Tuesday, November 2, 2010

vicki abeles

     highest percentage of cheaters - college bound students
drugs and stimulants
play - how kids work things out
coaching - no time to make mistakes or figure things out on their own

find passion, develop resume at young age
don't get there by higher tutors
give young people room to make mistakes

#1 contributor to success - having meals together

devan's story - suicide
depression rates are rising - particularly amongst teenage girls

Kevin: Recently heard that some high level colleges (MIT for example) are not giving letter grades first semester as they are finding students will not collaborate - there is too much pressure to be the best

nurture shock - cole bronson

how to move - bring people together in the room at the same time... look around the room - form alliances with each other - and advocate for students


it doesn't take technology to solve - but political will

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