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Can Monasteries Be a Model for Reclaiming Tech Culture for Good? | The Nation via @thenation

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Remembering Steven Sotloff through his journalism

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Radically different outcomes for recent college grads who have critical thinking skills versus those who do not.

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Yishay Mor (@yishaym)
9/3/14 6:45 AM
#oec @mphanski recommends Norman's "living with complexity"

P2PU (@p2pu)
9/3/14 6:45 AM
New post: Learning Resource Metadata and

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
9/3/14 6:45 AM
The New Digital

Lionel Foster (@LionelBMD)
9/3/14 6:44 AM
To-Do List

1. Read this by….

2. Watch trend in DC:….

3. Eat bagel.


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9/3/14 7:01 AM
RT @davecormier@dkernohan All of open learning needs to have the imperialism tag on… #altc <- br="" damn="" right="">
This is not true for what most of us call learning. (i have no research to support this, this is an intuition, that’s why I’m writing it in my blog… if you have this research, I would be very grateful) The vast majority of the things we learn are more subtle than this, have multiple possible solutions and no real ‘wrong ways’ of turning. They involve people’s feelings, their histories, their individual goals, the different ways their brains might work… all things that no group of experts would ever actually agree on. It is for this realm of ideas that ‘rhizomatic education’ was intended. A group of sta

perhaps why we have as many disasters as we do.
perhaps straight is a curve... is part of rhizome

Final thoughts
Freeing knowledge is a good thing. Freeing content, on the other hand, is a bit sketchier. When something is ‘packaged’ into an ‘educational resource’ we’ve left the straight path (however straight you might think that is) of the research process and enter the realm of contextualization. When you design a particular course, you need an audience in mind, a skill set, a number of literacies, goals… you make any number of decisions about how to frame and scaffold that knowledge so that a particular group will assimilate it in whatever way you see fit. If we turn these into tradeable cultural capital, we will, in a sense, not be changing anything at all. The major institution of learning currently do influence a great deal of our public policy. Clever translators of that knowledge (think Gladwell or Friedmann) already make a gazillion dollars oversimplifying the work that has taken others years to painstakingly put together. And we are left to our wits, our time schedules and our demands to judge how deeply we’re going to be able to assess the knoweldge coming in to figure out if there is something in it worth passing on…

Lot of news cameras at @zephyrteachout/@superwuster campaign event w/ @MarkRuffalo. Big change from a few weeks ago.

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Reminder that the orange jumpsuits worn by Foley & Sotloff refer to the US-issued attire of tortured prisoners in Gitmo & Abu Ghraib.

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CogDogBlogged: Don't Blog Like My Brother #ccourses

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NSA probably hasn't broken strong crypto [2013]

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RT @ruchealain: In #thai language the words heart and mind are the same, interesting, no?

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By @jonmatonis "an enormously important three-minute interview" Gupta on bitcoin politics

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.@iang_fc @jonmatonis Ian, if you haven't seen it, here's the 15 minute version of that talk a nice transcript.

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Every Ivy League law school is represented in a letter that says Obama has legal authority to act on #immigration →

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Rare story of crime & accountability: how @DonteStallworth faced up to DUI crash & death via @jeremyscahill

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Melonie Fullick (@qui_oui)
9/4/14 6:23 AM
If you turn the system into a game, expect people to game the system.

HosANNA (@Hanna__Peters)
9/3/14 7:41 PM
School teaches us what employers, teachers, family, peers and other schools want to see in us and we forget what we want to see in ourselves

Levo League (@levoleague)
9/4/14 6:25 AM
The Psychological Reason You Can’t Spot Your Own Typos >>

Andrew Richardson (@AJR3000)
9/4/14 5:01 AM
@tanehisicoates "fluency" in ESL context means talking that flows, full of errors but confident that meaning will be transmitted. Any level.

Jeff Delp (@azjd)
9/4/14 6:26 AM
Creating the schools we need: Learning from Chris #edchat (@Salon)
9/4/14 6:28 AM
From Tuskegee to "The Monster Study": 10 of the most evil medical experiments in

Caroline Edwards (@the_blochian)
8/25/14 2:52 AM
If you missed the Utopian Theory workshop at #SFFNow you can view my PowerPoint slides…

Robin Good (@RobinGood)
9/4/14 6:45 AM
"Trust is the bandwidth of communication."
Karl-Erik Sveiby

Brent Leary (@BrentLeary)
9/4/14 6:43 AM
A Nielsen study finds the majority of customers browse online and buy

lurking ness..?

Brent Leary (@BrentLeary)
9/4/14 6:45 AM
The Internet will become faster thanks to a new HTML element.

Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
9/4/14 6:50 AM
Yesterday I talked to @briggzay about the Web Literacy Map. Here's what he had to say:

Rovy Branon (@rovybranon)
9/4/14 6:55 AM
Visions of Known |

devani (@thoughtsailor)
9/4/14 6:56 AM
Google begins work on 'quantum' chips that could think like

vermont kicks the war on drugs

Somebody: messaging according to Miranda July

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