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all in pdf’s – via Manish and Shilpa Jain – and walk out walk on – ness. [graphics link to issues in reverse order, ie: #10 is listed first]

In all this, we have no vision statements or convenient blueprints – except a desire to live slow lives in a world that encourages you to catch up; ..

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
6/25/13 6:26 AM
4^ Intl Conference on Degrowth in Germany – Summer 2014 – Research and actions to consume less and share more degrowth.org/4-internationa…


Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
6/25/13 6:51 AM
Are Cities Killing Their Creative Edge ...? - @planetizen -planetizen.com/node/63673

Clay Forsberg (@clayforsberg)
6/25/13 6:27 AM
@web20classroom @paulgenge But instead we insist on conformity, standardized testing, standards ... and anything to repress "their voices."

Shelley Krause (@butwait)
6/24/13 7:12 AM
Want to see what students do when given the opportunity to shape their own learning? Check these out: theteachingjourney.com/blog/?p=80 #comments4kids

Mother Jones (@MotherJones)
6/25/13 3:01 AM
We talk with @joseiswriting about his new film, getting to know his mother, and the limits of immigration reform. bit.ly/15xqSqS

his blockbuster New York Times Magazine article, "My Life As an Undocumented Immigrant," came out in 2011, Vargas has become, in his words, "a walking uncomfortable conversation," and his presence at the Romney talk was, well, sort of awkward.

Of course, it's only one story, right? It's only one mother, it's only one son, it's only one journey. There's always to me a universality—one of the things I learned early on as a journalist and a writer is that there's a universality in specifics. The more specific you get, the more universal it can be. And so I wanted to show that. I wanted to show the specificity and the complexity of this journey, the journey that I had and the journey that she had, and where we meet. And guess what? Where we meet is at a film. I mean, what the hell?

But no amount of success—whatever that means, quote-unquote success—no amount of success replaces the reality of being separated from my family for this long. And I didn't think until it literally stared me in the face, looking at her in the film, wrestling with myself and seeing her and seeing myself in her, that that's when the process starts. And again all I keep thinking about is, "My God, I'm one person going through this. How many countless people are going through the exact same thing?" The biggest equation here is the broken immigration system means broken families which means broken lives. That's what this is about. Let's take politics out of it. A broken immigration system means broken families means broken lives. That's what is at stake

This immigration bill is going to pass. We're going to have a bill. It's going to get through the Senate. I think the fundamentals are there and the foundation is strong and the bill is going to happen. The House is going to be trickier, but I think it's going to happen there too. But guess what? Giving people like me a green card, a passport, and a driver's license? That's not going to be the end of the immigration conversation and debate in this country. It's like saying we elected Barack Obama president, so all of the racial problems are done. Right? I mean in some ways, the immigration conversation is just starting. Which is why when we started this campaign, we didn't call it Define Immigrant, we called it Define American. That's the question. That's what's at stake.

about. But I am a human being, so therefore I am not illegal. That's also a fact. That's why language is really important. To this day, I can't understand how the New York Times and Washington Postcan justify it.

exactly.. let's clump it.. and go for that.. no?

As a journalist, I don't have to agree with you to talk to you. My job is to figure out why you think the way you think. I want to get to the root of why you think the way you think. That's what I find most fascinating as a storyteller

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Joel Malley (@joelmalley)
6/25/13 6:28 AM
I created this video last night as a personal intro for NWP's #clmooc.vimeo.com/69074134

making every second count..
slow down rather than play catch up...

Fast Company (@FastCompany)
6/25/13 4:36 AM
Tour Google’s New Dublin Campus, A Playground For Nerdstrib.al/HNKZ0Wf

oh my.