Friday, June 14, 2013

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Noor Al Hussein (@QueenNoor)
6/12/13 6:25 PM
Support for @globalzero is growing: Do u think the @whitehouse and @KremlinRussia_E have seen this yet? #demandzero

Kathryn Schulz (@kathrynschulz)
6/12/13 7:06 AM
Very rare these days to discover a new part of human anatomy. Yet a scientist apparently found a new part of the

IDEC 2013 (@theIDEC)
6/12/13 8:04 PM
Meet #IDEC2013 Coffee-Talker Rita Cabarrús de Vizcaíno who will be joining us from Guatemala!

ReachScale (@ReachScale)
6/12/13 8:11 PM
Reach vs Scale: What is limiting the growth of #social enterprise? #socent
Part of the reason for this limitation is that scale is an industrial age term that is not applicable to human relationships or interactions.

requires a level of self-awareness and mind-training to be able to show-up ready to encounter the other

Engagement also implies our ability to change on a personal level, allow for change in others, and to make sure the changes we wish to bring to a system can be accommodated by that system. If the boundaries in which the system operates are neither resilient or accommodating, any concerted effort could threaten the system in such a way that it rejects the effort, or is completely over-powered by it, and since its boundaries are not resilient enough to accommodate the change, it simply breaks apart.
The chaotic state that ensues requires a complete rebounding in order to affect the desired change. At these rather cathartic moments, a good deal of the old system is lost or dissipated, and something new needs to be reformed. However, within that reformation, we must be careful because at the moment of reforming we lock into the new system all its potential and limitations. If its potential outweighs its limitations, it can effectively reach out into the world and have a profound impact. If the limitations and potential equation is reversed, the system may be DOA - dead on arrival.

Reaching out toward the other implies a level of unpredictability that can only be addressed through our recognition of the basic goodness each of us brings to our work. Joining those efforts into a collective response reaches into the hearts of each participant and from that relational connectivity, we are able to reach even further. 

UN Foundation (@unfoundation)
6/13/13 7:13 AM
People from 73 countries participated in #Geveryone. Here's their message to #G8UK
example, one organization suggested that elected officials hold virtual town halls with constituents

indeed... collab space

johnkellden (@johnkellden)
6/14/13 6:48 AM
Zen of Small Tasks: Art "We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive……