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Watch new @60Minutes segment "The Future of Money," featuring a trip to @iHub in Nairobi:… #financialinclusion

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4  min - we don't have good tools to help us capture things from the flow
we need more tools that help us figure out what we know and share it back out

we become really easy to manipulate... because we don't have enough memory
having a brain makes us less susceptible to manipulation and more
5 min - more capable of indepth convos that actually lead someplace..
6 min - consumerism

Overthrowing the government for the sake of the people has been a romanticized american concept since this country's coronation and yet..
@SoloExMachina: The holistic fascination with 'the matrix', 'hunger games', '1984', 'divergent' and the like do not crossover to real life black protest

Goodbye privacy, hello Alexa: here's to Amazon echo, the home robot who hears it all This week's #singularity alert.

Your account not working b/c of adblock = "new product experience"? Puhleeze,…

Thank you @peteleyden for the awesome interview with Dr. Vivienne Ming @neuraltheory!

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Anonymous vs. The Islamic State By E.T Brooking (start here for some good background)

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A world where you can search through and move between apps as easily as with the web?

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Two Colorado 11-year-olds committed suicide after being bullied, friends and family said

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Brilliant piece on what "terrorists" want. Violence escalates as "reasons" even change. #contagion @CureViolence

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Join us virtually for the Norway Redefining Learning Conference Dec. 3-4 via #RedefineLearn. #edtech

What is Blockchain? Join @leashless for an introduction @UIC_UK 25 November

"The best place a millennial can take shelter, according to the media reaction, seems to be in a car near work."…

Gay Student Sues Over Textbooks' Claims That Homosexuality Is Disease via @NBCNews

@nntaleb A "journalist" didn't write that article. He did:

In France, Using Public Space for Civic Debate:… @Snowden @JulianAssange_@xychelsea

Dit is overigens Holslags radicale visioen van een 'andere samenleving.'

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olslag argues for substantially higher defense spending, but also says: "You can not defend a weak society, there is no strong army to help."

"We are a society-wimps. Many people behave as molluscs passively but with a hard skeleton of government and employer and false sense of protection. 
Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America about how passivity, unbridled individualism and routine bureaucracy democracy can destroy. 
"The people love how they build a different society so that their children can spend the morning peacefully to school, their work cycle, have a drink after six hours and in the evening which can cook and a game of football or walking in nature .
on positive story of future.. oh my.

I'm arguing for years for teaching aesthetics and philosophy at secondary schools. This leads to stronger citizens, more demanding consumers and thus opportunities for producers. I got applause, but no action. 
oh my.

17 people were shot at a block party in New Orleans over the weekend. A mass shooting? Not according to the FBI.

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Julian #Assange, @YanisVarouifakis and Slavoj #Zizek on #TTIP and the future of Europe

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More about @bunniestudios Novena "open-hardware computing platform": #MLTalks

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Streaming live today at 1PM ET @bunniestudios @Joi and Nadya Peek from @medialab

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New from @VitalikButerin - Applications of Security Deposits and Prediction Markets You Might Not Have Thought About

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Earning a PhD in Canada likely to provide modest returns #edchat #highered

With Twitter’s poor signal-to-noise ratio, should social academia look to less corporate and more localised network…
But for me lately, Twitter has more specific problems. The signal-to-noise ratio is far from optimal: it’s becoming harder to sift through the stream to find the really good stuff. The trolls are also multiplying — even within communities that have for many years been quite amicable places to inhabit. Harassment and threats are headlining. And users are discovering the horror of trying to report (and have removed) illicit and violent materials that victimize children. (I was going to quote someone here on this, but it seems that the trolling and harassment that followed her bringing this situation to light led her to make her account private. I’ll leave her name off here, in light of her desire, and apparent need, for privacy.)

juxta with last tweets - on attribution

not to mention time lost trying to claim ownership of thoughts as people share/speak

not to mention potential of said words actually be said/re invented as it were.. but not ... w/o (direct .. or perhaps any) influence from said owner/first-author of verbiage..

oh my to us...

piece written in 2014..

author.. kris Shaffer s at co boulder 

#theBIF's @husslington is off and running this mornning, transforming ed. w/ @SecondChanceEDU in Boston#perusual…

Hey, @GoogleDoodles, human evolution is a messy tree, not a line. Try something like…

Aadvent of WP's Calypso reinforces we're on right track w/ fine folks at @withknown Loved @benwerd's post on Calypso…

@mburtis: @jimgroom I’m not convinced that centralizing WP experience with and Automattic is a good thing.


