Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Ng says that universities are sending their students to take MOOCs and offering them credit for this. Really? #aspenideas

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Oh Snap! Ng turns to Agarwal and points out that (non-profit) edX has been better at making money than (for-profit) Coursera #aspenideas

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Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)
6/29/13 7:13 AM
Why History No Longer Guides Usp.ost.im/dgR4PP

History, as we know it, is over not because we’ve figured it all out, but on the contrary because we’ve unleashed forces that render the future inscrutable.

If ordinary people can collaborate across time zones with no formal structure, knowledge has no place or time.  

why is it always about compete..?
with the same reasons that there's no more history.
reputable..? (what was that word?)
there will/can be.. no more competition.

Alas, it never came to be.  Population has indeed roughly doubled since then, but povertyand war have fallen off drastically.  The world is a richer, better fed and drastically less violent place than it was forty years ago.  We are, by any standard, dramatically better off (unfortunately, good news rarely sells, which is why we hear so little of it).

is this true..?

John Spencer (@edrethink)
6/29/13 7:19 AM
I wonder how much of my love for fiction came from a family that opted out of book contests, reading logs, etc. #rechat

@perfal @monk51295 @vpisteve @dajbelshaw i can heartily recommend pressbooks http://t.co/UE2YG67l71 for your project outcome

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here's an #aspenideas idea: hold these sort of things, not in aspen, but some super poor town in middle america where no one has a job

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.@mattthomas We call it Networked and Distributed Work, and are shocked at how little real research there is on this.

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@PredictSwan So many times in real life, no response is taken as impolite. So with nothing to say, it's just balbalb to be polite. @ddrrnt

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Food waste, the single largest category of waste in this country, accounts for up to 40% of the U.S. food supply.http://t.co/njS6oZBshG

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@Kwadzki Freedom to learn and play without compliance / access to books, computers, and literate adults.

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@Kwadzki Not exactly. We just need to provide the conditions for children to become lifelong learners. Then the rest will follow. #StuVoice

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@Kwadzki @MrsSueAlexander large common destination with smaller, individual destinations within #StuVoice

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John Hagel (@jhagel)
7/1/13 6:25 AM
Mounting performance pressure and the shift from push to pull - my video interviewbit.ly/15Y9ITx

Mozilla Open Badges (@OpenBadges)
7/2/13 6:34 AM
Getting excited for the @BadgeTheUK Launch on Thurs 4th July in London!
Watch the video from @digitalme_ here… tmblr.co/ZzeUDuohy84f

B Bigelow (@beebigelow)
7/2/13 6:45 AM
Absolutely staggering vid of Cairo from the air youtu.be/Vux_-vJvHww WOW