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Hassan Mohammed & his daughter Tasneem, 5. His wife and 8yo daughter died in #Assad airstrike. They made it 2 safety. http://t.co/eL3Pn8zVVv

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Hungary's new law lets police "search homes if they suspect people are sheltering refugees" https://t.co/hKvxKZVj3Rhttp://t.co/pAbAERX7v5

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Life in a tent, class in a tent for Syrian children in Lebanese camps too young to remember Syria http://t.co/OqlpJYAZwP

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If it wasn't for labor unions and workers you wouldn't have any of these protections & benefits. Happy #laborday!http://t.co/X3ihygipm6

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rt by nikhil

what if we didn't have those to begin with.. ie: work for money irrelevant.. now we can

every border implies the violence of its maintenance

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Category:Policies for Shareable Cities - Commons Transition Wiki http://t.co/VRsDeSrHWF

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missed me at @ideacity ?? catch it again here http://t.co/WEEjQg6Hr5  !!

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“These Two LA Bus Stops Might Change the Future of Cities” @scrawford http://t.co/SLgkQRBFNf

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Some of the dead in Cizre included children. Newspapers reported (& had pics) that one girl's body was kept in a freezer because of curfew.

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People come up with reasons but any reason for detaining 50,000 people in their homes for a week is an admission of massive failure. #Cizre


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Nostalgia filled me this morning while looking at these pics from NYC schools fr the '40's to today... kids are kids

nostalgia is killing us..

brightest teens...
there's a problem right there.

perhaps it's more.. the ones who can afford to.. or believe that it's legal (ie: to think for themselves)...

Great overview of why people should be watching what's happening with #opendata in Philly. http://t.co/TU6t0iVVgQ

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Awesome new site that is a guide to your brain with @iftf's #Future4Good fellow @neuromelina as advisorhttp://t.co/xSEs2v7Ubd

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Check out @joecguinan & @ThomasMHanna's new work  examining the past, present, & future of public ownership: http://t.co/DdeJetL3GB #Corbyn

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Exciting: Laura Poitras & team just unveiled their new @the_intercept visual journalism project. Coming soon!:http://t.co/KOM1fRaOsZ

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‘Citizenfour’ Director Laura Poitras Launching Documentary Unit (EXCLUSIVE) http://t.co/VVC31Pr9kW

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Don't want to jinx it 5 days out but this puppy is put to bed! #BIF2015 Storyteller Lineup @ Business…https://t.co/D2dXNyVfxa

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Coming soon by Laura Poitras #fieldofvision http://t.co/S9zSLn6Vkz

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Seriously, I never say "must." But, I think everyone in #highered must check this out re: teaching by @mwesch:http://t.co/uIyULSCCfa

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Steve Mann Launches Veillance Declaration at MaRS @marsdd @hydraulist http://t.co/5Nhx1upCQKhttp://t.co/NnHbuBDuXo http://t.co/L8qIOsBKzi

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and what young people do know is that there are more exciting and relevant spaces to think from, and academia feels similarly precarious

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and <3 to academic friends and mentors working from within to make it better!

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Adios EdTech. Hello something else: http://t.co/KsgcMzBFV9

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Is being #debtfree really a worthwhile goal? The movement toward #debtresistance says no: http://t.co/157Cwpqqon@davidgraeber @strikedebt

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"Swimming While Eritrean", an unforgettable story about personal identity and a nation of refugees:https://t.co/7QXfVZcFTw

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God help me, this by Piketty is brilliant: @LaurenLaCapra @ThisIsFusion https://t.co/kqO14nQq9Y

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What is to be done? The tragedy of the refugees could be an opportunity for Europeans to rise out of their petty disputes and their navel-gazing. By opening themselves up to the world, by jump-starting the economy and investments (housing, schools, infrastructure), by fighting off deflationary risk, the European Union could easily return to its pre-crisis immigration levels

was excited at first... but too steeped in monetary econ.
and using u.s. as a success story coming through 2008... maybe i'm reading it wrong.. but if not.. that's not right.

My "Work Can Wait" piece about Basecamp 3 is really striking a chord with a lot of people. Stats so far…http://t.co/13eXUYchk2

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Beyond proud to announce & welcome you to #TheBIF 's new Business Model Sandbox. http://t.co/x2MgZqdj2Z

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SNHU's Associate's degree was the first competency-based AA degree program approved by the US Department of Education. When launched, the $2500 degree had no courses and no three-credit hour units  just 120 competencies students learned to demonstrate, working at their own pace.
In order to create a $10,000 BA degree, SNHU had to question every single "rule" that forms the basis of what college is all about. 

