National Rifle Association and her votes to block parts of Obamacare. She also opposed a move by Erie County clerk to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (@ASE)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
How helpful of the US, which funds & arms Israel's illegal occupation of #WestBank, to "denounce"#Israel's biggest land grab in 30 years.

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
FBI Investigates Hacks of JPMorgan and 4 Other…

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
Google Admits Secretly Testing a Drone Delivery System in Australian

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
Every Time You Buy Something, This App Invests a Few Pennies on Wall Street | Business |

Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal)
9/1/14 4:26 AM
Israel shows Gaza what it gets if it de-militarizes, announces largest West Bank settlement expansion in 30 years:…

Carlos Dominguez (@carlosdominguez)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
The executive order that led to mass spying, as told by NSA alumni | Ars…

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
9/1/14 7:11 AM
Ebola Outbreak 'Could Exceed 20,000 Cases,' WHO

School Sucks Project (@SchoolSucksShow)
9/1/14 7:18 AM
Video: The Land of Frankenstein (The Best of Gatto, Episode 11) #johntaylorgatto#ultimatehistorylesson #uhl #schools

Mike Briercliffe (@mikejulietbravo)
9/1/14 7:21 AM
Burning Man Founders Admit The Festival Has Jumped The Shark But That’s Okay |…
The researchers managed to find the children again and again — and then get them to talk about the very things that made them hard to find.

Human rights campaigner @MARYAMALKHAWAJA jailed while trying to visit her father, who began a hunger strike last week

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