Tuesday, May 28, 2013

re imagining education

Our future is brilliant. You see, together, we are turning the tide.
reimagining education conf


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keynote via John Seely Brown

who is alan gunn?
youth at center - so you find mobile there - today..
the word mobile - moving

Joi Ito
we as pre-internet people are trying to re-imagine cognition for post-internet people
how do we who grew up with predictability and laws get into mindset of today's youth - believing there is not predictability/rules..
can now do things w/o asking permission
used to be had to have a huge proposal to get the money to do the thing..
free of internet - has changed things - no longer that need to writing a plan to get the money.. et al
permission-less innovation is what's driving the internet
i went from knowing nothing about _____ to being founder of ngo on it..
co- design - empowering people to design their own stuff

  • practice over theory
  • compass over maps
  • pull over push
bigger thinking about thinking big - arne duncan - panel
jose rodriquez - get out of the way
jeenie magiera - let teachers play too
shira fishman - get messy - get out of bldg - internships
arne - what prevents us from doing these things
jose - the teaching model is outdated
shira - we have to find time outside school block to learn from others.. ? - pushing pd
chris - attendance - after school program in new orleans - increased attendance - because after school - they were able to do karate, cooking, etc
arne - what are you guys doing with tech
jose - we use it - but we don't have enough - those w/o are falling behind
jeenie - agree - so need to bridge that digital divide with school
shira - we do have a lot of tech, i thought i was really with it with a smart board, pushing pd again, ie: would need training on how to use ipad - what to use it for
jose - we do need a good plan - but we also need to be able to let go
chris - his description of smart board - [sorry - but sounds like bling - not re-imagining learning]
arne - how concretely can we be creative and avoid expanding the gap
jose - we might have to take school out of the bldg.. oh yay.. bring to forefront - place where people can share those good ideas.. 
shira - then back to getting teachers into classrooms, and - we can control what's happening in classroom
chris - after school program

[me taking a break]
arne - talking about less focus on test score and more on fewer drop outs, more into college  - taking best ideas from best states
andrea mitchell - what is effect of testing on innovation
arne - just invested 350 million on working on the next iteration of testing - we have to be accountable
andrea (via twitter) - can we do more to democratize the classroom
arne - have to listen, they can tell us what's working and what's not - i bring students in on a monthly basis to get feedback, children tell you the truth (that's debatable - seriously - or truth about what? - because then he went on to talk about - what parts of school are safe and what parts aren't - they were truthful about that .. how does that help)
arne - where are the counter examples - where are they not closing schools - denver. (what?) -  how do we increase public confidence in public ed, 15,000 school districts, can't find one that systemically finds best -teachers/admin- and moves them to hardest spaces, he sees that as key
andrea - what should we stop doing because it's not working
arne - buying text books, not - supporting teachers, stop spending money that are attempting to help teachers - but aren't
andrea - in what way can tech help
arne - can help teaching not be a solo endeavor - having access to best teachers across the globe - flipped classrooms, empowering teachers to learn from each other and stay with the profession
andrea - what would you like to see in 10 yrs
arne - quitting academic failure, personalize learning - for the next step, young people don't understand today - how many doors close when they drop out, increase graduation rates, get rid of boredom, make sure every hs grad is truly college career ready, decrease drop out

and we lose cspan feed - for youth session. hmm.