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Will Work For The Commons

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People fleeing war & death aren't going to be deterred by death and misery on the way. All their choices are dismal.

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This week: @marlon_79 & @zentronix join #GRITtv to talk gun violence & changing face of American... @JohnJayPRI @TIME

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Whatsapp is important among many activists too. Not because of encryption per se, but private group aspects.

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Naomi Klein on climate crisis: “We need to grow out of the story that some politician is going to save us”

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erase your brain..
same time as australia - cure for alzheimers..

#JackMa: ‘Harvard rejected me 10 times’ #amnc15

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Culture eats all strategies for breakfast; shapes us, more than politics. Disney seems to get that.#WaltDisneyPBS

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People will now walk around, sometimes going through mined regions. Or take longer, deadlier sea routes. Won't…

Refugees flocking to Croatia, Japan protests, #IStandWithAhmed, US flash floods. Our…

On Corbyn, Greece and the UN – interviewed for RT-tv’s UNDERGROUND…

The sharing economy was a utopian idea that never took off—because of human… via @FastCompany #longreads

Listen to Blockchains, databases, networks, economies, and global governance… from @leashless at @DigitalBrighton

Leave the "village of someday" - life is too short. - @mhsamuelson #BIF2015

What's it called in org lit? When no one takes responsibility for making any call? So it keeps getting referred out & up authority chain?

"It was the first time I brought an invention to school to show a teacher," Mohamed tells WFAA in an interview taped in his bedroom, where circuits and wires sit on shelves alongside basketballs and footballs.
my hobby is to invent stuff
i couldn't call my parents during the interrogation
"It made me feel like I wasn't human. It made me feel like I was a criminal."

John Cage on human nature, constructive anarchy and how silence enlarges our inherent goodness

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"He’s vowed never to take an invention to school again.” @IrvingISD #edchat #edreform #facepalm

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by ofira
What could be done??? such a sad period for all universe.

Norway to complete $1 billion payment to Brazil for protecting Amazon

Digital humanity #ULab #beginnings

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Read my latest thoughts in @FT on the makings of a #sovereign credit crisis and the dangers of growing #debt:

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I've been following this. #IStandWithAhmed & hope this helps open minds and doors for every kid.

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How Social Media Platforms Are Changing the Business of News: Labber @MattatMIT writes for @MSIdeaLab

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Help me understand why everyone wants to change the world but it remains largely unchanged. #bif2015

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Capitalism 2.0 - What is it?
Exploring capitalism's fundamental problems and possible solutions @thinkers50:

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They never thought #AhmedMohamed had a bomb:

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In order to address the refugee crisis we need to zoom out and look at the whole ecosystem of inequality we've created.

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Scalable systems that naturally emulate the way the world works. This can be confusing. But it is intuitive!

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Being mindful is about noticing. Your own values and others. Not judging but noticing. @DrKathyCramer #behuman #leadpositive

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Detroit neighborhood plea: ‘We want squatters’ via @detroitnews

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Happiest place in the world

My first op-ed for al-Araby al-Jadeed English.…

My Talk at the Godrej India Culture Lab via @henryjenkins

Fantastic interview Ellen. So proud to be standing with you for #TheLeap…

A sad consequence of austerity in Finland: Helsinki University 2 possibly cut 1,200 jobs, save euro… @helsinkiuni

Video of little kids who cry, choke and vomit after Hungary tear-gasses them. Is this what "defending" Europe means?…

Ed-Tech Might Make Things Worse… Now What? #edtech #edchat

To firms fretting over ad blocking in iOS, remember, you had your chance to do it the nice way with Do Not Track. Your industry rejected it.

Brazil's top court bans corporate money in election campaigns | Reuters
ok.. this helped me see fractal to lessig
1 yr to try commons ness...
money to not think about money
just ..if going to all the trouble.. begs going deeper...
as you say... do this first..
beyond for election campaigns..

The City Disrupted: How the Changing Places group is deploying emergent tech to create a "nervous system" for cities

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So, there's a hackathon tomorrow morning that I'm going to be attending, on the refugee crisis start Farringdon

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Why is this one different? Refugees - some from the current crisis, some from previous crises, will be advising and guiding the process.

He has a strong belief in dialogue as an alternative to war - talked about the need for peace between PKK and Turkey, Palestine and Israel. 
beyond convo...something else to do - ness
Also unclear on counter-terrorism: seems to think ISIS can be fought by 'economically isolating them', but they're largely self-funded.
see why convo alone won't work.. in equity ... an isolation assumption
In sum: Corbyn is very strong on human rights, dialogue, self-determination for oppressed groups. Weak on Syria, unconvincing on ISIS.

Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web | The Verge

Everyone's up in arms about adblockers. I think it's simple. Ads suck. No one wants them. It's time for agencies to actually...innovate.
or.. for all of us to ... wake up..
from pluralistic ignorance and manufactured consent

Why we need 12 school years for every child
oh my.
Together, we can afford it. And it will buy us a better world.
If we want a safer, more prosperous and equitable future for our own kids, we need to give all children 12 years of school. At this point, the SDGs are mere ambitions on paper. We now need to spend the next 15 years to make good on them, and unlock the promise they contain for every girl and boy.
oh my.
w 39 bill and compulsory 12 yrs of Ed .. lovely.

The ad industry had twenty (!) years to design better ads. It's still basically doing annoying digital billboards. It dug its own grave.
much like Ed, politics.. et al

rt by johngreen
The #GlobalGoals will be critical to improving lives over the next 15 years. These three videos explain…
dang. hope not same


A nice piece from @mistergough about feeding as one of our most primal experiences.

Listen to 5 minute summary of the Gupta offering hexayurt/scim… (refugee stuff from first principles in five minutes!)

The problem is on the publisher end. They are acting myopically. This is a collective problem.

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. @eji_org founder and Just Mercy author Bryan Stevenson with kind words on Drawing Blood

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Bryan Stevenson talks about the problems with the death penalty in this new clip from @humanthemovie

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People might want to read up on Blendle. Prices should be even lower. Possible with scale.

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I can never get enough of Mary Oliver reading “Wild Geese”

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You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
announcing your place in the family of things.

This one made The Huffington Post -

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