Sunday, May 26, 2013

tony wagner tweet

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
5/25/13 7:06 AM
Skills needed for community college: writing & middle school math. We don't teach writing & teach wrong math in HS

research strongly validates the Common Core standards,” says Tucker. “They’re aiming at a level and kind of understanding that is pretty consistent with what we think ought to be demanded in community college.”

oh my..
we've been doing the content and intent for years.. at least 20.. 
it's not that there's not enough rigor.. or that kids aren't exposed to all of that (math and reading and writing.. et al)
it's that all the mounds people do in schools is compulsory.
so.. none of it sticks..

ie: for yrs.. we couldn't figure out why comments like this were so prevalent.. 
we never learned that 
I've never seen... heard of that
when we knew our friends (or even ourselves) had taught it (unsolicited) only a few years earlier.

exposure and teaching of compulsory curriculum.. have reached record heights.
we all get a+'s on that. (and cc is most definitely more of the same.. only perhaps louder, more exposed, more mandated, more expensive, more stakes/fear -so less neocortex- and perhaps ..more standardized/equal...

but that has little to do with 90% of people passing through.. who never asked what a 4th dimensional polynomial looks like - part of cc for math. (although.. perhaps if we started there, rather than with all the middle school math we are expecting kids to regurgitate 4-5 yrs later.. via our extrinsic motivators:you'll need to know this in ha/act/sat//college/life, and actual money prizes, grades, (shame if you don't), we offer, because we know it's forced.. 

if math.. literature.. et al.. is that essential.. by definition.. it will sow up.. in the city.. as the day.

tighten the rigor ship.. and it will show up just the same as it has been.. 
but won't/can't be counted as learning.

funny.. unschoolers need to jump through many hoops.. if they want to defend their learning.
#1 hoop.. shame from (albeit lovely and my friends) people in suits with anywhere from suspension to raised eyebrow..
(both have much the same effect .. no?)

what about this evidence/research/finding... our outcry for rigor and need for remedial courses..  needing defense..
not from the teachers.. and admin that have been doing it.. just as they were told.. for years..
not cranking that productivity, efficiency up a notch.. with something we've (supposedly) never tried before.

dear cc pushers.. we are.. have been... doing.. forcing.. gaming.. all that you are proposing. 
for many years.

perhaps .. we wake up to a new/old narrative..

perpetually perpetuated.