Friday, May 3, 2013

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pancake dancing

If you want to make your battleship work better, be really clear about defining the mission, the tactics, the chain of command and most of all, precisely what you measure from each person on the team.
Your pancake, on the other hand, gives up swing weight and firepower and instead gets flexibility and the possiblity of non-fatal failure (and game-changing magic).

Great record labels have both better blueberries and the support staff to launch them into the world

as you've guessed, most of the blueberries don't know exactly what they'll be doing in six weeks, and most don't work from a manual about the industry's best practices on how to do what they do. It's hard to measure blueberries, but a talented and motivated one can also change the world

I don't care how many people report to you. I care about how connected and how brave you are.

Both work. The problem kicks in when a successful pancake thinks its future is in the battleship business. Or when battleships are asked to dance.

dloitz (@dloitz)
5/3/13 2:56 AM
@monk51295 You've been quoted in my #Storify story "What Makes a Good Education Conference?#IDEAedchat

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them fearless classroom post

from will gourley

art is like a...

tims idea of commitment wall... or perhaps.. wish wall.. fears wall.
facilitated by.. neighbor land in boulder?

so neighbor land feeds into kirills grok map