Wednesday, June 19, 2013

tweets - getting to sensing/essence

otto's new book:
to sense what wants to emerge
(perhaps we keep getting in the way of that - with our flapping/productivity - ness...?)

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
6/16/13 6:12 AM
Exposing the myth of the employment "skills gap." Question is: are we teaching the skills kids need for their future?
The biggest problem in the labor market is not a skills shortage; rather, it is a persistently weak economy where businesses do not have sufficient demand to justify adding employees.
if a business really needed workers, it would pay up. That is not happening, which calls into question the existence of a skills gap as well as the urgency on the part of employers to fill their openings.
There are many reasons to improve education, to welcome immigrants and to advance other policies aimed at transforming the work force and society. But a skills gap is not among them

Bert van Lamoen (@transarchitect)
6/16/13 6:12 AM
Give up letting the reptilian you run the show.

Carmen A. Medina (@milouness)
6/19/13 7:00 AM
Idaho is bringing high speed Internet to rural areas thus providing better quality education to all students#NJBackinBusiness

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)
6/19/13 7:01 AM
RT @milouness: In NY only 35% of HS students ready for college; even lower for minority kids. National suicide.#NJBackinBusiness

perhaps more deadly.. literal.. individual suicide..
because we keep referring to kids (people) this way..

ie: value/success embedded in some idea of .. ready for college..
so pre-college focus is on that.. heavy on the school math.. which maybe 10% of people will ever use.
we daily sacrifice/kill 90% (perhaps all) incredible people/minds/souls/genius/art....

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
6/19/13 7:01 AM
Teaching in Dystopia: The Common

via above

dear Duncan...  a year.........?
we'll take a year..
not test score results.. but city changed..?
imagine rolling health, war, ... into this

odd to me that we request a year - given:
1. we always say if true learning is going on (when talking about kids testing) - test prep doesn't matter, so - why does it matter for this?
2. as i look at common core - incredibly similar to curriculum mappings i've been involved in the last 20 yrs.. so - we need a year to do what we've been doing.

craziness - perhaps - no?

Get Schooled (@getschooled)
6/19/13 7:01 AM
The College Admission experts give their 2 cents! Here are the 28 summer reading suggestions from


Ethan Zuckerman (@EthanZ)
6/19/13 7:03 AM
A tough table: Somali restauranteur brings restaurants back to…

Zeynep Tufekci (@zeynep)
6/19/13 7:05 AM
RT @MahirZeynalov: Turkey's EU minister: We know very well to tell EU "get lost, kid" when necessary

i love that people love it, i've supported it, but it's not something i would choose to do/be.
so - is this a nicer/funner way to keep perpetuating consumerism? making stuff we don't keep/need?
i don't know.. something unsettling.
is it just that i'm a different flavor - or is my gut noticing a bent toward a different flavor of consumerism?