Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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homeschool rising - tipping point:

Dyslexia is not a disability, it's a gift via @guardian / @sbkaufman

Twitter can't decide if the Texas Senate voted, which basically means all of us on Facebook are cluelessly waiting...

interesting.. no?

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
6/25/13 6:52 AM
Voices of recent college grads: lots of regrets-overqualified for the jobs they have and unprepared for work world

.. is the oath to individual and national prosperity in the era of global competition...


although i disagree heartily with the premise set in the first sentence of the executive summary (very beginning) - that 
      everyone knows ed is the path to individual and national prosperity in the era of global competition... 
(my disagreement is in how we are still defining ed, as evidenced in the goal being: competitive prosperity)

[funny - spell check changed - path - to - oath]

it is worth noticing how unhappy/unfulfilled many are who believe that goal - and seek that piece of paper.. even after 6 yrs - as if it was/is a blind oath..

very next paragraph on flying blind...
oh my..

everyone knows...
perpetuates that very flying blindness... no?

questions right after..
Will current government initiatives to make this data available (via some version of a college “scorecard”) make a difference in student behavior? What would motivate students to consider such information more seriously? 
ƒ Even if such data become reliably available, when do students need to access this information for it to make a difference? Is it needed in high school—and is college therefore too late? If so, what does that imply about the focus of reforms? 
ƒ Should colleges and universities take bolder steps to track and publish such data voluntarily in order to stem the drive for new laws and regulations that may place unreasonable burdens on them and create unintended consequences?
the point is... there is no sufficient/lasting/legit data..
claiming such.. again.. perpetuates flying blind.. as well as cheating (as a means of survival .. or not). esp by institutions

so - data group - was all from chegg customers?

I don't attend conferences to learn, I attend them to make f2f connections so I can learn all year from all of you. #patue

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wonder how much kids feel that as a sentiment?
ie: i meet up 30 min a day - or whatever - to be known by someone - that i can then tap into 24/7