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RT @jeremyscahill Going to be on @democracynow discussing a range of issues: media freedom, amazon drones & the case of @AbdulEla

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ReachScale (@ReachScale)
12/4/13 8:30 PM
#Health Gaps Between Most Countries Could Close by

dang. we can do better than 2035.. no?

John Robinson (@21stprincipal)
12/4/13 7:19 AM
Don’t Believe the Spin from ALEC | PR

Erik Hersman (@whiteafrican)
12/4/13 7:19 AM
We’re looking for a senior engineer to join the @ushahidi team. Make your code matter:

Co.Design (@FastCoDesign)
12/4/13 7:19 AM
New MIT Media Lab (@medialab) tool lets anyone visualize unwieldy government

J.D. Stein (@jdstein)
12/4/13 7:19 AM
-9 degrees Power out. Reason according to Rocky Mountain Power is "Energy Emergency Interruption". What does that mean?

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)
12/4/13 7:19 AM
RT @ActivelyDigital New uses of drones in journalism. "In Thailand, a Drone's Eye View of Protests"

Kofi Yeboah (@kofiemeritus)
12/5/13 7:49 AM
@changemakers I will be watching and joining the #socentchat today from #Ghana.#africayouthfwd

Grace Khasar (@graceskII)
12/5/13 7:47 AM
@changemakers Hi, I work 4 an intl childrens camp in the mktg office w/ a passion for girls ed in Africa. Nice to meet you #africayouthfwd

Jessica Valenti (@jesslvalenti)
12/5/13 7:49 AM
In salon C with @rvsmall getting ready to present! Come see us to learn about using google drive for student reflection #NHCMTC

actually.. our first iteration of curiosity app..
3-4 yrs ago..

12/5/13 7:51 AM
Cold in ATX. Perfect few days to plan for 2014 and a larger impact on people's lives.#futureimpact


M.E. Steele-Pierce (@steelepierce)
12/2/13 7:47 AM
Best thing I've ever read re public speaking "You have a chance to be generous in this moment, to teach & to lead..."…

better than the underwear trick... no...?

Phil Shapiro (@philshapiro)
12/5/13 7:51 AM
"youth-led social enterprise and community-rooted arts and design center. the future starts here." North Minneapolis, MN @JXTA_ARTS

Melinda Miller (@mmiller7571)
12/5/13 7:51 AM
Elf in the Shelf has arrived at Willard East:) I had no idea kids could be so excited:)
mr c at cc

Medium (@Medium)
12/5/13 7:52 AM
“Tree” A one minute read by @paulocoelho, author of “The Alchemist”…

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart)
12/5/13 7:52 AM
that moment when you're happily reading your Twitter stream & you realize you could just go downstairs & TALK to your Twitter stream. #mri1
imagine this... the city. as the day.

TimesHigherEducation (@timeshighered)
12/5/13 7:52 AM
Rent per on-campus student bed doubles in under

Numberphile (@numberphile)
12/5/13 7:53 AM
Will admit to a crush on the Speedmaster Moonwatch by @omegawatches (but was not paid by anyone for the 10:10 vid)

Rich Watts (@rich_w)
12/5/13 8:03 AM
.@mgoat73 highlights mental health social workers are starting to become responsible/approve clinicians:… #sscrmh13

Angela Natividad (@luckthelady)
12/5/13 8:09 AM
Here’s to redefining ‘normal’. Provocative work for @ProInfirmis by@JvM_Limmat

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
12/5/13 8:09 AM
GUEST POST: Let's Nurture Inner-Directed Students and Ignore the "No Excuses" Crowd, @drjohnthompson…@skrashen

Catherine Cronin (@catherinecronin)
12/5/13 8:09 AM
RT @sharonlflynn: Referencing guide/app from the School of Nursing #ct231

add to iterations of app
tech integration grid et al

DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub)
12/5/13 8:10 AM
'Is education meant to be an entry ticket into a career, or an exploration of self?' #edchat

is not.. exploration of self... entry ticket to life/ health/et al

eudaimonia as credential...

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
12/5/13 8:10 AM
Black college instructor claims she was punished for discussing

not good. no doubt.

but via one interview I saw that she gave...
was it a discussion...?
might have made all the difference..? or at least some..

she was taken aback when they interrupted her lecture... et al...

