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In a networked society, the ‘Big Lie’ (Orwell, 1984) is no longer possible https://t.co/t9ab0qRJ10

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I <3 people who ask for my rates when they're asking if they can pick my brain for a while.

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The woman who chose to plant corn https://t.co/uuF2fzuS02 @CharlesEisenstein @TheRulesOrg

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@davidgraeber Student uprisings in #SouthAfrica and the potential for radical change https://t.co/22HUVQBfzm#NationalShutDown

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My bit think piece on @ethereumproject for @ConsenSysLLC is now live! https://t.co/S4bXm6QaVp today's definitive guide for non - techies

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A user centric model for identity in the enterprise https://t.co/RYmkdrtASA

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to what & for whom? @tressiemcphd on thinking through educational expansionism: access without furthering justice. https://t.co/UD9jgWebrt

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Part of living on borrowed time is expanding of my ability to find joy in the little details of life.

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I wrote, "Are we talking our problems into existence?" #ce15 #edchat #change cc @nIronside13https://t.co/MndFF0mBJW

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Pointing out that US wars are illegal is really boring... https://t.co/czJFiPbfVQ

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Thinking about content creation/curation in indigenous communities where traditional knowledge is not available on the web. #mootca15

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6 experts on how Silicon Valley can solve online harassment https://t.co/RFnmDLRESu https://t.co/lHEULG32ag

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Could it be that we have reached the end of our romance w/data sufficiency?- @KateMfD #dlrn15 -data hygiene: st  https://t.co/hLbZDSp1nH

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Being: countering the move to technologize our humanity. (Video of my presentation at #lwmoocs conf)  https://t.co/WiShqe5wiU

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My talk on critical pedagogy in dark times:  https://t.co/7C9pgkgrwY

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I saw this talk in person, and loved it. https://t.co/cKSJQWjHVd

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Mark Zuckerberg is starting a private school in Palo Alto https://t.co/F6g8cN16i4

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Google's new Alphabet parent is a holding company defined by machine learning. That's the synergy that will tie it all together.

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Who would like to read _Revolution in Higher Education_, Richard DeMillo's new book?

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Galley copies of SCHOOLS ON TRIAL have arrived! Out February 16th. Pre-order here: https://t.co/Uj5jIMdWqfhttps://t.co/X708srHHqW

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Federal judge dismisses Wikimedia suit against NSA, saying: If you don't like NSA spying, get Congress to change ithttps://t.co/5Y3YKLvr6z

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The remarkable experiment in self-government in #Rojava #Syria  - my article in @FT - https://t.co/ILXTDtsoKo - thank you for having me

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Twitter confirms that it is in talks with @Deray about the possibility of co-hosting a 2016 presidential townhallhttps://t.co/NXqFOrj51g

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Someone asked me how my day was. I said I'd been tear gassed and shot at by the government I'd voted for. My heart is sore. #FeesMustFall

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@ggreenwald @MazMHussain look, the only way to prove someone is a civilian is to ask for data. Do you have a previous report of a pulse?

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"People with passion have the courage to be themselves with abandon." https://t.co/yOsgAHsqG7

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Artists don't only have courage to be themselves with abandon, they have license too. Leaders don't usually, and it's not clear they should.

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The leader-artist metaphor fits to a point. Artists' duty is to defy norms. Leaders' duty, at least at some point, is to set them.

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To turn artists into leaders and vice versa, rather than respect their opposition, is to collapse a tension that makes a culture bealthy.

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Leaders, of course, like to think that they're artists--to claim licenses and freedoms, privileges, that they arguably shouldn't have.

oh my.

Transforming refugee camps from places of boredom to hubs of innovation https://t.co/yCBad463aT via @PositiveNewsUK cc: @sammaule

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Often one can look and look but not see. And in doing so miss the entire world. This is el… https://t.co/O9AfS14kjwhttps://t.co/5H3j7Ta8MN

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Utopian artificial intelligence https://t.co/ImPuICRXzL

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AND SO IT BEGINS: https://t.co/FITAwU2rlg #openbadges https://t.co/jE1seaHF0y

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From Arab Spring to "A social network without hatred and incitement". Wael Ghonim, SZ.de https://t.co/zZ28PDcv7Fhttps://t.co/xHJ2Q5bHDb

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Incredible nonsense: https://t.co/EpmdTm12sS

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White students knew police wouldn't hurt them so they made a human shield for black protesters. #uctshutdownhttps://t.co/Oi9RCYHwYb

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Alexis Da Gawd @MabhidaMartins
So the day we had a white human shield, nobody was hurt or arrested.. #UCTshutdown pic.twitter.com/tIExwUMumU

People need to see this. #FeesMustFall #WitsFeesWILLFall
Beautiful voices to unite us... https://t.co/plSaJ2yafC

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Big changes are occurring in one of the fastest-warming spots on Earth buff.ly/1Kyd5Eh

10/22, FBI Dir defends spying on the public as "helpful" oversight. [1/2] https://t.co/yf9Pi054CUhttps://t.co/3Jdz1w0En3

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The Fed plans to make $3 trillion disappear by leaving it in plain sight. And it might work. https://t.co/voSeij6RmNhttps://t.co/wsmxy1T1pc

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Life is too short to continue pretending that our suffering as Africans is noble or headed somewhere. It isn't. Let us build together.

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How to Get Free Access to Academic Papers on Twitter https://t.co/ancavnY9Eg

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perhaps.. because we're not really us...