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@CornelWest police abduct poet and @BYP_100 Malcolm London.charged him with felony.Did nothing  #FreeMalcolmLondon

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Kevin Coval @kevincoval
spoke w/@MalcolmLondon's mom this am She's not worried she said cuz her son was born to do this work & G-d is on his side #FreeMalcolmLondon

If the internet is addictive, why don’t we regulate it? #edchat #education #literacy

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My one hour interview on CBC in Canada about #Postcapitalism - neoliberals advised not to eat cornflakes during this

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Teaching Without Tests, Grades, or Traditional Classes Lots of goodness. #edchat #learning

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CHARGES DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!! #FreeMalcolmLondon

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Good article in the New York Times on how the National Credit Union Administration crushed the credit union created by my friends Jordan Modell & Brewster Kahle. Shows the power of bureaucrap to destroy any positive innovation.
Most of the NCUA's victims (roughly 200 credit unions are shut each year, compared to just 3 or 4 created ) don't dare speak out because of the risk of retaliation e.g. NCUA tried to quash the NYT article by suggesting that they were about to indict the credit union.…/difficult-times-at-our-credit-un…

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One of the best papers on connectivism I've ever seen.

The Spirit of Ubuntu and the Common Good By Mr Uli... - Le Blog

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New App Visualizes Radio Waves From Cell Towers and Satellites Around You

From insurance to health supplements we go to great lengths to be safe. Would we be happier without our safety nets?

You know how Google et al give employees free food? Here's what happens after it goes uneaten.

And all that food — spurred by the fear that anything less than abundance will hurt employee hiring and retention — leads to a lot of food waste.
But this is not another Google bus debacle, during which multibillion dollar tech corporations and their luxury shuttle buses quickly became a symbol of the industry’s indifference toward its neighbors. Silicon Valley has, for the most part, been conscientious about the community when it comes to surplus prepared food. Oftentimes that means signing up for free food-collection services, or partnering with pre-existing charities. A..

But while nonprofits told BuzzFeed News they are grateful for all the surplus food, the deluge can be overwhelming. The burden of redistributing corporate spillover falls on agencies that offer their services for free and depend on volunteers. “..Nonprofits and church groups are overextended.

..40% of the food in the United States goes uneaten. But surplus sounds callous from companies who claim to have a better vision for how the world should operate. It’s particularly troubling considering the number of neighbors who go hungry. In Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, which encompasses Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale — and the headquarters of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo — one in four individuals is at risk for hunger. The national average is one in six people. In one of the wealthiest areas of the country that considers itself an incubator for the future, one in three kids are at risk for hunger.

fractaled to the rest of us.. esp on ie: thanksgiving

My friends at Harm Reduction Australia explain - "war on drugs is a war on our own children"…

ICYMI, here's part 1/4 of a series on secure app development processes:…. Early access subscribers get part 2 tmrw.
Many development teams, especially teams newer to development or working on one-off projects, will wait until fairly late in the development process before they begin to write documentation.  This is a critical mistake and a mode of working which is largely incompatible with the participatory design process and with developing secure software.  While sensitivities in user interviews must be taken into account, raw interview materials, the insights drawn from them, and the design principles and feature ideas that result from the process all must be documented.  Each time a decision is made, it should both be recorded and the rationale for the decision linked to the field observations or user comments that drove it.  If this process is followed someone who is trying to understand later why a choice was made or what the intent was has the original sources close at hand.

only part I resonate with so far...
st as data.. as the day.. starting now..

