Monday, May 7, 2012

fixing ed

Roger Schank (@rogerschank)
5/7/12 5:45 AM
In talks at International Education Summit, no one finds anything important to say about fixing…

@rogerschank: International Ed Summit, ... fixing education?” - how do you manage co-creation.. collaboration..?

rogerschank @monk51295 in every country I visit there is real frustration with the schools; collaboration through int'l visits avoids real problems

@rogerschank because they seek to manage.. ? sounds like admin visiting classrooms.. not real voice of students.. even w/lovely admin

interesting... smacks of fixing ed, or anything on a local level. international within a city even. it's so hard for people to be themselves.. speak their mind.. when we live in such a whirlwind.. the belief is that if you snooze you lose.. so you end up playing the game.

the real stuff. doesn't get done.. doesn't get talked about.

we for get to empower in our desire to help..
helping often creates dependency..
and often - dependency on something that wasn't even the problem.. or the desired desire..