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on teaching art of asking to business class

the lab decoy

Alan Kay's 1977 article set me on the path I followed for decades New video also valuable

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Y'all read this @cshirky piece on #highered, right? Good, tell me what to think...

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The digital revolution is happening because a high school degree is a ticket to not very much, while the traditional form of college no longer works for the people who need a certificate of employability.

Just finished watching @SpotlightMovie. It is one of the greatest films I've ever seen and definitely the best film on journalism. Wow.

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WHISTLEBLOWER: Halliburton provided contaminated water to Soldiers • BRAVE NEW FILMS: via @YouTube

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Superb Q&A about China's "urban villages" -- "formerly rural spaces engulfed by expanding cities"…

Now up, Anwar from #Syria who won Frontline Defender 2008 award, which he couldn't accept in person as he was in prison.
Anwar: I and my family spent 70 years taken together in Assad's prisons. It's nothing compared with what you see happening now. #Syria
"I defend political prisoners, esp in the anti-terror court. Witnesses tell us 50,000+ have died from torture in regime's jails" #Syria

Beijing's migrant workers are still living in storage basements and bomb shelters

@CityLab But @NickGibbMP says they've got their maths lessons right. First things first.

"We have seen crimes against humanity, war crimes, but nothing is happening. The international community is not moved" #Syria
#Bolivia delegate talking now about systematic torture supported by state bodies - police, judiciary
"Parliament is discussing a law on NGOs... This law will jeopardise NGOs.. it's about controlling and restricting NGOs" #Bolivia

U.S. unemployment rate is back down to 5%. We've recovered all those low wage jobs. A recession is a terrible thing to waste.

#China may have emitted billions of tons more #CO2 than we knew #climatechange

Should there be a "fast lane" on city sidewalks for rapid walkers?…

It's more importantt to think about what technolody does to us, than for us .... @dottotech at #bit15
when on defense mode.. maybe..?
I don't know.
esp rapid defense mode.
rapid/shiny defense mode.

Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism…

#bolivia delegate is"fighting against forced recruitment of young boys and girls into mining industry" and many other issues

Join us for @dweinberger's talk Is "The Internet Disappointed In Us?" on 11/9 at 2pm at

The dangerous boat journey to Greece told through the experience of a little girl.

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Want a smart take on Bitcoin and crypto-currency?

Read the comments, too.

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"Buckminster Fuller never managed to achieve scale...housing remains static" - @leashless #ethereum #AzoneSummit

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Let's talk a/b the "gorilla in the room." Join us Thur @ 8:30am 4 @anya1anya's SPEAK presentation on The Test. RSVP:

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Here's a 5min animated film: 'Why everything u think u know about addiction is wrong'

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Sweden is on track to become the world's first cashless society #via @ScienceAlert

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I used to give money to @amnesty now & then - they seemed a decent charity. Owing to their bizarre hostility to Rojava I never will again.

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@davidgraeber @amnesty I would (and will) make that conditional on AI investigating it's own report and discussing it publicly with critics

Link for tonight's live webcast 8pm PST. should be AWESOME :-)

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"Guy (56) talks to his younger self (18)"

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#Thailand delegate says they have been asked by authorities to stop talking about "sensitive issues" at conferences. #DubPlat
She didn't hold back, btw #Thailand

vinay rt
On @lawfareblog "The UK is a surveillance state, one far beyond the world envisioned by George Orwell"
Org and work happening on the ground worth supporting! I donated to Refugee Crisis via @gofundme
Europe is fast becoming a graveyard for refugees, via @mashable…

Silicon Valley as political category - the innovative idealism undermining education @gsiemens @kreshleman@KateMfD…

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WordPress now runs a quarter of the web. 25.0% College-me messing around on it 11 years ago is kind of incredulous.…

@markjaquith 25% of sites that were checked out or of the whole entire billions of websites Internet?

@MiroslavGlavic Last I checked it was the top 10 million sites.