Your CEO isn't always right. @ericschmidt advised against Chrome but "those assholes" Larry and Sergey did it anyway.

Just had a chance to digest this *amazing* presentation/essay by @timklapdor. Wonderful. Go read it.

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mckenzie wark

Too important to have profit come between our connections and relationships - @timklapdor

Refugee care system in Armenia and how to improve it

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Buying Silence: How the #Saudi Foreign Ministry controls Arab Media #SaudiCables

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fb by suli

.@LSEnews sociologist Lisa Mckenzie @redrumlisa on scholarship, protest, #JointEnterprise and her day in

I was worried that I would be judged for being involved in Class War: people react strangely to that term. But I was wrong. Many individuals and groups, including from the academic world, have rallied around me, not only in relation to my case but also regarding the issues that it throws up. Rising inequality in the UK means that class politics are once again becoming central to our understanding of oppression: something attested to by the fact that my crowd-funding campaign reached its targeted amount within 24 hours.
Our freedom as academics to disagree and to offend the status quo is at risk from the police, from government and from university management. Ideas are the most dangerous tools in any revolution, and, as academics, thinkers and activists, we cannot take our freedom to explore and promulgate them for granted. That freedom has been hard won and will continue to be challenged by those who are afraid of us.

(MUST READ) The Other Laquan McDonalds: More Questionable Killings by Chicago…

#Volkswagen: The #scandal explained… Did you see the @Volkswagen shares? everything OK?
Full details of how it worked are sketchy, although the EPA has said that the engines had computer software that could sense test scenarios by monitoring speed, engine operation, air pressure and even the position of the steering wheel.
When the cars were operating under controlled laboratory conditions - which typically involve putting them on a stationary test rig - the device appears to have put the vehicle into a sort of safety mode in which the engine ran below normal power and performance. Once on the road, the engines switched out of this test mode.
first thought on first read: people in schools; people in life;.. perpetuating not us ness... just to get through the day...

Car analysts at the financial research firm Bernstein agree that European standards are not as strict as those in the US. However, the analysts said in a report that there was, therefore, "less need to cheat". So, if other European carmakers' results are suspect, Bernstein says the "consequences are likely to be a change in the test cycle rather than legal action and fines".

again... schools, resumes, cheating.. to get by.
we ave to get at root..
ie: I have seen no climate change proposal .. et al ... getting at root... rather.. we just keep changing the test cycle et al

"One must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
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I'm starting to think that all I have to do daily to be intellectually challenged and emotionally uplifted is read @brainpicker

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Maritimes Family Donates Holiday Budget To Help Syrian Refugees # via HuffPostCaLiv

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fb by manish

I do not believe that the future is either utopian nor dystopian.  I do see that global networks of human relationships are structured very differently. Its power to adapt and to extend its reach quickly without prior expectation is remarkable.
At the heart of the network is the individual who initiates and acts to create opportunities within relationships of trust and mutuality. 
Hierarchies are not built on trust, but rather on the integrity of the system.
Networks, on the other hand, only function well when there is trust at the center of the relationships.
Both systems are inherently fragile and susceptible to change from outside forces.
realizing.. ie Greece... no longer in control of welfare... institutions.. ie banks.. not sustainable...

change thru bringing together of locals.. globally

Event planners who bring people together to support local programs -

over say.. accountants...even over bitcoiners.. rallying around trustless ness..
perhaps because that s what 100% trust... unconditional trust... looks like...

on job security person saying basic income is ok.. unless you make it unconditional.. then a problem...
convo w jesse

what if problem is that we insist on letting go only partially... which band aids and perpetuates not us ness...

What's app convo about finding a flat with  enough room to host 30-40 people for post-work drinks lol.