Al Jazeera America (@ajam)
12/5/13 8:10 AM
Obama has prosecuted more people under the Espionage Act than any other
The New Jim Crow (@thenewjimcrow)
12/5/13 7:55 AM
Everyday, thousands of people in the United States are punished harshly simply for exercising a fundamental,...
TimKarr (@TimKarr)
12/5/13 8:10 AM
“How many Watergates were never reported?” asks @davidsirota in an important piece on surveillance & journalism…

With Edward Snowden becoming a leading candidate for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, it is important to remember that he is the central character in not one but three distinct stories: 1) the story of what his disclosures tell us about the US government’s surveillance system, 2) the story of what the treatment of him and the reporters publicizing his disclosures says about attitudes toward whistleblowing and First Amendment protections, and 3) the story of the rapidly changing power dynamics in the age of digital media.
All of these factors explain a lot — but on top of it all is one other big difference between these two journalists: Greenwald is publishing his reporting in multiple venues. In doing that, he is exploiting the fact that in the digital age, information’s relevance, salience, and significance is today less contingent on its particular medium and more defined by its actual content. Put another way, he is taking advantage of a Web-centric, social-media-dependent, email-connected world in which every article is just another link. The rise of that new world means that if a reporter like Greenwald, a documentarian like Laura Poitras, or any other journalist digs up news that is significant, it now has a chance to reach a huge audience, whether or not it happens to be transmitted by the old media oligopolies.
That reality, of course, is an enormous change — and a frightening one to those old media oligopolies and the governments those oligopolies too often serve.
At the same time as all of this was happening, oligopolies’ hidden agendas meant that major scoops werewithheld in ideological deference to the very government officials those oligopolies claimed to be objectively covering. Ultimately, it all created an anti-meritocratic dynamic in journalism that probably hurt news quality in ways we will never fully know (how many Watergates were never reported?).

how much is withheld from us - as to what is happening to people in schools..
war on kids - et al..
why are we not listening deeper to that..?

In this new reality, governments have far less power to stop the release of humiliating information by, say, drilling holes in the hard drives of one particular media outlet. There are now so many different channels to release information — and information can now go viral no matter where it appears — that such heavy handed tactics seem less like dystopian sci-fi than absurdist comedy. That clearly pisses off — and scares — the keepers of secrets in the White House, the NSA and the GCHQ.

and in schools et al..
starfish ness..

Wow, I hadn't noticed all the nice comments on my "How to Become a Culture Hacker" talk

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US kept #Mandela on terrorist list until 2008  | Telegraph

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Paul Allison (@paulallison)
12/6/13 6:51 AM
On Thursday, December 5, 2013, most of the students in Cohort 1 were working on this assignment, which provides t...

Fast Company (@FastCompany)
12/6/13 6:52 AM
Incredible Photos From An Urban Explorer's Journey's To The Forbidden Parts Of The City

Andy Carvin (@acarvin)
12/6/13 6:53 AM
Don’t Sanitize Nelson Mandela: He’s Honored Now, But Was Hated via @thedailybeast

Tom Peters (@tom_peters)
12/6/13 6:54 AM
I wrote ISOExcellence. About ONE thing, MBWA: Being in touch, being human, emphasizing "soft" factors which are in fact true "hard" factors.

Al Jazeera America (@ajam)
12/6/13 7:02 AM
Nelson Mandela's real political legacy? The art of 'understanding the enemy'

marion chapsal (@MarionChapsal)
12/6/13 7:03 AM
« Par la caresse nous sortons de notre enfance mais un seul mot d'amour et c'est notre #naissance. » Paul Eluard grĂ¢ce @AnathalieTM

Steven Pressfield (@SPressfield)
12/6/13 7:03 AM
What It Takes via @CallieOettinger Don't Major in the Minor Complaining is not a strategy.

Marvin Mathew (@Marvin_Mathew)
12/6/13 7:03 AM
7% unemployment rate. Lowest in a long long time. #USA

David Smith (@SmithInAfrica)
12/6/13 2:41 AM
At Mandela's old house in Soweto. About a hundred people dancing and singing liberation songs. Written on whiteboard: "Rest in peace Tata."