Ursula K. Le Guin on the Sacredness of Public Libraries #highered

Live blog from the #mozfest firesid chat with @MitchellBaker and @msurman #mozfestlive
Mark says we want to do more research but we don’t have the budget such as Microsoft. He wants to be more intentional and look to other people to do the work. 
Here is the link to the Global Literacy Studies. Its a product development study but there are some awesome bits of knowledge in there.
whoa.. read. respond to whole thing..
fitting w last entrepreneur startup ecosystem tweet.. and calling money as roadblock..
when it's actually vinay rb law ness

Good post from @albertwenger about Robots and Universal Basic Income #NextEconomy

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If he keeps this up, I'll have no choice but to pull the term sheet...

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rt via jason f

It's out “@marklaranon: @johncusack ughhh i cant wait for this all to come out. I love Arundhati Roy and Snowden so much.”

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John Cusack @johncusack
Newshour, Arundhati Roy: Why I returned India's national award…
Start with that then read part 2 3 4
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John Cusack @johncusack
There are four two by me two by Roy @AnnaRTaylor @heykim @DanielEllsberg @Snowden

John Cusack @johncusack
Things That Can And Cannot Be Said | John Cusack | Nov 16,2015… via outlookindia

@johncusack was a dark pic-- you, @DanielEllsberg, Roy, @snowden and? Other person?

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Reading about the death of the LMS, and now thinking it will survive because of the behaviour of other social platforms. @Twitter @Facebook

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john spencer open letter to teachers video

Video of the Day: Michel Bauwens & Kevin Flanagan at Idea Camp 2015. | P2P Foundation

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What if the tragedy of the commons was NOT an inevitability? Our interview with @hrheingold -

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from earlier

"For starters: the protests are not really about Halloween costumes or a frat party. They’re about a mismatch between the Yale we find in admissions brochures and the Yale we experience every day. They’re about real experiences with racism on this campus that have gone unacknowledged for far too long. The university sells itself as a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all backgrounds. Unfortunately, it often isn’t."
okaikor on fb

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee's next project: a data platform that gives users control of their data curious

Streaming now: Italian Chamber of Deputies: Internet Bill of Rights panel (including @ugasser) at #igf2015

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all of people all of internet all of time

guy next to gasser - vernaldo
internet governance is moving into trade agreements..
a challenge... many trade agreements behind closed doors
trade agreements have become prominent instrument for decisions on bill of rights

1. acknowledge it's taken us a very long time to figure out online consitutionalism.. we operate on uncertainty/complexity
1\ we don'tunderstand what's happening on internet, user behavior (esp childrent) - so data problem
2\ normative questions...  
3\ we don't know best instruments to accomplish goals

we should not put all our hopes on law..

2. more important than bill of rights... is that we are at moment of great imagination.. we can build it, we can shape contours for future

"Technology is deeply wrapped up with a set of choices we make" - CfA board member @timoreilly on @KQEDForum

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Today's shows: #Tech big thinker @TimOReilly / Kids in restaurants / Playwright @AmyFreed & actor Danny Scheie

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#Mizzou president resignation is a sign that student activists and athletes have real power:

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well.. kind of.
after too long..
and for what..?
where could we be..?

Very much looking forward to being with @OEForg today with a great team.#pathtopeace @CureViolence  @ThisIsForKids

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1) @Snowden reveals illegal program; 2) Court enjoins it; 3) @Snowden tweet-analyzes it. Sometimes world is just...

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.@Mizzou student Jonathan Butler ends hunger strike.

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@kevin2kelly @timoreilly this should make you happy:

Google is open-sourcing its machine learning system.

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neighborhood econ conf - pre webinar

Because, as absurd and problematic as the countless calls for the players to have their scholarships revoked were, it’s equally absurd that a couple dozens or so kids threatening to not play one football game had such an extensive and decisive impact — on the college, the state, the conference, and the nation — that it took less than 72 hours to get the university president out. It’s nothing short of amazing that those kids had the wherewithal and courage to put their scholarships and livelihoods (current and future) on the line to stand up for what they believed in, and it’s nothing short of terrifying that nothing anyone else on that campus would have done would have mattered the same way. No hunger strikes — and thank you, Jonathan Butler, for sparking this flame — no protests, no petitions signed by students and teachers, no votes of no confidence would have earned the same result as quickly.