Want to see what it would be like to have Domain of One's own package at your school? Explore http://t.co/FTn1Ie7LBJ It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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better. no doubt. but is it your domain if you still abide by some package deal..? ie: you telling me what to put on my domain..
reminds of convo - if you grade it is it my domain
I know right? As if learning and fun need a bridge. @timidstone

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My 60 seconds on why the piano is awesome https://t.co/aL5lLMA0GR
Could equally have been 60 hours :)

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Boston area engineer hasn't showered for 12 years, prefers homebrew bacteria spray to nourish his personal microbiomehttp://t.co/5ex2CZvCNw

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we've confused clean with sterile - Jasmina Aganovic - imagine the water we'd save  https://t.co/KUBUrvzxMR

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@astradisastra I agree. The stereotype is really harmful. Those suffering most are lower SES folks with worst job prospects. Double whammy.

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@zeynep Agree. Here are 3 pieces we placed to counter that problem. http://t.co/bNKzz58G6I  http://t.co/217etXGXhhhttps://t.co/eOZuI3wr16

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The US will take in "at least 10,000 Syrian refugees": http://t.co/5KQVGnKqjg That number should be much, much larger.

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David Graeber: New Police Strategy in New York – Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protestors #NakedCapitalismhttp://t.co/ZpJiuukWuC

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LIVE now: What enables complex, collaborative and long-term innovation? http://t.co/5NHDqDg6bX #amnc15 #futureinvest @mdichristina

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@DepSecAndrews is global community better when you secure patent/intellect property.. or is that a habitual block  
on is list of what he's doing... securing patent/intellect property

he also shared internet .. as u.s. putting money toward risk - to connect academics at unis

perhaps bigger piece to these spaces isn't ie: money; accepting failure, but time. give people the day.
andrews also said - for innovation to happen - you have to have competition - he said that was huge.. not going to have true innovation
he also said - using govt policy to choke of competition is dangerous to competition..

I do look like a ref in Aussie Rules Football there, but it was a great treat to talk Brainz at @CivicHall  https://t.co/JCdLh17LPR

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Jared Diamond, who is 78 today, on the root of inequality in the modern world – so insightful http://t.co/NBrDxBAqFmhttp://t.co/AZHF945e6l

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New Guineans, they impressed me as being on the average more intelligent, more alert, sounder judgement on everyday matters ie: shower

So incredibly inspired by the terrifying, brutal honesty this book contains. It arrived in my mailbox…https://t.co/3dlXkzNzUJ

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Ismail, 15, from Afghanistan. Walked 4 weeks across Iran, climbed 5 meter razor wire fence at Bulgaria. Now Budapest.http://t.co/B4ohLyF0dx

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R.I.P to 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11 & R.I.P to 1,455,590 innocent Muslims who died in the US invasion for something they didn't do.

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.@jackandraka @missionmassimo @ePatientDave @cspmom :) So basically you copy the link of the article you would like and add #IcanhazPDF 1/3

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Three Things We Need to Succeed in P2P Politics - P2P Foundation http://t.co/MWnctyapgq

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Before 9/11, there were 20-30 anti-Muslim hate crimes a year.

After 9/11, there were 500. 

http://t.co/7KIMuHns3o http://t.co/IVOIHj1qEt

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Links are becoming a richer interface -> Google and Twitter Team Up to Offer Their Own ‘Instant Articles’http://t.co/0dkZ07UWu7

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This study of dehumanization shows how little progress society has made:
http://t.co/lhLJYHj9dO via @CityLab http://t.co/3jjid3roz6

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"I got a computer chip implanted in my hand. Here's how it went." http://t.co/t7mj863QXm http://t.co/tBw2sS20ce

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ads are a symptom of a deeper disease, & that disease is the whole data-driven economy - @astradisastra -st as data https://t.co/JOePIQMjUf

Syria's middle and upper-class is being forced to walk to Austria after being caged, pepper-sprayed, sleeping on floors. A nation destroyed.