12/6/13 7:03 AM
The beauty of @democracynow ..students learn there are no commercials in order to maintain the integrity of the news source #FreedomOfSpeech

Randi Weingarten (@rweingarten)
12/6/13 7:04 AM
DAY OF ACTION ON MONDAY-12/9 to reclaim promise of pub ed-our schools-our solutions- ads start today via @HuffPostPol
wondering if we really now what we are action-ing about?... as in - honestly to the gut.. rather than following the campaign crowd via reaction..

imagine if we bill strickland ish-ed it. imagine if we just became what our guts wanted...
rather than rallying .. or asking for things we don't really want.. it's just what the majority against the "evil" are asking for.. so we're jumping in.. no?

no more blindly following the shining.. good bye cycle ness... no?

Cathy Anderson (@CathyLAnderson)
12/6/13 7:04 AM
Higher Education’s Five Most Significant Changes: My Hopes for the Future of the Academy | The EvoLLLution

Aki Puustinen (@apuustin)
12/6/13 7:04 AM
Blended learning in higher education: Theory and practice in

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
12/6/13 7:04 AM
From the @ACLU: An Attack on the Press, on Both Sides of the…

Ito... accepted into MIT as director..
and Glenn being sought out via Pierre et al
a quiet revolution..
happening .
the admission/request/resume-ness is disappearing.. as the transparency is surfacing character/ethics/art we care about.. no?

"[E]rrors in a good government and in a bad are equally almost incident," Milton wrote, "for what Magistrate may not be mis-inform'd, and much the sooner, if liberty of Printing be reduc't into the power of the few." In other words, government is inherently fallible, even one acting with the best of intentions. Reducing the ability of the public to uncover and report on that fallibility through government control of the press, leads to public ignorance, poor policy outcomes and a fundamental loss of individual liberty.

Once a reporter has received information in the public interest (subject to the narrowest of exceptions), that information must be allowed to be reported without limitation and at the discretion of the journalist. Only through this freedom can we hold our public servants to account for their actions, good or bad. In Britain, to their shame, these servants seem to have forgotten whom they serve.

indeed.. no?
who's afraid of losing money..?

pedagogy of the oppressed..

the oppressors are..have been... will always be.. no..?
part of the make up of oppressing/dehumanizing..

the fear that will never let you go..
because of your/our holding on ness..

David Smith (@SmithInAfrica)
12/5/13 6:04 PM
Nelson Mandela obituary: via@guardian

David Smith (@SmithInAfrica)
12/5/13 5:22 PM
Man says: "They're singing the songs they used to sing when he was in jail to remember him. It's a very sad day for us.

GianpieroPetriglieri (@gpetriglieri)
12/6/13 7:04 AM
Rush to follow @KaisaSnellman. Brilliant researcher on inequality. Witty @INSEADprof. He reads her work already.… #FF

Lynnea Bylund (@LynneaBylund)
12/6/13 7:05 AM
Nelson Mandela’s Life and Times in

Patrick Larkin (@patrickmlarkin)
12/6/13 7:20 AM
"Problem with the current accountability system is everything that is not tested is getting squeezed out." @DrTonyWagner #neascd13

well yeah...
but mostly.. that we think we have the right and/or that we are even assessing anything..

we re showing we can be distracted by talk/results/people with money....

ie:thinking that is our problem.. is keeping us from getting at the root of the problem/opportunity... no...?

