Sunday, November 21, 2010

document.... reflect.... share

I think this is how to get better at what you (any you) do.. how to live on the edge.. in knowledge flow vs knowledge stock . Document, reflect and share.
@ChrisBrogan does it: see chores
I spend 50% of my time connecting with people, by commenting on their blogs, by replying to their tweets, by answering their questions in my own comments section, …  The more I spend time networking and building relationships, the more I get lucky.I write my chores down on a poster in my office. The more I can keep on task, the more I can accomplish.

@JimFolk and Seth Godin do it: see documenting/blogging

Jim’s explanation of edgility
@Shareski does it: see blogging as reflection on the Huffington Post.
I love his means of validation… something that matters to him.. (and those of us who trust him know the depth of that value – which speaks volumes) … his golf clubs.
This resonates with the kids idea of validation:

In the lab via Jim and Adam, we’re experimenting with logging/documenting/sharing and are creating activity systems mappings through participatory action research as a means to monitor growth vs grades, rubrics, tests, etc.
We’re seeking to create/sustain/enable a scalable self-construction… so that people (any people) know what to do when they don’t know what to do.
If you have the document/reflect/share thing down… bravo. If not, or if you know someone that doesn’t…check this.. see if it helps.
You really can do/learn whatever you want.
I spent 2 hours with an incredible homeless man last night. This paradigm shift… it’s going to blow us away. Who’s not homeless? (via kids – we don’t say houseless… it’s not so much about a shelter as it is about belonging.) We can’t not. We don’t need more resources.. we just need to be more resourceful… to share more.
What an incredible time we are living in. What a great opportunity for meshing ed. Let’s notice, dream, connect and do… in whatever flavor you choose.