Friday, December 11, 2015

open enough

perhaps what we need to do (first) is find/work-on a system that is open enough to set/keep 7 billion+ people free. today.
open as in involving enough people
like when Tim Berners-Lee says, he had to give the www away, because it would only work if the whole world was on it. the more people.. the better the chances of 1\ people finding their tribe and 2\ the sync of humanity getting its day… ie: getting to dance the dance..
open as in involving enough eclectic people
systemic change begs discrimination to infinity, ie: no more lables. if we see everyone as a thumbprint, two lovely/humane things happen, 1\ prejudice decreases, age/race/expertise/status/cliques, .. becomes irrelevant, and  2\ ourinterconnectedness (our one\ness) becomes more visible,

ie: a people experiment

aka: in the city. as the day.