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Anarchy for the U.K.? British Leaders Panicking Over Scottish Vote for Independence via @nicohines

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#ConnectedLearning (@TheCLAlliance)
9/6/14 7:00 AM
"We want kids to approach any challenge in the world & say, 'Cool, I can figure it out'." #Maker

Jordan Shapiro (@jordosh)
9/6/14 7:01 AM
'Grit' May Not Spur Creative Success, Scholars Say - Education

Rather, a student's openness to new experiences was most closely associated with his or her likelihood of accomplishing creative works, she found.

which takes grit.
just nt the popular defn of grit.
popular : determination to be what others want me to be
authentic: determination to be.., what I can't not be

The students worked on long-term group projects in teams of 50 students, and Ms. Pringle asked peers to select the 10 percent of their classmates who generated the most creative and original ideas during the projects. She asked teachers to rate each student on his or her passion for interests and persistence in achieving goals.
see.. this is not natural

Ms. Pringle said she is still studying whether grit may come into play later on, when students' creative ideas must be built out into long-term projects.
"There's a difference between creative potential and achievement," she said. "We all know people who have great ideas but never end up doing anything with them, and I'm really interested in what happens in that process," she said.
yeah. later on... when we get out of the way/ control
and people/kids believe it's not a trick

Grit, Ms. Grohman said, "may not be as general of a trait as it's supposed to be. To me, it's a trait that taps into a really highly effective learner in a very structured environment, but not necessarily someone who thrives on different interests."
Ms. Duckworth responded that she found the question interesting but has never studied grit and creativity, and so could not speak to how Ms. Grohman's and Ms. Pringle's studies would fit with her own body of research.
oh my.
to both.

Global Voices (@globalvoices)
9/6/14 7:02 AM
Our weekly digest - US Can Take Russia Off The Internet, Says

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
9/6/14 7:03 AM
Google head: "the mix of activism and arrogance in young people is universal"…

WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)
9/6/14 7:03 AM
Google head: "the mix of activism and arrogance in young people is universal"…

Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen and Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar, and all the other “activist” billionaire philanthropists are free to do the adult freedom-fightin’; working with the NSA to drill down to unruly dissidents; or creating algorithms that the CIA can use to track, well, anybody; or pouring money into coups in places resistant to neo-liberalization,or even meeting up with rebels to organize resistance as Cohen says he’s done.
When Google Met Wikileaks raises constructive ways around the growing totalitarian state, including the use of mobile peer-to-peer communications that don’t require going through a telco; comprehensive encryption (files and communication); and the use of non-persistent operating systems on a USB stick or DVD, such as TAILs.

This is touching. “Life Atop Ground Zero” by @fimoculous

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Heading down for third #ds106 lunch this semester. After today, will have met nearly half the class over lunch. #wire106 and pizza #4life

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@Krizanovich @BBCRadio4 it's a time for testifyin' up here, Karen. Thanks for that.

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#mltalks looters seem pretty smart. also desperate. can we give them better ways of livelihood that also takes advantage of their skills?

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Out of destruction and chaos comes regrowth and resurgence (and ancient archeological records show us proof of this). #mltalks...

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danah boyd (@zephoria) and @samueledyson talk networked teens & social media. Free #Chicago event Sept. 22: #SMWTeens

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There is every reason to expect it to persist as long as the United States provides the necessary military, economic, diplomatic, and ideological support.  For those concerned with the rights of the brutalized Palestinians, there can be no higher priority than working to change U.S. policies, not an idle dream by any means.

Arundhati Roy suggests that the "most appropriate metaphor for the insanity of our times" is the Siachen Glacier, where Indian and Pakistani soldiers have killed each other on the highest battlefield in the world. The glacier is now melting and revealing "thousands of empty artillery shells, empty fuel drums, ice axes, old boots, tents and every other kind of waste that thousands of warring human beings generate" in meaningless conflict. And as the glaciers melt, India and Pakistan face indescribable disaster.
Sad species. Poor Owl.

Jim Foley's mom to CNN: "as an American I was embarrassed & appalled..I think our efforts to get Jim freed were an annoyance" to the govt

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Vaughn Sterling @vplus

JUST IN: Foley's mom to @andersoncooper: We were told "not go to the media to just trust that it would be taken care of" / INTV 8P TONIGHT

Jim Foley's mom to @CNN: "we were told that we could not raise ransom, that it was illegal, we might be prosecuted" @andersoncooper intv 8p

What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola, via @nytimes

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So glad @bradleybones you put me onto @doctorow This is an amazing speech

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Why fingerprints make lousy authentication tokens [2013]

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#Putin. #Obama. #Cameron. #Netanyahu. Every leader references int'l law when condemning other nations. But all are guilty of same crimes.

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Fwd: Rhizo14 – The MOOC that community built | Cormier | INNOQUAL - International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning

Jeff Speck (@JeffSpeckAICP)
9/12/14 6:14 AM
Republican wisdom,

Andrew Jenkins (@ajenkins)
9/12/14 6:14 AM
How Being Filmed Changes Employee

More organizations — including police departments — should explore ways of making employee surveillance constructive rather than punitive. Part of the challenge here, of course, is that law enforcement and government agencies are required (for good reason) to be transparent to the public. A certain amount of transparency ensures accountability. But unless it’s mitigated with zones of privacy — areas where workers can receive developmental coaching, as the truck drivers do, without getting dinged for mistakes that generate learning — it may actually be counterproductive. If every choice, every little misstep, is recorded for all to see and to second-guess, people will quickly learn to play it safe in the worst sense. There aren’t many individuals who could work productively under the magnifying glass of an entire country of arbiters — the Hunger Games version of policing.
That said, in a country where smartphone penetration is now over 70%, and almost every smartphone has a video camera, another question is: how much police work is on video already?

jeremy scahill (@jeremyscahill)
9/11/14 7:10 PM
Seriously, when @NaomiAKlein writes a book (it's been 7 yrs!), it is an incredible, definitive work.@thischanges is powerful, exhaustive

Steven Byers (@SMByersOlympia)
9/11/14 7:10 AM
Excited to begin Art of Social Labs virtual course next week w/ @zaidhassan 6 am for me...good start to the day!

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9/12/14 6:35 AM
The future of Apple Pay (and its cousins), Bitcoin (and its cousins) and prospect for cashless

Susan Crawford, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and formerly a special assistant for technology policy for President Barack Obama, added, “There is nothing more imaginary than a monetary system. The idea that we solemnly hand around printed slips of paper in exchange for food and water shows just how trusting and fond of patterned behavior we human beings are. So why not take the next step? Of course we’ll move to even more abstract representations of value. Other countries are already content to use their phones; we’ll catch up eventually.”
**PRIDE** TUs, English-Scots, Scots-Asians, Women, LGBT, Africans, Polish for Yes. Only a slice of #indy diversity.

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Charter cities ... hmmm. via @DavidKaib

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My heart grew 3 sizes this day. Be inspired. Empathy and aspiration. … @RINPR @tenygross @StoryCorps

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Ahmed Shihab-Eldin@ASE
And you know that when the truth is told. That you can get what you want or you can just get old. #Vienna#BillyJoel