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How Humans Ended Up With Freakishly Huge Brains - WIRED

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i.e., there are all these passages where they talk about how the people are the "nursemaids" of the king, who's like a child

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One of the Largest Hacks Yet Exposes Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Kids via @motherboard

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The only surviving recording of Virginia Woolf’s voice — a beautiful love letter to language

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word is not a word unless in a sentence..
in order to use properly we'd have to invent a whole new language.


do we write/read better? than 100s yrs ago when we were unlectured/untaught... blame is on words.. wildest, freest, most unteachable of all.. you can catch them and sort them... words don't live in dictionaries.. they live in the mind... when we most need words we find them... at our disposal...

words hate anything that stamps them in one meaning..
our need of change...

perhaps why missing great writers today.. we pin down words

Hey you! Watch @alybatt, @ptcherneva and @DarrickHamilton talk UBI/JG w me, courtesy @NewEconomics and @DissentMag:

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4 min - the origin of capitalism - ellen wood - this dispossession forced competition, accumulation, profit max, hence constant systemic need to develop productive forces... fueled capitalist laws of motion... 
socialized job to arrest that motion..
so 2 candidate ideas: 1\ basic income 2\ guaranteed jobs - i see them as complementary - jesse

8 min - alyssa - basic income:
1\ gives workers more power

17 min - 500 lbs a year will keep one alive in the sunshine.. how to get that 500 lbs a yr is what all of us here are trying to figure out..... virginia woolf , room of one's own.. instinct for profession.... jacobin - alive in the sunshine

beyonce - all people on planet working 9 to 5 just to stay alive.. how come

33 min - how to eliminate econ insecurity.. but also how do we build a road to participation..
from basic income.. program i'm critical of... permanent/unconditional/universal.... ie: 20000 to every citizen in u.s. i think macro econ will work against that model.
i study monetary systems... i'm interested in talking about govt spending.. basic premise.. modern econ's are fiat econs.. and fiat currency a public monopoly... so the very argument that govt can't fund public priority doesn't make sense
36 min - you earn dollar, state taxes dollar, fed/govt makes dollar... so how does gov provide currency doesn't corrupt system
37 min - public spending sets a conversion rate... in one money is free.. in other money in exchange for something...
job guarantee, by providing a wage.. situating power of currency in the labor power.. you know what your money is worth, exactly...

we're so drowning...

40 min - on still having to consume with basic income
41 min - eliminating bad jobs... but increase purchase prices that basic income would be used for
job security is counter cyclical..
44 min - on recognizing certain people who need basic income to complement the job guarantee... vehicle to bring people together - its the coordinating mechanism..
45 min - you have to change property rights... can't just guarantee jobs
1:05 - utopian aspect..
looking to places where unemployment is the norm - for rhetoric..policy.. et al

1:06 - jesse asking to hear about job guarantee not as a 9 to 5 ness...
answer - some people really want a job.. to feel they're being productive..
income meets day to day needs... wealth is the freedom... 

1:08 - then goes on to the math of it all... 
[why spend our time on the math of it all..?]

we need programs to give every american some seed capital

1:09 - a capital society that locks in some without capital is cruel

Why scrutinize the 'science' of capitalism or economics, when we can (and are) creating something else? #NoMoreRabbitHoles #NextEconomy

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The new _Patterns of Commoning_ by @davidbollier and @Commonify keeps giving me shivers. It has everything:

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Good read @dark_shark meets @yanisvaroufakis Important points made by Brian Eno on #BasicIncome @basicincome_uk

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I do.   Deans & dept heads say they value this work. But, not one incentive for it, actually disincentives.

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"the earliest uses of money were not coins. They were tallies of credits and debits" via @EvonomicsMag

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But there is also a lot of not so very good stuff masquerading as research. It is easy to distinguish which is Pearlstein's orig point.

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@Burrite @LDBurnett @Ed_Baptist  Telling me talking to mayors or urban leaders is not worth the time. "Focus on your research."

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The People's Climate March in Paris was cancelled. They found a breathtaking way to be heard. #peoplesclimate

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how do we use "church planting" logic to help localize Universal Basic Income/Platform Cooperatives? @nathanairplane @tibetsprague

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@alexaclay @tibetsprague good comparison. Should ask the expert, @calebmaskell.
o h my.