Thursday, May 30, 2013

re-inventing governance

34 min in - 8000 activists in jail - but no bankers

people in hangout here

at 59 min - tanja - how do we get the masses? - via public ed.. redefine it... no?

Remarkable Reinventor


    Jordan Greenhall

    Jordan Greenhall is an entrepreneur and angel investor with a focus on the internet and digital media space. Having received his law degree from Harvard and practicing for all of 93 days, he sought greener pastures, becoming an advocate for “efficient, collaborative, open” models of information dispersal.
    He Co-founded DivX, Inc. (Formerly, DivXNetworks, Inc.), the digital media giant, in 2000 and served as its Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman through 2007. Previously, he served as Vice President of, where he was responsible for developing and implementing, business and content development model.
    Jordan was on the Board of Trustees for the Santa Fe Institute and is involved with numerous other institutions and boards.
    Peter Leyden
    Founder and CEO of the company, as well as Host of the series
    Peter Leyden has worked for a series of innovative organizations that helped reinvent the fields of media, business and politics: He was managing editor at the original Wired Magazine, worked at Global Business Network, the pioneering think tank on the future, and directed the New Politics Institute that helped those in Washington transition to politics on the Internet. Leyden’s also an entrepreneur who has founded and run two companies: Next Agenda, a new media startup specializing in web video & online tools, and now Reinventors Network. Leyden also is an author and expert on new technologies and trends shaping the future who frequently gives keynote talks about what’s next. More…

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