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I had a lot of fun doing this talk. I hope you enjoy it & Share it....

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Read this or just this if you're busy

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1/22/15 8:07 AM
IBM scientists boot Linux for the first time on prototype 64-bit microserver for the #DOME @ronaldgadget


1/22/15 8:06 AM
@ProvIdenceSup education is the most important antipoverty intervention @liveunitedri #ChildPovertyRI

well.. certainly not Ed as we see it today...
otherwise wouldn't be at 51% pov 
or perhaps... how we re doing Ed now... biggest contributor...

#Egypt Leftist activist Shaimaa ElSabag shot dead today as black-masked officers fired on march 2 lay roses on Tahrir

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@NancyW crabs in a bucket pull each other down b/c they don't belong in a bucket. Change /remove the bucket and the culture changes #educon

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City leaders explore municipal broadband

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Podemos leader: "That a society provide the basic material conditions that make happiness and dignity possible."

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In school, we were running buddies. Now he's dead,  a casualty of inequality. My column

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"Now everyone has a voice," Sandberg said. "Now everyone can post, everyone can share and that gives a voice to people who have historically not had it."

The Internet prophecies of Sandberg and Schmidt fall flat when weighed against the realities of a world whereapproximately 60 percent of the population is not online.

And even though the number of people to use the Internet has more than doubled worldwide since 2006, the values held by democracies have been in steady retreat.

Too often, a social justice approach has been absent from these high-level discussions about the Internet, says Parminder Jeet Singh, Executive Director of IT for Change. "Techies wield considerable social and political power and they, regrettably, are just not the social justice kinds in the traditional movements way.

At the same time Internet-enabled democracy and justice movements are spreading across the planet, the Davos sethas been reluctant to embrace the more disruptive demands of these protesters, according to Singh.

"In that vacuum has stepped a queer mix of messianic, global Internet businesses, techie groups seeking to retain social and political power," he said in an email interview. Also included "are some specialized professional NGO groups, many of them heavily funded by both economic and political forces that are dominant and therefore prefer the status quo."

The Internet is simply an effective tool for connecting people. Whether the network becomes a force for good or evil is up to its users.


1/26/15 7:14 AM
“What Happens To Privacy When The Internet Is In Everything?”…

Today's Trews asks "Greek Revolution Against Corruption - Will We Follow?" TREW NEWS

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An open source house that floats on floodwater:

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Yemen simplified: Houthis: Death to America. AQAP: Kill Americans & Houthis. US: Drone strike AQAP guys encouraging uprising against Houthis

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Are you watching?@NickKristof just located the missing girl on Backpage #endtrafficking

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Helping runaways find a path and not fall through the cracks. #APathAppears @APathAppears

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I should be able to "feel" your voice on Twitter. Your words should have a cadence and rhythm that helps me understand your spirit.

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predictive search... googles endgame...?.
modeling humanity... n..?
vast amount going on in the background..
making privacy and credentialing and consumerism... irrelevant.
ie: I don't need products if a&a are actualized...

Today sees the relaunch of the Dark Mountain Manifesto, with a new intro by Dougald Hine…


1/25/15 4:16 AM
Liking this Universal Citizens Income policy from the Greens

@natalieben #bbcps @TheGreenParty


1/23/15 4:29 AM
Let's do something that's humane, not radical. Citizens Income is only radical because our system is so inhumane at the moment #GCUWise


1/26/15 6:26 AM
Is a Citizen's income unrealistic? Is #Syriza beyond the pale? Maybe not and we should give it some serious attention…

Seecantrill (@Seecantrill)

1/26/15 7:20 AM
This is a nice resource re: It’s Complicated… @zephoria @NWPDigital_Is #nwp#clequity #connectedlearning

"The Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano once told me that the apparent reluctance to learn from the past scared him. “My great fear is that we are all suffering from amnesia,” he said. “I wrote to recover the memory of the human rainbow, which is in danger of being mutilated.”
Who, I asked, is responsible for this forgetfulness? “It’s not a person,” he explained. “It’s a system of power that is always deciding in the name of humanity who deserves to be remembered and who deserves to be forgotten … We are much more than we are told. We are much more beautiful.” We are much more alike than we are told, as well.

"Social activism is plagued by a lot of problems. A lack of big lists is not one of them." @davekarpf on Bill Gates.

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Catching up on @democracynow. Watch @suigenerisjen on asylum seekers held at Australia's "Guantánamo of the Pacific."

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We all want to know that the story ends well, before we start it.
The truth is always this: you learn what you need to learn to be good at something by doing it.

AntidotalK (@AntidotalK)

1/26/15 11:41 AM
How the #CIA made #Google… @tragedyandhope

Absolutely breath-stopping, unexpected Super Bowl PSA about domestic violence – please watch and share #nomore

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I told my last Stanford class to redesign the course, then left the room for 40 minutes. They rose to the challenge!

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