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There's reliable therapy for sex offenders. B/c it involves acknowledging their humanity, v. unpopular. @maggiekb1:http://t.co/H7XPK1BB6E

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First efforts at a teacherless discussion in #philosophy12 this morning streaming live on #ds106radio http://t.co/HShK7taGt9

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"If we can't define a word, how can we define existence?" #philosophy12

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does existence want/need to be defined..?

A4. Largely because mass incarceration is a fiscal failure. Sadly, not bc mass incarceration has damaged communities #OACHAT

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Opportunity Agenda @oppagenda
Q4 Why do you believe there is more social & political will to end #massincarceration than ever before? #OAChat pic.twitter.com/UF8EKuRkvk

Mr. Rogers’ great advice on dealing with a tragedy.
http://t.co/6ng1L60DTu http://t.co/382QnAA7JT

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Too much time spent negotiating purchases of "solutions" and not enough time spend looking for better opportunities.

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If we fail, let's not fail because of a lack of imagination. - @pahlkadot at #cfasummit

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Open thread for night owls: Here's a documentary about juvenile injustice that you should watch http://t.co/9dJ8tsOcIl

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MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, hit by bombing, at least 3 MSF staff dead & 30 unaccounted 4, my deepest condolences 2 dear colleagues.

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NATO statement admits US air strike may be responsible 4 deaths & destruction at Kunduz MSF hospital, only functioning facility in city.

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RT @JenniferSertl: #globlalview: Network Society & Scenarios for Collaborative Economy http://t.co/tzbHaQn0zP  (book)

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New scheme to get every student prepared for every class when teaching a #flippedclass! So exciting! #staytuned
oh my.
prep for class..
that's what we do.

Found this Syrian family this AM @ Assos, Turkey, swam out of sinking rubber boat & smugglers tried 2 force them backpic.twitter.com/V78L7ndl6t

Reports of the demise of Moore's Law are premature - new developments in carbon nanotube-based integrated circuitson.mash.to/1QPcwuP

For those thinking of community #connectivity, this is a must read. govtech.com/network/The-Ne… cc @scrawford
Given the importance of high-speed Internet access to everything from finding jobs and doing homework to e-commerce and entertainment, we asked representatives from government, industry and nonprofits why the broadband equity gap exists and how to fix it. Here’s who we talked to and what they had to say.
jobs, hw, commerce, entertainment..
those are our proclaimed choices..?
Robert Bell / Executive Director, Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
Bell leads research, analysis and content development at the ICF, a nonprofit think tank he co-founded focused on technology and broadband as enablers of economic development. Among his activities while at the ICF are the annual Intelligent Communities Awards program and economic development missions to cities around the United States and Asia.
ie and first of many listed.
focus matters... change focus.. from ie: Econ dev... and much of current energy consumption becomes noise/distraction/..irrelevant.... to what matters to a human. being.those thinking of community connectivity.. but with subtle focus of jobs.. money..school... how would this read if money were no object...?

The hidden conflict for control of economic policy 
https://t.co/ChWFrN1dRi http://t.co/hz1Z87tPyL

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As someone recently said: "This is a political choice that we make, to allow this to happen every few months ....."  https://t.co/6TBj2ZOdkY

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The average length of a hug between two people is 3 seconds. But researchers have discovered something fantastic. When a hug lasts 20 seconds, there is a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. The reason is that a sincere hug produces a hormone called "oxytocin", also known as the love hormone. This substance has many benefits in our physical and mental health, helps us, among other things, to relax, to feel safe and calm our fears and anxiety. This wonderful calming is offered free of charge every time we have a person in our arms, who cradled a child, we cherish a dog or cat, we're dancing with our partner, the closer we get to someone or just hold the shoulders of a friend.

Horrified that the U.S. bombed a @MSF hospital in Afghanistan. Just got done working with them for a week in Iraq. Selfless brave people

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‘Collateral damage’ what an abhorrent & dehumanising term http://t.co/Io1UCw0CJo

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“They are distractions from what is right in front of you and me and the victims of tomorrow’s shooting: people who need help.”

From: How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings
from may 2014 - shared by amy w on fb oct 2015

They are distractions from what is right in front of you and me and the victims of tomorrow’s shooting: people who need help.

And while we’re all fighting over whose pet cause is more right and more true and more noble, there’s likely another young man out there, maybe suicidally depressed, maybe paranoid and delusional, maybe a psychopath, and he’s researching guns and bombs and mapping out schools and recording videos and thinking every day about the anger and hate he feels for this world.

And no one is paying attention to him.

