Wednesday, December 23, 2009

networking a disruption

Last day of school before holiday... and here it is 1:38 am having a darn good conversation on twitter about disrupting class.

Wanted to capture the conversation... so went to bettween - anxious to use this new found app. it's down just now. dang.

So go to jing - and record one frame of tweets at a time. not smooth. But hopefully the convo is captured...

clarifying to me:
  • 100ish kids to a teacher - at their own school building
  • face to face time is variable, but roughly 2 hours a day
  • teacher facilitates connections rather than supplies content
  • teachers volunteer (from anywhere) to be an expert for one group within the (globally) pooled 100's groups. these groups within the 100's groups are designed by student passion.
  • underlying assumption - every kid is g/t.
  • following their dream/passion/gift/talent rather than tracking their holes = more efficient and much more enjoyable.

premise: how to do what you love