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Why Tech Companies Love The City So Much via @sai

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Millennials Didn't Abandon Our Institutions -- Our Institutions Failed Them |

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One in five millennials lives in poverty, report finds add this to previous tweet re institutional failure

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The best innovations re-humanise us, reverse the toxins of industrialisation, reconnect us, de-specialise us.

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RT @patricklee6669: RT @_cypherpunks_: Cost for a year at
Harvard $59k
Nursing home $84k
NYC jail $168k

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Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
12/27/14 9:48 PM
The Role of Money in the Desktop Regulatory State (Chapter Six — First Excerpt)…

Although awareness of the problems associated with the for-profit creation of money as debt at interest has grown, understanding of the solutions is still weak. Despite an understanding of the problem as just described, many currency innovators have chosen currency designs which initially ally themselves with the existing monetary system, such as the ‘Transition Pound’ initiatives in the UK. This could be because they are designed with an interest in how to market an idea to people who would choose to engage in the currency for reasons other than necessity. Although a similar model in Germany, called Chiemgauer, has had some success, it has been going a long time and its growth is slow, with everybody who maintains it being unpaid.

Those countries that suffer a larger contraction in money supply are not interested in or able to use systems that require bank-debt to buy local currencies that in turn require charitable funding and entail additional transaction costs.

Johannes Kleske (@jkleske)
12/29/14 7:43 AM
In 2015, we’ll need different words to talk about the…

ginormous small ness

5 months after it was released “The Internet’s Own Boy” is #4 most popular documentary on iTunes.

10 startups that made an impact in 2014 @TheNextWeb @SlackHQ @brcknet @whiteafrican @jowyang @stewart @digitalarun

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P2P Foundation, Video: Michele D’Alena on the City as Commons Project in Bologna

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Hey @davidgraeber wanna put, #stacktivism and into play in #rojava? Might be pretty useful.

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Kelly Hoey (@jkhoey)
12/30/14 7:50 AM
The 20 largest tech exits of 2014 were worth $55 billion (via @CBinsights)

ℳąhą Bąℓi مها بالي (@Bali_Maha)
12/30/14 7:50 AM
@cogdog @francesbell @catherinecronin @KateMfD @holden i also like the idea of that manual mixer thing where u can't figure out who did what

Arianna Huffington (@ariannahuff)
12/30/14 7:51 AM
Is watching football a sin? The latest @HuffPostRelig #AllTogether podcast explores conscience and concussions

Pablo Hdz O Hagan (@PabloHernandezO)
12/30/14 7:58 AM
Why Broken Sleep Is a Golden Time for

Read @infovore's long piece on the Internet of Things. There's daylight aplenty betw me & him, but his take is wise.

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We kept coming back to the idea of the city as a physical diary.

Umm no. Really, really not. (via @reddit)

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Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
12/31/14 7:43 AM
Growing up, I was never that interested in artists who only did one thing. I was more interested in guys like this:

umair (@umairh)
12/31/14 7:44 AM
"Ambiguity and the Art of Meaning". New by me at…

Carmen A. Medina (@milouness)
12/31/14 7:44 AM
So shouldn't all arrests be absolutely necessary. The Benefits of Fewer NYPD Arrests - Atlantic Mobile…

Brad Wilson (@dreambition)
12/31/14 7:10 AM
"When tweetstreams are a bunch of links & RTs to the same set of folks.. how does that open our world...?" @TheJLV

ChiBooksWomenPrison (@ChicagoBWP)
12/28/14 6:04 PM
Today we packed bks for 51 women in prison—@WreckThisBook, nursing, @cassieclare, Excel,@JulieGarwood, dogs, Wicca, @kresleycole & more!

Austin Kleon (@austinkleon)
12/31/14 7:47 AM
The brilliant Brion Gysin said that by choosing to do many things, he doomed himself commercially. cc: @WDeresiewicz

Maclean's Magazine (@MacleansMag)
12/31/14 7:43 AM
Italian coast guard rescues 970 migrants amidst rough seas. More than 100,000 have been rescued by Italy this year.…

Leon Cych (@eyebeams)
12/31/14 7:49 AM
This City Eliminated Poverty, And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It >…

Michael Josefowicz (@toughLoveforx)
12/31/14 8:02 AM
Palestinian statehood resolution fails at U.N council,
| Reuters

Michael Doyle (@Call_Me_Doyle)
12/31/14 8:10 AM
@edrethink This worship of STEM will be the death of us--our love of efficiency and production has made machines of us all.

April Rinne (@aprilrinne)
12/31/14 8:10 AM
Uber suspends operations in Spain (+ nice list of global legal woes). NB *not* part of sharing economy selectively.

Henry A. Giroux (@HenryGiroux)
12/30/14 7:49 AM
My newest piece on the impact of corporate and state authoritarianism on public education will appear today in Truthout.

Neoliberal societies embrace elections because they "exclude and alienate most people from political power" and thus provide a kind of magical defense for the authoritarian project of depoliticizing the public while removing all obstacles to its goal of defending massive inequities in power, wealth and the accumulation of capital. 

Great reflection on #fedwikihappening by @cogdog #fedwiki

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81% of Broken Windows summonses between 2002 and 2013 were given to nonwhite NYers.

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Against the Smart City: The counter-example of the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid | P2P Foundation

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