One day after warning Russia of civilian casualties in #Syria, U.S. bombs a hospital in #Afghanistan. http://t.co/cPtfAJHLwL by @ggreenwald

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Stephen #Wolfram on #Singularity 1on1: 2 Understand the Future, Explore the Computational Universehttp://t.co/PbShfQ9I9Y RT @stephen_wolf…

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Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey's 'secret billionaire fund' just backed a huge European startup http://t.co/5chVvlIcsb via @BIUK_Tech

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a company to manage payments

"Patients who were unable to escape burned to death as they lay in their beds” http://t.co/DxWBt14O6C #MSF #Kunduz

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The 101 version of his big idea is this: Under the right conditions, a random group of atoms will self-organize, unbidden, to more effectively use energy. Over time and with just the right amount of, say, sunlight, a cluster of atoms could come remarkably close to what we call life. I
same for humans.. self-organizing ness.. toward potential energy
During his postdoc research on embryonic development, he kept coming back to the question: What qualifies something as alive or not? He later superimposed an analytical rigor to that question, publishing an equation in 2013 about how much energy is required for self-replication to take place. For England, that investigation was only the beginning. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” he says, his normally deep voice rising until eventually cracking. “It was so frustrating.” Over the next year, he worked on a second paper, which is under peer review now. This one took his past findings and used them to explain theoretically how, under certain physical circumstances, life could emerge from nonlife.

Why Jack Dorsey Is Ready to Save Twitter: http://t.co/h8t6GZofil < Save us Dorsey Wan Jackobi, You're Our only Hope!

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“Walkable City” is not about why or how cities work, but about what works in cities. And what works best in the best cities is walkability.

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Hard to see how the US airstrike on Kunduz hospital is anything other than a war crime https://t.co/ynbS3EoiS0http://t.co/GEbw0d1CO2

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#MSF nurse in Kunduz rescuing patients & staff: "There are no words for how terrible it was. In ICU 6 patients were burning in their beds."

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@samchaltain I was having this thought a couple days ago. Is poverty a disability? Like how people treat violence as a public health issue
@skippcoon Treating these issues as public health crises makes sense, IMO. See, eg, m.huffpost.com/us/entry/22504…

"The notion of a neutral, objective education is an oxymoron" @HenryGiroux truth-out.org/news/item/3306…pic.twitter.com/Q7OPqYKJ0a
Politics has become an extension of war, just as systemic economic uncertainty and state-sponsored violence increasingly find legitimation in the discourses of privatization and demonization, which promote anxiety, moral panics and fear, and undermine any sense of communal responsibility for the well-being of others. Too many people today learn quickly that their fate is solely a matter of individual responsibility, irrespective of wider structural forces.
p as extension of war...


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Why people fall for the biggest hoax on Facebook by @reyjunco http://t.co/4YGZpKw8pB via @CNNMoney

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Who May Use the King's Forest? The Meaning of Magna Carta, Commons and Law in Our Time | David Bollierhttp://t.co/4m84RwOJJR

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What if networked, faster learning was what big organizations were optimized for? (instead of efficiency)https://t.co/eKE5YCRDOp

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Over the weekend I wrote for @the_intercept about the torture of solitary confinement at NYC's Rikers Island jailhttps://t.co/peo0AJkL2Z

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Congrats to the @BARDCollege Prison debate team who beat Harvard.  You program helps us all and we all should be grateful. #XONR8

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"We've never had enough jobs for 7.3 billion people. Unemployment is the natural and basic state for man" @leashlesshttps://t.co/lHciAnJaPW

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Apparatus is a dynamic drawing tool by @mandy3284. A beautiful and important piece of work. http://t.co/XZIoFqIzcD

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#TPP negotiations concluded- Big losers are patients in developing countries. Negative impact will be enormous.http://t.co/VvP8snPR3m

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a GREAT David Graeber article from 2007: http://t.co/acsO7d8U3M (w/a couple of odd typos that likely come from scanning?) SO GOOD!

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When we are working for a living, or buying and selling things, we are rewarded with money. But whenever we are not working or buying or selling, when we are motivated by pretty much anything other than the desire to get money, we suddenly find ourselves in the domain of “values.”

At the same time, they are also seen as utterly unique; whereas money makes all things comparable, “values” such as beauty, devotion, or integrity cannot, by definition, be compared. There is no mathematical formula that could possibly allow one to calculate just how much personal integrity it is right to sacrifice in the pursuit of art or how to balance responsibilities to your family with responsibilities to your God.

One might put it this way: if value is simply what one considers important, then money allows importance to take a liquid form, by enabling us to compare precise quantities of importance and trade one off for the other. I

This is, of course, the secret of nobility. To be noble is to be generous, high-minded, altruistic, to pursue higher forms of value. But it is also to be able to do so because one does not really have to think too much about money.

Honored to be selected to speak at the US Nobel Conference.  It will be live-streamed on Wednesday....http://t.co/eMHDER5P38

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Understanding mass shootings and gun violence as a public health issue: "Mass shootings and second-hand smoke":https://t.co/pHR4x6YIkz

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How a public art festival made a real change in a Detroit neighborhood @kabbeyl http://t.co/gfKk32FBgp

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There is no such thing as a "full" city. A manifesto: http://t.co/wgZWNzr23y http://t.co/ZL7TGui4H3

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@mpaluchowski @ralphtalmont We have a W3C Interest Group working on #WoT w3.org/WoT/ and our expert is@draggett

Our interview with acclaimed British concert pianist @JRhodesPianist is now live on TGD. https://t.co/meModwk8mJhttp://t.co/uIvP9l3gQ7

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We do not have a challenge of technology, we have a challenge of imagination @bigmediumjosh #DelightConf

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We are prioritizing data over insight. It's not about the data. It's not about the technology. It's about magic. @globalmoxie #delightconf

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