India and Pakistan are sending love notes to each other using #profileforpeace hashtag https://t.co/zbs4erUPfxhttps://t.co/EC02CRqyPy

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The Economist groks the #NewCo narrative big time https://t.co/uqWQofz7l1

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New Post: “The Rise of Micro-Schools” https://t.co/7q1cJ52sWP cc: @boadams1 @GrantLichtman @gever

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Artificial intelligence doesn't bother me at all. What terrifies me is artificial authority, and that's what AI often turns into.

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What the heck is Benghazi and why do people keep yelling at each other https://t.co/AHa2D2BOW3 If you haven't seen this video yet.

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competition to coop

fb by michel

Just bought @cshirky's new book on @xiaomi: https://t.co/cYZfU3KI2L

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Of all the issues with Theranos, the one that really makes my skin crawl is that board. Pure old-school political power. Why?

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Zadie Smith, who turns 40 today, on the artist and the anguish of the American dream buff.ly/1POeFZHpic.twitter.com/RM6fhLRDDI
Smith observes the centripetal force with which New York, every time she returns, pulls her into its vortex of unrelenting beach-finding:
I have to get used to old New York ladies beside themselves with fury that I have stopped their smooth elevator journey and got in with some children. I have to remember not to pause while walking in the street — or during any fluid-moving city interaction — unless I want to utterly exasperate the person behind me. Each man and woman in this town is in pursuit of his or her beach and God help you if you get in their way.
I suppose it should follow that I am happier in pragmatic England than idealist Manhattan, but I can’t honestly say that this is so. You don’t come to live here unless the delusion of a reality shaped around your own desires isn’t a strong aspect of your personality. “A reality shaped around your own desires” — there is something sociopathic in that ambition.
It’s not a pretty energy, but it still runs what’s left of the show. I contribute to it. I ride a stationary bike like the rest of them. And then I despair when Shakespeare and Co. closes in favor of another Foot Locker. There’s no way to be in good faith on this island anymore. You have to crush so many things with your mind vise just to get through the day…

Why Tory's UK no longer innovates: 1. people have no space to think and grow. No time to read, reflect and share ideas with others. #marr

WhatsApp's co-founder on how the app became a phenomenon: https://t.co/esRlW6jeVR https://t.co/5dn1Qa08m4

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Facebook shelled out $19 billion because the app—a way of sending text messages over the Internet, without paying the typically high SMS fees that wireless carriers charge to send texts across their private networks—had reached a similarly enormous 450 million people across Europe and the developing world, including India and Africa.
Sure, the app was simple. But it met a real need. And it could serve as a platform for building all sorts of other simple services in places where wireless bandwidth is limited but people are hungry for the sort of instant communication we take for granted here in the US. One simple messaging app could provide voice calling, video calling, instant payments, and more.
co-founder Jan Koum was unapologetic in saying he considers PR and press a drag on the company’s time. “Marketing and press kicks up dust,” said the Ukraine-born Koum, who founded the company alongside an old Yahoo colleague named Brian Acton. “It gets in your eye, and then you’re not focusing on the product.”

This stuff makes me wonder if  everyone hacking each other also makes us safer? Destabilizing, but also knowledge... https://t.co/NDzScQf7kr

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Slo-mo replay of @alantodd @gsiemens on #sociallearning role in #onlineeducation (in case you weren't tuned in):https://t.co/YU4lCNOEOf

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there is a baseline level of knowledge that learners need before they can move on to higher order critical and creative thinking. However, in higher education — and to an even greater extent, corporate education — our historical model of expert-to-student instruction becomes increasingly less relevant in an age where nearly any piece of information can be found with a few well-crafted Google queries.
? baseline.. higher order..?
To foster not only the content knowledge of employees, but also the social skills they require to succeed, businesses cannot rely on either lecture-format courses or their digital cousin, the MOOC. We need to return to the MOOC as originally envisioned: social learning. Best-in-class corporate education creates a place where colleagues can connect, form networks, and share ideas. It is increasingly important to engage learners socially, because they stand to learn as much from each other as from formal instruction. This does not require forgoing the best-in-class lectures, but rather re-packaging them as part of a broader pedagogical strategy that includes social learning as a core part of the student experience.
Alan Todd is CEO of CorpU. Dr. George Siemens, Executive Director of the LINK Lab at The University of Texas at Arlington, co-authored this post.
re- package..
why package..? isn't that what www frees us from?
context vs content
get proximate. change the nar
rative. protect hopefulness. - Bryan Stevenson


#dlRN15 Hope, Hands, and Stories https://t.co/UGJ1Adhaho << thanks for your words & more @kreshleman @veletsianos @Profpatrice @readywriting

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10/27/15 6:35 AM
I'm exhausted just watching the trailer ... #ffsyoutube.com/watch?v=Py2Y0_…

@projectnia tracked student arrests in Chicago P.S. "nearly 30 black youth arrested for every one white juvenile.” cpdincps.com
Use opportunity to educate yourself. Armed security in over 75% of high schools. Also, more Ss of color, more cops. pic.twitter.com/gKEwKKve6T

“Because of the limitations of printing technology, reading has always been an individual activity” @Sugatam #EDU8213

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I explain to @emilychangtv the urgency behind my #NextEconomy summit in this interview for Bloomberghttps://t.co/vNmv8Tbm4g

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"Revolution" or "Phase Transition"? By Michel Bauwens https://t.co/rgij9Rk1aB

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BuzzFeed threatens to withdraw from SXSW over canceled GamerGate panels: https://t.co/3gbeuWdPePhttps://t.co/pOTXnyqOmF

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