Friday, May 11, 2012

bonnie stewart

who am i - online..

most say - i'm me

networked publics (boyd) - dave's view of the world - he's not in the visual

we see ourselves as projected by others

a lot of people are living on line - but not many who are talking about being online? speaking about it?
(not quite sure what she means here)

mooc - turn in ed
focus on convo and community rather than performance

w/o credential - no need to externalize learning
do we need the quantified self in this
how do we foster more of the participatory self

we are quieter - because we don't have to regurgitate what we're learning.
i'm not a scholar but i still have a voice.

bravo guys on maneuvering pieces of the video in and out - is that just  you Jeff?
made it feel like i was there..