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Drone War Exposed: @JeremyScahill on Kill Program's Secrets & Whistleblower Who Leaked Themhttp://t.co/gNV2mPWOqn http://t.co/yjoJ1rrpaj

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Interesting. The Cleveland Co-ops are also vanguard.

.@globalvoices publishes a guide on open source research on the Russian internet, with a focus on verification:https://t.co/FDFz0J33Ux

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Surveillance & control in #highered by @jhrees. Recent examples: U of Colorado-Pueblo email policy, Salaita, @podehaye mooc #dlrn15

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Using "student-centered" as a reason/cover for exploiting adjuncts in an online environment #dlrn15

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"Google’s audacious project that scanned millions of books has been declared legal" http://t.co/DXzJFu1H0H

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MSNBC airs maps showing how much Palestinian land has been lost to Israel from 1946 to present. Important context. http://t.co/tSRYMFp4kL

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@readywriting: "Being on twitter has taught me how to listen." #dlrn15

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recommended to overdrive

Plato's Allegory of the Cave—the greatest parable exploring the nature of reality—animated buff.ly/1jJJh1Mpic.twitter.com/37XWFAUNkX

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"An honest, brave, compassionate human being."
"No…I mean, how do you want to sell your labor?"

A "perverse glitch"- underappreciating effort to overcome = less compassion towards others experiencing the same. twitter.com/LeanShaman/sta…

@lessig is now running for a more long-term presidency: theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
We cannot, as a people, waste any more time. We need a Congress responsive to the people. We need a government that works. The politicians have been promising us this for decades. It’s time we recognize they can’t do it. We must. And through our campaign, we will.
or.. a nother way....

"The lesson of Theranos: ... when investors and PR firms are all selling the same story ... "think different" ...http://t.co/nLDIZBL09c

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I put up my #dlrn #dlrn15 keynote. The Garden and the Stream: A technopastoral. http://t.co/E9zuvt8Wz4

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Giving names for the other may influence agency and a put-in-the-box notion of “I know, and thus control, you.” #dLRN15

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@readywriting @laurapasquini on the other hand, sometimes u need an echo chamber just to formulate a position #dlrn15

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Hillary & co's line that @Snowden put American lives at risk. How about this: your Iraq war vote resulted in thousands of dead Americans.

@jeremyscahill @Snowden The worst part was suggesting whistleblower status was an option. No ma'am. Not in this admin. Not currently.

Sad to see Hillary repeat a false claim despite fact check. She could develop a reputation.newyorker.com/news/john-cass… pic.twitter.com/4XJ9N3obQH

“We’re dying in here, miss, we’re dying!”: If you don't think solitary confinement is torture, read thisslnm.us/Pzm1o3Q

@basicincome_uk Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015) & her community-oriented vision of a city-level universal #BasicIncome http://t.co/vU1gte2IOm

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Too much salt - seth

UTexas offers data analytics academy we designed http://t.co/vkWxzIVfgS

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Bob Dylan, IBM, Watson and the lies surrounding massive text processing http://t.co/ZaH1Ujt7ca

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If you're a journalist, Google isn't enough—it only searches the current web. Historical whois records and @internetarchive index the past.

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Growth of an ecosystem: the education entrepreneurs of Latin America http://t.co/gik9qCqss8 @AffordableLearn @OmidyarNetwork

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Complicating the Digital Divide: Technological Innovation in a Small Town http://t.co/Y87CQlo2Fm

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Really excited to be working with @OpenLab_Ncl and @Sugatam on opening out his next class a la #Phonar w000t! #OER

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