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Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin)
5/31/13 6:47 AM
#edtech13 @Roscomahon sharing video of students working with @tombarrett -- collaborative writing/creating: #edchatie

Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin)
5/31/13 6:56 AM
Many at #edtech13 struck by student quote: "Why can't we be tested on what we learn, rather than learning what we're going to be tested on?"

focus of instagrok

Jillian C. York (@jilliancyork)
5/31/13 6:56 AM
Deeply enjoying @evgenymorozov's takedown of the Schmidt/Cohen

Ben Harwood (@BenjaminHarwood)
6/1/13 6:05 AM
In case you nissed it, EdX becomes a free, open source online learning platform as of June via @mhawksey @massonpj
we should offer a. tapping into moocs course/credit for teachers admin students parents... in district....

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
5/31/13 6:45 AM
Guiding questions and options for student e-portfolios. Didn't list my favorite:

Born to Learn (@iwasborntolearn)
5/31/13 6:09 AM
“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.” 
― John Taylor Gatto

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
5/31/13 6:11 AM
@audreywatters the ways in which tech history is littered with ppl who were right continues to stun me.

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
5/31/13 6:22 AM
@ddrrnt Check out "CITIES WITHOUT SLUMS ACTION PLAN" Pretty interesting stuff. @rapidinnovator @17Piu
The “Cities Without Slums” goal is now reflected as Target 11 of the Millennium Development Goals. Progress in achieving this goal will be monitored through two indicators: (i) the proportion of people with access to improved sanitation; and (ii) the proportion of people with access to secure tenure.

what the heck...

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
5/31/13 6:23 AM
@ddrrnt Metrics: i) % of people w/ access to improved sanitation; (ii) % of people with access to secure tenure. @rapidinnovator @17Piu

yeah.. again..
what the heck?

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
5/31/13 6:36 AM
@ddrrnt "The Global Campaign for Secure Tenure.." Authentic Constraints to reduce Risk.@rapidinnovator @17Piu

see where this heads... in no time

RebelCapitalist (@RebelCapitalist)
5/31/13 6:25 AM
1 in 6 people who cannot afford adequate food is the HIGHEST % of population of any "developed country". American exceptionalism, yeah.

At Mission Hill, staff hold fast to the original definition of “assessment,” which comes from the Latin, “to sit beside.” Students at Mission Hill take the required standardized tests, but teachers there understand that the best way to see if a student has grasped a lesson is through direct engagement and discussion; the best way to raise expectations for a child is to spark their curiosity and love of learning; and the most important goal of assessment is to better understand individual students so as to improve support, teaching and learning for them.

my fear is the ginormaty of that but..
actu ally.. what precedes it.
no matter how nice everything else is.. or how much people want it.. if the test is there in any form.. we have compromised another soul set free.
if it's there.. it tends to stay at # 1. task

Aaron Regunberg (@AaronRegunberg)
5/31/13 6:58 AM
So. What is authentic assessment?
including a dropout rate, at 5.3%, 

perhaps.. drop out rate is no longer (if it ever was) valid goal/measure/giger

ie:been to more than anyone's share of funerals of suicide, not a drop out, some 4.0s

and a graduation rate of special needs students (50%) that is double that of the NYC average. These superior results continue after high school, with eighty-five percent of Consortium graduates attending colleges rated competitive or bette

same as prior note holds true for grad rate and competitiveness (what does that mean even.. ESP if we desire a changed society. where does competition even fit in?)
via Eric Mazur...  perhaps this very thinking.. that these are good sorts of measurement.. is bringing to Harvard.. students with 5s on AP physics.. doing worse than those not even taking class, let alone test..
why else would we have scores of remedial courses in college..if not because
1. learning by compulsion never really sticks ..Plato.. at any level.. even college
2. 2 nd part of #1.. higher Ed can't be laced in required package deals... well it can.. bit not if we re truly seeking betterness, optimization, et al.

to # 1..
trying to amp what teachers teach... has been proven ineffective (to betterness, very effective to distress) for many years.

so many teachers of the year and valedictorians would perhaps verify/amplify this

and a higher percentage of students entering school behind pace than regular New York City public school

sorry.. but if you think you know this.. if you claim/state this.. you've already compromised several sous..
perhaps take a peek at insight via gray, gee, Einstein, et al..

but teachers there understand that the best way to see if a student has grasped a lesson is through direct engagement and discussion; the best way to raise expectations for a child is to spark their curiosity and love of learning; and the most important goal of assessment is to better understand individual students so as to improve support, teaching and learning for them.

none of this is optimal (which would would our choice for our own kids, no?) as long as the elephant of compulsion... or assumed content to learn, ie: basics, ... is in the room/air/space/mindset

cfee | chris thinnes (@CurtisCFEE)
5/28/13 6:58 AM
"Why Schools Should Stop Using Exit Exams" @plthomasEdD via #edpolicy

Holding teachers and schools accountable for the outcomes of students is a misuse of accountability since, as scholar and The New York Times columnist Stanley Fish explains, teachers cannot be “responsible for the effects of [their] teaching, whereas, in fact, [they] are responsible only for its appropriate performance.” In other words, ending student, teacher, and school accountability based on high-stakes tests must be replaced by policies that address the conditions of learning and teaching provided for all students by schools and teachers.

oh my.

