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France to grant citizenship to Malian credited with aiding fellow hostages in market attack.http://t.co/P99VytMRwg http://t.co/OrXV3I1rZu

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This Is What Happens When We Lock Children in Solitary Confinement http://t.co/W5xDcfIMx8

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Watching @AmericanIdol tonight? Fans were wowed by this original song from Hollywood Anderson. #AmericanIdol http://t.co/fBDgTaqjaC

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covenant house

let's all join the AP stylebook banning the word #ridesharing to describe @lyft @uber @sidecarhttp://t.co/2kN8Cz1tYF @jowyang @dhidalgo65

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Chris Tittle: #commons #transition = communities controlling & self-governing more of their collective resources http://t.co/VirzmKtxJx

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Intel pledges $300M to bolster women, minority workforce in wake of GamerGate http://t.co/dfa0FI39KV via @Polygon

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All those words in one sentence. So depressing.  RT @aaronstein1 Pregnant Istanbul suicide bomber was Russian citizen http://t.co/9UKn8pXZiD

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Why hasn't Raif Badawi received more attention? http://t.co/VtAwwytvLa

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@anya1anya How #genius of you. http://t.co/eraZBOm7rg. @npr_ed

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@benwikler has made a hilarious Kickstarter video & a pretty decent podcast. Watch, laugh, donate to @TeamGoodFight! https://t.co/nZctkoIroF

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lashing postponed


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Does schooling end poverty? After 100 years of universal public schooling, a majority of public school students are living in poverty. And inequality keeps growing:

Listening to talk, ordered book:  "Sharing data for America’s communities" http://t.co/UF2VaAQsVP@urbaninstitute @kpettitdc @OpenOakland

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"Nearly one million people from America volunteer abroad each year. They are mostly young, mostly affluent and overwhelmingly white. It made me wonder: when we look to do community service, why do so many — particularly the privileged among us — look to places so far from home?"

Western media may be undercovering Nigeria, but the real problem is the Nigerian government response. by @KarenAttiah http://t.co/GfPXQZSdRf

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what counts as building? @audreywatters on identity online: "I’m not a builder. But it’s not because I’m a destroyer" http://t.co/YYGGpRTMLm

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Op-ed by @andeps on why Yale stdts. must question McChrystal / Negroponte on their complicity in human rights abuses. http://t.co/3JGC4dJxN5

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From Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: My potential education is all around me. I don’t beg anyone’s permission to seize it @jamesmarcusbach

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Taping @pbsnewshour ! #thetest

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Hey @casinclair if @archforhumanity is closing down, Hexayurt Project would like to acquire the brand. We could do an awful lot with it.

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HAPPY NEWS FLASH: @jerrymichalski’s Brain is in the App store! 17 years of love and ideas, all in one place. Wowza. https://t.co/2lQTDVVf2b

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“The Highest Score” by @umairh https://t.co/t44p3yBwD6

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Four bets on change that will come in 2015 http://t.co/lUR7JxozIK

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Follow our Annual Meeting in #Davos on social media: http://t.co/SnsYkuxZcA #wef15 http://t.co/ylZWP4Qu8t

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“@SAHoffman: Lifelong Action Research Project:  Parenting.  Thanks to @HHG for being a part of #TEDxLangleyED" #SD43 http://t.co/uu0rkTIfQl

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What @Wikipedia wishes it could be + multilayered info in context = @jerrymichalski’s Brain. Whole new world, here: https://t.co/2lQTDVVf2b

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New book - Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World by @jackandrakahttp://t.co/63iQlmCkC2 (Coming March, 2015)

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Are you kidding me? @karahsinzer "Hello David This is Mary" video is insane http://t.co/YNJ8V4AF6Z I freaking love it. #ds106 #noir106

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From the 1876 report to the US education commissioner. "there is no absolute standard of quality"http://t.co/xs4MsQM3R2