  1. Why are dogs color blind?
  2. Is time travel possible?
  3. What made all of the universes?
  4. Is the Earth be duplicated?
  5. I wonder about this quote: "Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen I thought we agreed to not lie to each other."
  6. Why do people say, "It's going to be okay," when it is not?
  7. What is beyond our universe?
  8. How did scientists learn about the moon before traveling to it?
  9. How many different worlds are there?
  10. How did Hawaii form out of a volcano?
  11. Why is there animal cruelty?
  12. Why do cats have sharp claws?
  13. Why are people's noses, mouths, eyes, and ears different?  Why are there variations?
  14. Who was Charles Darwin?
  15. Is Area 51 real?
  16. What caused dinosaurs to become extinct?
  17. Why are there different sounds in the world?
  18. Will we cure breast cancer?
  19. Why do we have a zodiac?
  20. How was the idea of a Bermuda Triangle formed?  
  21. Where are the 10 dimensions? How can I understand each?
  22. How many moons are in our universe?
  23. How do myths begin?  Are they true?
  24. How many universes are there?  Are any the same as ours?
  25. Why do people adopt wild animals like tigers, cheetahs, or lions?  What prompts this?
  26. Is there really a man named, Moth Man?
  27. Are aliens real or made up?
  28. Why do most people think money is the solution to their problems?
  29. Why do some people take their anger out on others when it was someone else who made them mad?
  30. What are crop circles?
  31. Why are there only 12 months?
  32. Who created homework?
  33. What will humans look like 1, 000, 000 years from now?
  34. How are snowflakes alike?
  35. What will happen next?
  36. Are there parallel universes? Can we move between them?
  37. Can you time travel and still live?
  38. When will my dad's work calm down?
  39. How do adaptation and variation connect?
  40. What would happen if Earth died?
  41. What is the most endangered species in the world?
  42. Are there superheroes?
  43. Why are some things in the world dangerous?
  44. How are wormholes created?
  45. Are there medicines that can cure AIDS?
  46. How do brain tumors form?
  47. How man planets have water on them?
  48. What's evolution?
  49. Can you curve a bullet like they are shown in movies?
  50. Can we get rid of radioactive waste safely?
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On #creativity: Do you really like it? #outoftheboxmyeye

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Interesting to see Tim Berners-Lee's new campaign and Elsevier's move against at the same time.

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love the - walking around.. do i regret that.. no.. that.. no....

Workshop to build a city wide wireless network in #sayada #tunisie #tunisia

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What follows the mobile revolution? Learn About The Rise Of Everyday Mobile @owenthomas

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Reevo (@ReevoSocial)
12/6/13 6:56 PM
Nuevo punto: Corrente Pedagogica Umanista #EduMap

Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold)
12/6/13 6:57 PM
@flipster33 Indeed, our conversation was inspiring. I'll work to bring your inspiration to other educators. #connectedlearning love, yes!

Eugene Eric Kim (@eekim)
12/5/13 8:32 PM
Got to spend the past two days with the @codeforamerica staff. They are extraordinary people doing amazing, important work. Inspired.

HuffPostEducation (@HuffPostEdu)
12/6/13 7:01 PM
Should Texas police be using Tasers against young students?

Esme Qunhua iSL (@esme)
12/6/13 4:59 PM
Holy moly, amazing buildings, basketball court, racing activities. Very playful, beautiful and remarkable problem solving. #gamemooc

google sketch up ness... city as school...

Nikhil Goyal (@nikhilgoya_l)
12/6/13 7:03 PM
" have revisionist history that erases the active role of the oppressor."…

Chris Cawsey (@chriscawsey)
12/6/13 6:24 PM
MT "@MikeSeccombe:New PISA scores Big fall over decade, failed model. What Pyne wants to entrench.…” @NeedtoSucceedAu
Various measures proposed to more accurately assess disadvantage, and monitor progress in reducing it, will go too. In Pyne’s lexicon, they equate to “red tape and regulation”.
... who cares if we reallocate money's..

if we stay in the box of assumed definitions of success... no?

Arne Duncan (@arneduncan)
12/5/13 1:51 PM
Valuable new site from @educationweek shows educational obstacles and opportunities in Indian Country

fake talking/ongoingly oppressed heads...?
gosh i hope not..

talk to Huey... no?

why are we still giving it the time of day?  no?

Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner)
12/7/13 7:05 AM
Re #PISA Beijing deputy principal exposes failures of Shanghai schools & explains why Finland is a better model.…

Reading Self-regulation and school success: Resilience is vital but bloody hard to actually teach. Wonder if d...

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hard to teach because
1. not really a taught thing/need.. but rather modeled
2. we keep trying to teach it using something not truly from the gut of a child/person... makes all the difference who's choosing what to be resilient about.. no?

Education 3.0--Where Students "Create Their Own Learning Experiences" nod to @jackiegerstein

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Pushing the idea further, this kind of “new curriculum” would not simply some abstract matter of curiosity and whimsy, where we throw out any and all learning goals and let students run about, but rather a redefining of what students “study”–goals based on the student, their history, their passions, and their networks and native geographical communities.

or perhaps that's exactly what it needs to be. perhaps this thinking is what keeps getting in our way.. no?