The era of high-stakes testing itself must end, and in its place, let’s instead invest our time and tax dollars on the conditions of learning and teaching.

or simpler still.. just the conditions of learning.
ie: if you truly learn your art.. you can't not give (and be gin Ving) it away..
let's call that teaching.. and just let it happen.. per learners choice/curiosity..

Uni of Bradford (@BradfordUni)
5/29/13 3:31 AM
We're pleased to announce @BradManagement is launching the world's first circular economy MBA with @ellenmacarthur

Professor Peter Hopkinson is director for the distance learning Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy MBA. He explains: “Today’s economic conditions, characterised by increased price volatility and scarcity on the energy and resources fronts, require a change in perspective. We believe that an innovative approach, which integrates systems thinking and looks beyond the linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model, is the answer that a forward-looking School of Management should strive to provide. We have designed our circular economy MBA to give the next generation of leaders a first-mover advantage, by tackling subjects such as regenerative product design, new business models, reverse logistics or enabling communication technologies, to name but a few elements.”

dear peter.. want a true test base..?

Helen Walters (@HelenWalters)
5/30/13 7:46 AM
Such a deeply sad story. Hospital looks after heiress, one eye always on…

All4ed (@All4Ed)
5/30/13 7:47 AM
Connected learning is transforming teaching & learning. Yesterday's webinar is archived… with @macfound

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
5/30/13 7:52 AM
Sign up is now open for Making Learning Connected! #clmooc #nwp#connectedlearning

Chad Sansing (@chadsansing)
5/29/13 6:47 AM
curious re: #connectedlearning? making? the @writingproject? join us for a summer of makes, learning, & fun! #CLMOOC

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
5/31/13 6:30 AM
Why schools are approaching a tipping point on

plenty of time embedded right into today.
take away compulsory aspect

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
5/31/13 2:15 PM
Plan A is to get lost in 'behind the beautiful forevers' by Katherine Boo.

Dennis Crowley (@dens)
5/28/13 6:28 AM
"We made predictions about the unintended uses for the new @CitibikeNYC program ..." (via…

Distance Education (@onlinecourse)
5/28/13 6:29 AM
Online International Relations Degree Programs

Milton Ramirez (@tonnet)
5/26/13 10:56 AM
N.Y. student suspended after controversial Twitter hashtag \via@alfredtwo

"I'm not a bad student," Brown said. "CNS says they want student involvement in what goes on in our school, and next thing I know I'm in trouble. A 45-year-old man can speak his opinions about the school district, but I can't because I'm a student?"
"I just want (the school board) to remove the suspension from my record and choose their battles better," said Brown, who played on the school lacrosse team.
Brown's original tweets have since been deleted. He said he will be allowed to graduate and take part in graduation ceremonies with his class. But he said he still feels like his reputation has been tarnished.
"I really don't plan on filing any appeal or anything. I really just wanted my opinion out there. They seem to have all the power so I went and got more power with social media."

✜ Stephen Ransom (@ransomtech)
5/28/13 6:19 AM
So criticizing your district in public is now an "unacceptable use". Doesn't "public" school merit "public" critique?…

- Do not request or accept any students or minor (person under the age of 19 years) as ‘friends’ on social networking sites or interact with students or minors on social networking sites for purposes not related to the delivery of the student’s educational program.

lots of whose.
this whoa to..
delivery of?

umair haque (@umairh)
5/28/13 7:01 AM
I'm just not a wimp. “@berilakman@umairh honestly sir I think you're sometimes delusional"

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
5/31/13 6:30 AM
Why schools are approaching a tipping point on

The widespread adoption of expanded learning time is an imperative if we are to build a stronger education system that better prepares students for success in the 21st century economy. Furthermore, millions of students currently struggling in school are not going to overcome opportunity and achievement gaps without access to more quality learning time.

Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl)
5/28/13 7:01 AM
The best way to prevent the future is two write about it ~Ray Bradbury…cc @WayofVisionary

Anil Dash (@anildash)
5/7/13 9:48 PM
"We need a malaria epidemic in the blogging community!" I keep coming back to @StevenLevy's interview w/

Wired: What will we be writing about in Wired 20 years from now?
Gates: You’ll still be talking about the fear of robots. That’s a good one to chew on for a long time.
Wired: Which robots?
Gates: The article-writing robots. Seriously, what’s unique about human intelligence will be a topic of interest for way more than 20 years. But the biggest thing in that time period will be the completion of pervasive computing: vision, speech, handwriting, goggles, every surface, infinite machine learning, infinite storage, infinite reliability, at essentially no cost.

oh my.
Gates: There’s only one metric by which the US is going backward—the amount of education per dollar. That’s pretty impressive, because we’ve doubled the amount we spend over the past 25 years. The actual achievement scores are up a tiny bit. Well, actually it’s mostly flat, and that’s because we aren’t really studying what works and what doesn’t, so why should we expect to have improved? As long as classroom experience stays the same, it probably won’t educate kids any better than it did 20 years ago.

spot on..
got a. little idea for you Bill.
save 75 to 100 bill for starters.
facilitate/placebo-ize 7 bill alive  people.. back to their natural state.. of finding/doing things that matter