Sunday, June 9, 2013

jerry michalski - lessons from the brain

Jerry March 2012

lessons from 15 years of using the brain

1. first decide - what am i going to link it to
2. i debrief into my brain
3. i don't know what to do with all the connections, because the brain isn't very collaborative
4. the quickness and simplicity of adding to it made it useful for me - you don't have to label things..
5. possible to browse it and get a lot out of it (get to know a person)
6. i see a lot of amazing things on line, i get to keep it on my brain
7. once a week i hit sync so that what is on my computer goes to my cloud brain
8. the process of where you want to put things
9. let's me author - my ability to mess with it - is magic
10. why can't i look at my brain w/someone else's and share
22 min in - sounds like a vision of the app (although in talking to Jerry, not quite the same)
11. if a lot of us did - my beliefs - we might disagree less and achieve world peace
12. he's not doing people connections