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Irony  RT @Mediaite: (On CNN) Jeremy Scahill: Cable News 'Terror Analysts' Profit from Fearhttp://t.co/GMJjZb9Heh  http://t.co/fteNkydfvU

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'Until the value problem is solved the potential for #digitalbadges in #highered will be limited.'http://t.co/JPz516Ds30

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No one is as happy as they seem on Facebook, as depressed as they seem on Twitter, or as employed as they seem on LinkedIn. -@Rayke #DLD15

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"arrested for resisting arrest" is like the mobius strip of crime

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Fascinating: the US hacked into North Korean computers to spy on them spying on Sony http://t.co/ialVS7ufptby @SangerNYT and @facklernyt

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MLK's original 1962 Birmingham letter -- civil disobedience "evidences the highest respect for the law":http://t.co/qms7Dh6nNw

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MLK: US Government is "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today" - 4/4/67, Riverside Churchhttp://t.co/xDXVlpKiox

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My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society http://t.co/Mww8rc24wi#CuratedLinks

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Also, while I'm tweeting, Sgt. Rossomanno started to receive texts with the screenshots of these tweets.

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Boredom has been defined as "meaning withdrawal". Genius!  Wow! @NautilusMag http://t.co/KHfbZiB4ep

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This is why I wrote Digital Humanitarians - The Book: http://t.co/dxxEOyWdBl #DigitalJedis

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Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
1/14/15 7:15 PM
Connection with Michel Bauwens and Paul Bouchard, ISIA Firenze - YouTube ow.ly/ytK4k ; the p2p revolution in learning

Be A Localist (@bealocalist)
1/12/15 11:40 AM
Resilient communities, healthy ecosystems, equitable economies: Economics of Happiness Conference 2/27-3/1 #EoHPDX bit.ly/EoHPDX

John Cusack (@johncusack)
1/14/15 7:21 PM
We must rid the world of magic words terror is such a word

Global Witness (@Global_Witness)
1/20/15 6:45 AM
Lessons from #Uganda & beyond: Public contracts mean citizens can see what safeguards exist for ppl & environment bit.ly/1xPSyVi

Dougald Hine (@dougald)
1/20/15 6:50 AM
Rereading @markravenhill's Edinburgh speech from 2013 - if you work anywhere near the arts and haven't read it, do - theguardian.com/culture/2013/a…

If I didn't have to fill in forms, tick boxes, prove how good, nice, worthy me and my project are to a well meaning gatekeeper maybe I'd make something better – more truthful, more radical?

Gabriella Coleman (@BiellaColeman)
1/20/15 6:52 AM
New privacy concerns over government's health care website apne.ws/180zaQz (wow, your health info is sent to 3rd parties)

Schumacher College (@SchumacherColl)
1/20/15 6:52 AM
Take a look at this wonderful video of Satish Kumar interviewing the legendary Amjad Ali Khan at Tagore Festival... fb.me/1yfZjnXlL

Eric Mazur (@eric_mazur)
1/20/15 6:55 AM
Speaking on "Flat space, deep learning" at University of British Columbia on Thursday@UBC_CTLT ow.ly/HCQlS

Ushahidi (@ushahidi)
1/20/15 6:55 AM
Looking to benchmark "emerging best practice" from the global Ushahidi community? Check out the Ushahidi Toolkits -wiki.ushahidi.com/display/WIKI/U…

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
1/20/15 6:56 AM
Jailed Macedonian journalist temporarily released (from @AP)m.apnews.com/ap/db_268743/c…

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
1/20/15 6:56 AM
Is American Sniper historically accurate?gu.com/p/452mg/stw

Kush Shah (@shahkush)
1/19/15 10:13 PM
The 2013 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate on The Existence of Nothingsingularityweblog.com/2013-isaac-asi… via @singularityblog

John Hagel (@jhagel)
1/20/15 7:16 AM
What's your Dawn Wall? It's a question that we should all be asking ourselveswapo.st/1CesFF1