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via Paul B. Hartzog who writes:
"While I do think we should try and experiment with innovations like this, ultimately the human incentive for action should be care, compassion, definitely not reward. Furthermore, the notion of the "basic income" should never be represented or implemented as a reward, or it isn't what "basic income" means. A "basic income" system would provide a fair/just standard of living for each human REGARDLESS OF OTHER FACTORS (like interaction or participation). Receiving income through innovative networks like this "Resilience" one should be IN ADDITION TO the "basic income" and definitely NOT the means of providing one in the first place."

excited till i read his - i had to give birth to it.. twice...?

@audreywatters the sad thing is it doesnt matter. People want adaptive with or without evidence. ++

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>>> smart == exploitable <<<

Great talk from @mikko at TEDx Brussels

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Wow! This is interesting - students using computers more do a lot worse in learning outcomes - no replacement for good teaching

holy cow.
who's outcomes.. no? and who designs the day. ie: if you design the day.. how can we tell what is affecting my potential... you designing my day (deciding what outcomes matter) is affecting my potential..
oy john.

Isabelle Frémeaux, John Jordan and the rise of the insurrectionary imagination. | Transition Network

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The point is actually to take action.....     what generally makes people move is not rational thinking but much more often desires and fantasies of what could be.
ie: the maths
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A much greater determination to prevent situations like this from happening is needed. @BBCWorld @Refugees @hrw @WSJ

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Consumerism is a gross failure of human imagination." Samuel Alexander @thedownshifters

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All the research on benefits of sleep? Were they ever moms? how do they explain biological benefit to years of sleepless mom nights? #phdmum

Misconceptions about Sociocracy
Once the blueprint of the new organizational structure has been adopted, the misconception is that any implementation strategy is acceptable. The ends justifies the means. At Zappos, the CEO sent an ultimatum to employees — embrace holacracy or accept a buyout. Empowering employees was thus expected to be the result of exercising absolute authority. A mixed message leading to mixed results.
The implementation process must itself be empowering and include employees’ ideas and ensuring that they understand and embrace the change. The best approach is for the top executives to tend to their own responsibilities and allow the employees to self-organize with the help of a dedicated implementation team.
Executives and directors often try to take themselves out of the process as if the change only affects operations and middle managers. They assume they will still have autocratic power over any decisions made. But sociocracy requires a fundamental redistribution of authority in the whole organization. There are mechanisms for measurement and correction but how a team or department accomplishes its mission is under their control as long as it doesn’t negatively affect the work of another or is in conflict with the purpose of the organization.
A self-sustaining company is different from an employee-owned company. Employee owned companies are just as often managed autocratically as private companies and stockholder owned corporations. A completely sociocratic company is controlled equally by all its members,  not the board.

"Student Attitudes Matter"- @PrincipalKafele But important to recognize that attitude is evidence of disconnect, not Ss character #njpaecet2

Of particular timeliness today are Cage’s ideas about human nature, art as a form of constructive anarchy, and silence as a counterpoint to mutual reactivity — something that helps us enlarge rather than contract each other’s goodness.
from cage post
While some of his fellow faculty members dismissed the subject as “irrelevant” and mocked its premise, the university agreed to let Buscaglia teach it on the condition that it be without course credit and he teach it free of salary in his spare time. Over the three years that followed, the course — not a scholarly or deeply philosophical study of love but “a sharing of some of the practical and vital ideas, feelings and observations” related to the human condition — earned Buscaglia the moniker “Dr. Love” and became one of the university’s most popular classes, drawing students of all ages and backgrounds. In 1972, Buscaglia published the most universal and important of those ideas in a slim and potent volume titledLove: What Life Is All About (public library).

"You young people are prisoners of these social media," was the last thing my dad said before settling in front of the TV two hours ago.

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This is the best thing I’ve read about privilege and its permutations

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what if we tried thinking about what other's are feeling instead of outsourcing empathy to apps like Crystal

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or trust to things like money.. ethereum.. blockchain.. et al.. no?

@leashless @Hexayurt An Italian company built a 40-foot tall 3D printer to help solve the global #housing #crisis

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What if the next generation of adolescents refuses to be archetyped? #BIF2015

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Great @nytimes piece by @pameladruck on a library in the "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais, France

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#Robots #Jobs @singularityblog Martin Ford on Singularity 1on1: Technological Unemployment #UK

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I find Twitter's 140-character constraint forces at least one round of revision, making my thinking here often more reflective. #twittergo

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@leashless - as predicted.. Bitnation Registers First Refugees on the Blockchain

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The blockchain-based Bitnation project has been touted as "Governance 2.0."  Anyone can record births, marriages, deaths, property contract and more on the blockchain using a unique "signature" to identify individuals. Therefore, intermediary officials such as civil-law notaries are made obsolete by the blockchain, on which transactions are processed and recorded.
why do we need to do that..?

There are, forever, swamps to be drained, cities to be created, mines to be exploited, children to be fed. None of these things can be done alone. But the conquest of the physical world is not man’s only duty. He is also enjoined to conquer the great wilderness of himself. The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.
a&a ness

please. No more kickstarter story request.  If your email says "kickstarter" in it, I'm not going to reply.

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why it's not sustainable.. even if kickstarter plays nice...

Neal DeGrasse Tyson talks with Edward Snowden

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none of us if one of us ness

It's bad enough to have a natural disaster, but to not learn from it is worse. Data helps us learn to do better — Marco Kaltofen #MLTalks

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.@safecast's experience with Fukushima was that data made people feel better. Not knowing made them feel less safe — @Joi #MLTalks

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how do we create more of you- @Joi - change who we think can do science, ie: citizen scientists -Marco Kaltofen #MLTalks
you can't afford to do giant science. you need to do good science. — Marco Kaltofen #MLTalks
all (big science based prob's) have a huge component of convincing people there's a problem - role of global data — Marco Kaltofen #MLTalks

when a tradition has been evolved, whatever the tradition is, the people, in general, will suppose it to have existed from before the beginning of time and will be most unwilling and indeed unable to conceive of any changes in it

we have commodified our aliveness so much as to mistake making a living for having a life

i try not to: answer questions that aren't asked; ask questions i know the answer to - @PhysicsTeaching 

the McLuhan "The Medium is the Massage" cd is available as a free download from his estate:

Starting now on Hangouts and Periscope: find out how you can take part in the DIF 2015!
It was painful to watch, but also shrouded in soft pity — endearing, because he was merely seeking to connect with her work and needed a sherpa in understanding it. His chief fault wasn’t so much doing it in public, without having first made those necessary investments, but in presuming that it was the artist’s duty to be that sherpa herself.

Apple's App Store Got Infected With the Same Type of Malware the CIA Developed by @micahflee

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The arrival of proof! #artcollabrocks @VettingWolf

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Noam Chomsky on the lies that American capitalism tells about itself.

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This is the first video I've seen of the UN projection happening right now in NYC.

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on 25th


Salsalate (FDA approved) successfully rescued memory impairments, and protected against atrophy of the hippocampus…
doesn't appear to be connected w/australia finding...?

On Touch, Loneliness, and James Baldwin's Radical Love via @plthomasEdD