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the best way to deal with a feeling is to realize that it's yours.

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.@finnern Great post. My response Work is more than a source of income

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This is asinine. Unbelievable that Apple blocks successful & useful @dronestream app & news source about US strikes:

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Thirty minutes in, and we've already heard the future's already here, it's just not etc. etc. etc. #conferencelife

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BREAKING: UN says Saudi-coalition airstrike that hit a wedding party near Mokha, #Yemen on Monday killed "as many as 135 people."

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VICE's special report on mass incarceration is incredibly well done #VICEonHBO

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becca on fb
"I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security." - Pope Francis

.@tanehisicoates is a #MacFellow interpreting complex, challenging issues around race/racism:

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Black Lives Matter's @deray Mckesson at @BowdoinCollege: Use white privilege to disrupt it

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The voice of the natural world…

So, sure let's have better phone etiquette. But if we want people to put away phones, first task is reasonable work demands & job security.
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Strange new initiative / project to help people who work for the intelligence agencies to exit if they

skipped the new turkle phones-are-asocial thing because I responded to the last one… worth updating at all?
Smartphones and their symbiotic social media give us a surfeit of options to tell the truth about who we are and what we are doing, and an audience for it all, reshaping norms around mass exhibitionism and voyeurism. Twitter lips and Instagram eyes: Social media is part of ourselves; the Facebook source code becomes our own code.
reading Twitter like "we all already said this" seems silly to repeat yourself lets do something new

So let's be thoughtful in where we whip out our phones, but also thoughtful in looking at actual data, and analyzing why people do it. /end

People asking for links check @mysocnet (tons of great work), @nancybaym (awesome book) and a 2013 overview of mine:…

Mon Dieu! Why a French novelist gave an entire year’s royalties to Wikipedia:

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This is such an amazing, historic photograph.

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Belangrijk dat speelruimte niet enkel voor jongeren is, ook volwassenen hebben dit nodig.  #10in2015 @BertSmits @thebandb

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Important that play space not only for young people, even adults need this. @BertSmits @thebandb#10in2015

2 amazing short new films from @fieldofvision at the @the_intercept: one on Syrian refugees, other on Detroit

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Live now: @vijayprashad addresses consequences of regime change in #Syria. Watch at

So the city will use eminent domain to build roller coasters but not affordable housing?…

New findings show that mealworms could help solve the global plastic pollution problem:

Physicist David Bohm and philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti on love and the wall of being

diving into best practices in nomadic community from @unmonastery gang… #neotribes thx @v17us

Utter misery. That someone has to live like this at the heart of #europe is a disgrace.…

There's no simple fix for climate change, but could this help? @AshokaUK

Obviously, Russian Parliament approval is a given. But US bombs Syria w/no Congressional approval & bombed Libya after Congress voted NO.

"The deck has been stacked." Former Secretary of Labor @RBReich discusses capitalism live at

if by voters we me.. 100% of people choosing/changing mind 24/7
that's what we can do now.. no representation... no money... et al.... needed

We Asked a Cultural Historian: Are Apple Stores the New Temples?

Estimating the Total Development Value of #Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects -… $5 billion, if you wondered

#Prosecutors typically exacerbate problems & injustice when they prosecute drug suppliers after an… via @VICE

There is a third way in #ukhousing. We're making a call for better decisions using #opendata #connectedhousing15

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MIT Scalable Cooperation now online Meet the team @LorenzoCov @sunlijun1988 @mrfrank5790 @EddyAdelAwad @SohanDsouza

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Reimagining the way society organizes, cooperates, and governs itself.

"Right now, you are missing the vast majority of what is happening around you.” Fantastic read

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we became investigators of the ordinary
Children sense the world at a different granularity, attending to parts of the visual world we gloss over; to sounds we have dismissed as irrelevant. 
The artist seems to retain something of the child’s visual strategy: how to look at the world before knowing (or without thinking about) the name or function of everything that catches the eye. 

Any alternatives to Covey's Leader in Me in the creative commons? Something that doesn't teach children to think/speak in licensed language.

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I am wondering if any #literacies folks or #clmooc-ers have checked these out.

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The Revolutionary Act Of Telling The Truth: @JohnPilger On The #WikiLeaks Files

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ICYMI: Here's a great recap of what happened on Day 1 of the @codeforamerica summit today in Oakland > #cfasummit

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Very surprised to see the IWMF touting this as "the only comprehensive security app" - where's the audit?
.@IWMF You're doing an injustice to journalists by making blown up claims about Reporta being secure. Where's the source code?

Is Disruption Good or Bad? Please Stop Arguing! it is not control of resources that is important, but access to them.
Consider the case of the Occupy movement, which sought to disrupt the existing order by advocating for the “99%” against the “1%.”  Yet despite the populist theme, their rhetoric and tactics were far too extreme for most people. Perhaps not surprisingly, the movement quickly died out, although its basic theme about inequality lives on.
 oh the irony... 99 and 1is extreme... about most people...
...Apple strives to make products us that are “insanely great.”  Google wants to “organize the world’s information.”  Tesla aims to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.”  Successful disruptors seek to connect, not merely to destroy.
So the question is not whether disruption itself is good or bad, but disruption in the service of what?  ....Successful disruptors might break old models, but they build better ones that benefit us all, which is why we embrace, rather than fear them
apple, google, fb, twitter... tesla.. how that zoom dance might work...

1 Million Drones Will Be Sold This Christmas, and the FAA Is Terrified… via@PopMech #drones #everywhere

And of course, fear turning into self-censorship is the first instrument of censorship:

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(Audio) Author & Publisher Kris Millegan on Skull & Bones, CIA Drugs, & the Vietnam War / excellent! @TrinedayKris

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David Isaacs, co-founder of #theworldcafe on "Keys to Collective Intelligence, part 1"

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obsession with looking at screens --instead of what we do on them-- isnt about tech at all. usually about reclaiming personal authenticity

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that's what i've been trying to argue, responding to turkle here… and its sequel here…

Today at #CfASummit, we're focusing on why this work matters

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The End: Learning to Die via @nytopinionator

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For #PodcastDay check @BHeater's RIYL guests @LizzWinstead @Rushkoff @MollyCrabapple @Frauenfelder @VivekJTiwary etc

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fb via alexander and leigh

Richard Branson has figured it out: Time is the new money - @ChuckBlakeman via @Inc

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From dirt poor to billionaire — the incredible rags-to-riches story of fashion legend Ralph Lauren

Instead of gimmicks, Google brings real broadband to Ghana

The dictatorship of the (stubborn) minority [those with Skin in the game]…

I just posted "Decentralization at the center of attention" /cc @juanbenet @kyledrake @caseorganic @demartin

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Join me in Seeing Around Corners podcast series w Instigators incl. @heif @Meetup @edyson @mbauwens @ajscholz jowyang

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A viable alternative to "guns" for explaining uniquely common mass shooting sprees in US: both likely key factors

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