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Outstanding piece by Matthew Crawford @nytimes on paying attention: "silence makes it possible to think."http://t.co/GYRiz5wTCN

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the fields of view that haven’t been claimed for commerce are getting fewer and narrower.
the ever more aggressive appropriations of the attentional commons that we have allowed to take place.
to those who never show their faces, and treat my mind as a resource to be harvested.


on fb by jacqueline with this:
This is exciting to see - new spaces for intellectual discourse in Pakistan.http://t.co/AICDWsxwoD https://t.co/1ie6Sxp0qC
about peace niche
Peace Niche’s work is to create inclusive, inspirational spaces, where ‘intellectual poverty’ in conservative Pakistan is alleviated through open debate and cultural exchange.
an oasis of free thought

En meer 'rendementsdenken' in het onderwijs levert helemaal niet meer rendement, integendeel. https://t.co/iv7JcxD2aK(4/4)

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Brilliant, thoughtful video from @hankgreen. Make this your Sunday sermon! https://t.co/p9vijOBfKY

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Constructive Debate Shines as Scaling Bitcoin Unites Developers http://t.co/7XHZszxknX via @CoinDesk

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@Sisyphus38 why do we even need a leader/concept of leadership? doesnt it, at it's core, imply some humans are "better" than others? #power

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Boom! @deray is teaching @Yale this semester: http://t.co/oeWIjQ2k9s #BlackLivesMatter

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new to me: Michael Gordon. This is just lovely. The last 40 seconds amongst strangest sounds have ever heard.https://t.co/8tvyercxeE

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The "gifted" system in US schools is broken, racist, and completely fixable #oldaily http://t.co/5xMtAHkhjC

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Thanks Gail for sharing this story. I have tears in my eyes, so beautiful. FYI #udgagora what change we may make?https://t.co/PyyquFU145

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Turkish press reporting that 34 people (10 children) are dead in the refugee boat sunk near Farmakonisi.http://t.co/pac6vPC0of

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Existing Digitally, a talk by @audreywatters http://t.co/4J0vDmYQKV

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@salimismail many are asking about references to cures for Alzheimer’s + Diabetes mentioned in your interview herehttp://t.co/FrmmiE3V3S

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jacqueline on fb

i @zeynep
Dust-up over @deray Yale guest-lecture resembles activist infighting in many social-media fueled movements. Hope it fares better for #blm.
i @zeynep
Social media has great power but attention economy is also destructive. Its dynamics helped destroy capacity in many other movements.
Of course, the combination of attention and structurelessness as potentially damaging forces precede internet, but now both amplified.
I'll try to write more shorter pieces (I'm trying to finish my book on networked movements!) but attention is .. the whirlwind of movements.

Kurdish flag over Domeez refugee camp, housing 40,000 Syrians. Iraq http://t.co/eUpmnT1Vvd

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Partly because amid all the new cool stuff, practically no tools for creating context. So we don’t. https://t.co/N1Wr3qGtTo

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Geometric progression of @vconnecting, or how @cogdog can touch u so deeply from many miles awayhttp://t.co/ebVEKCOi3u #altc

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I cannot call this relationship virtual.
It is more real than real.
And that is the “it”, Simon. There is no virtual. There is connecting, starting with one connection at a time, and geometrically growing from there.

Most important content from #ScalingBitcoin : https://t.co/3vjxj3dWCD

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also, on FB, I've built a community of ppl in discussion about everything. Is there something I'm not understanding about Twitter to do this

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FWIW i think the idea of infinite expansion as norm is the flaw: only one thing can be FB. that ended up being...FB.
most other platforms didn't have the initial breadth of uptake across generations so became niche, not normative.
ppl who took to Twitter formed specialized groups re shared interests, but those outside didn't ambiently see value.

Looks like @ColoradoFOP is back at it & unlocked their account. Now calling civil rights activist @deray a "hustler"https://t.co/wH9lztwW8B

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rt by deray

What world are we building? Step up, let's build #onehome join #hack4refugees this weekend http://t.co/qSrDo9WI2Ihttp://t.co/RPv90N3dJT

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and bitcoin nation

“the degradation of personhood is one of Facebook's explicit goals” http://t.co/hd8YTDWp8Q

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Instead of handling crisis in global+responsible manner, forcing refugees to spend life-savings & risk their lives.https://t.co/I278LL55Ek

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on monetizing refugee ness

War is hell, and it afflicts many cultures: Europe should know. How do we move to a humane world of less war is a question for everyone.

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New post: Taking a broader view at #altc http://t.co/ccYTInOyib - with thanks to @czernie & @Jonathan_Worth

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