Wednesday, May 29, 2013

nicholas carr - the shallows

clocks, separated and allowed us to measure
the book, reading, word space - freed our minds up to go very deep into the text

10 min - paying attention to one thing for a long period of time - unnatural - the book allowed that to be changed

the internet has the opposite effect.. it inundates us with distraction - a hypermedia - hypertext system - multi-media, can bring all together simultaneously, powerful messaging/interrupting system - instantaneous, promotes multi-tasking

we crave new info, we like to be interrupted

problem with distractions - overrides the mental processes that are important to the formation of deep thoughts, moving from short term memory into long term memory - only in long term memory do we make rich connections

if constantly distracted, we never pay enough attention

even if you don't click on a hyper link  - it interrupts because you have to decide if you are going to link.

[what if rich critical thinking needs more of the zoom out, non-linear connections]

benefits - increase visual acuity, helps expand the capacity of short term memory

brains are always adapting - at a deep level - plasticity -

[what if the connected existence is more attentive.. what if it brings us closer to people.. less with our nose in books.. in writing.. more doing/being.... ?? ]

31 - adaption to the internet -
[what if the brain is naturally more similar to the internet, than to the book.., the perpetual beta - ness]
look at how inhua

34 - giving up -
[what-- what we're giving up today has been manufactured... no?]

35 - maybe we're losing something important - at the individual level - you need to decide

36 - [not sure that the internet is the means behind our focus on efficiency.. what if it's our way out]

37 - sophisticated forms of empathy - takes time to form - constant distractions could prevent us from having those deep emotions

38 - clifford nass research -
[what if the distraction help us find what matters most... and then ongoingly - decision every second refines what matters]

40 - if attentive ability is rare - that makes him want to make sure everyone is exposed to it to see if it's them?

41:50 - moving from the page to the stream

42 - the discipline to think when all the distractions are going on -

43:57 - able to follow a link - keep adding features - cripple device
[what if that's what helps us go deep - rabbit hole deep]

48 - keep computers out of schools for earlier grades..

49 - texting all day
[what's that about - isn't it about connection]