Thursday, December 3, 2015

deep enough

perhaps what we need to do (first) is find/work-on a problem that is deep enough to resonate with 7 billion+ people. today.
deep enough.. as in ability to already resonate with all..
not necessarily one that affects each of us.. because you could say – all problems affect us. (because of our interconnectedness. none of us are free if one of us is chained.. ness.) ie: climate change affects us all, but that idea is not believed/owned by everyone
but one that resonates with each of us. already. it would’t have to be pitched, explained, compulsorized. the energy/desire for solving/addressing already exists.. bountiful.. within all people.
deep enough.. as in by capability of ongoing (self) re-generation..
if … a problem already resonates with a human (meaning – it comes from deep within each one of us, as the root of us) the solution is already written on and burning within each heart.. aka: in the human’s being.
then … sustainability becomes the given. 24/7 we have 7 billion people rebooting the energy. re-iterating the solution. re mixing the dance.

ie: 2 needs

aka: authenticity & attachment