Saturday, May 12, 2012

oliver quinlan

DML Central (@dmlcentral)
5/12/12 9:16 AM
Which first; required learning or desired learning? via@oliverquinlan

what is required ?
who's deciding this ?

great advice.. bravo to oliver. much like what we did our pilot year..
but why ?..
For any teacher trying to enable students to take control of their own whilst working within a prescribed curriculum there is a tension between the student led ‘desired’ learning and the ‘required learning. Balancing this tension is delicate, sometimes the difference between a piecemeal nod to learners interests, or a failure to achieve the standards needed.With pressure from on high, unsurprisingly the required learning often comes first. Many teachers manage to prioritise the curriculum content, whilst allowing time at the end for learners to extend what they have covered in their own directions. There is the tension that starting with letting learners follow their interests may take the learning in different directions, directions that have to be curtailed to leave enough time to get through what needs to be done.