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How Technology Transforms Human Experience

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@bonstewart @fabianbanga @RMoeJo if you have the capacity for agency, but don't use it, then you are not marginalized.

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@bonstewart @fabianbanga @RMoeJo marginalization is not a feeling.A tenured prof who feels marginalized is different from someone in poverty

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Big shift alert! Bicycles outsell cars in nearly all European #cities @NPR @knightfdn @rmchase @SusanShaheen1 @masnyc

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I think it's ubeam's first jingle starring @jakebroio @missymodell @abbeylamusic @grantstoltz

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Ira Socol (@irasocol)
12/14/13 7:00 AM
Sorry @EvidenceElf the more I look into Angela Duckworth, the more disturbed I its ugly colonialist stuff

9 of 12 schools they are studying are kipp schools..
dang.. how s that scuentific...?

1 is catholic..
1 is country
1is community

Barry Wellman (@barrywellman)
12/15/13 7:55 AM
.@mattthomas We put huge effort into NETWORKED, and think it continues to provide sound information. And some others haven't read it;-)

Tom Panarese (@tompanarese)
12/15/13 7:41 AM
I Don't Need an Hour of Code

It’s been a weird last few days.  Maybe it’s because we all know break’s been coming up, but everyone at work–teachers and students–seems more punchy than usual.  The whining has been turned up a notch as has the stress, especially since many of us are trying to get “everything done” before break because we don’t want to be grading papers at Christmas.  Meanwhile, on Twitter–that place where reality takes a break and we all marvel at the wonder of everything–I keep hearing about something called the “Hour of Code.”

designated hour of code to me sounds about as practical as “Sustained Silent Reading” or “Genius Hour” or whatever other idea that Cher Horowitz would surely refer to as a “Monet.”

oh my
   .. to just calling it class...

HuffPost Impact (@HuffPostImpact)
12/15/13 7:57 AM
Another CEO pledges half his wealth to

Locke, writing his Letters Concerning Toleration (1689–92) in the aftermath of the European wars of religion, formulated a classic reasoning for religious tolerance. Three arguments are central: (1) Earthly judges, the state in particular, and human beings generally, cannot dependably evaluate the truth-claims of competing religious standpoints; (2) Even if they could, enforcing a single "true religion" would not have the desired effect, because belief cannot be compelled by violence; (3) Coercing religious uniformity would lead to more social disorder than allowing diversity.[
Locke's doctrine that governments need the consent of the governed is also central to the Declaration of Independence.

what if we're doing all this work to fix the idea we have of school.. ie: chairs, walk arounds, to help kids stay focused on their work... who's deciding what that work should be..
when we need to first abandon that... idea of school

might we spend less on special chairs, walk-a-rounds, ... to get a person back to work & instead question this assumed work..?

LOVE this--Folding a life-size origami elephant out of a single sheet of paper--WATCH:

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Tom Fullerton (@tomfullerton)
12/16/13 6:50 AM
Bands of light. Shadowed snow. Will you measure them or paint them? Or find beauty in both? Be in this…

Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan)
12/16/13 6:50 AM
A Manifesto For A Third Way of Work | Stowe Boyd… via@stoweboyd

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
12/16/13 6:52 AM
The New Technology Ecosystem That Will Power Small

Nobody goes into business to shuffle papers, but go to just about any small business and you’ll notice a small desk somewhere piled high with forms and notes.  Work orders, time sheets and other process oriented tasks can take up an inordinate amount of time and effort.  Yet these chores as well can now be automated cheaply and easily

perhaps we ask if we truly need them first.. no?

even if automated. .. they can suck what matters out of us.. if they themselves don't really matter..?

ie: if they represent mistrust.. the elephant us still in the room... no?

While not as flashy as an iPhone or as technologically sophisticated as IBM’s Watson, the potential of the QuickBooks ecosystem should not be underestimated.  The SBA estimates that the 23 million small businesses in America generate 54% of all U.S. sales, so even a relatively small improvement in efficiency could have a very large impact.
Yet even more importantly, as small businesses increase their access to powerful technology, they are overturning Coase’s key insight about the benefits of large firms.  As information advantages diminish, the key competitive assets are passion and purpose, rather than scale and access.

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
12/16/13 6:52 AM
Some things the former DNI official & FBI spokesman forgot to include on his 60 Minutes "report" last night…

Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)
12/16/13 6:53 AM
Finland Phenomenon Documentary Highlights Some of What We Are Missing @MathletePearce
full doc..

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald)
12/16/13 7:11 AM
RT @benwizner I honestly think this NSA propaganda video (…) was more hard-hitting than tonight's 60 Minutes travesty.

Kio Stark (@kiostark)
12/16/13 7:24 AM
Forty percent of the city was rezoned under Bloomberg.…

The Bloomberg administration has been pushing through more than $12 billion worth of real estate projects in its waning days, trying to solidify the mayor

Appboy (@Appboy)
12/16/13 6:10 AM
"Anything that [drives] repeat engagement is an opportunity to improve the relationship with a customer." – @RayPunSD

add note on self improv...improve...
and city improv .. improve...

Many people assume that I am, by default, 100% behind any “remix” art, when in fact, I find 90% of it, like all art, utter crap.

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“I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.”
—W.C. Fields

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How does the role of the teacher differ in a Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE)? #edchat

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posted on google plus privately by bill rogers

"What is so revealing is that if Snowden had gone through internal channels, the outcome would have been worse."

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100 KIPP 5th graders forced to sit on the floor for a week  #education #edujustice

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