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@julien Crazy stuff. But, entrenched businesses hate to get disrupted. Easier to use bureacracy than improve service.

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Apollo 11 astronauts had to sign this US Customs form for their moon rocks & moon dust samples...

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"We need more and tougher prison sentences" - Hillary Clinton

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"We need more prisons" - Hillary Clinton
That time Hillary Clinton's campaign attacked Obama for criticizing mandatory minimum prison sentences...…

Beautiful history of #311 by @CityLab. Thanks @TheAtlantic @AspenInstitute and @Bloomberg @SeeClickFix  mentions)

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Survival bias and the myth of lone innovators

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.@jzellis This is precisely the power of his work: "this might indeed be the best of all *possible* worlds." We must address that with ideas

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As we remember the victims of #Hiroshima, this 1946 @NewYorker piece on six survivors is a must read #longreads

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The United States is literally the only country ever to use a nuclear bomb. #Hiroshima #Nagasaki

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New Media Technologies and the Culture of Control

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President Obama dismantles the criticisms of his Iran pact one by one in savage new speech

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Meanwhile, MSF's @VickieHawkins livetweeted the landing of refugees in Lesvos main arrival point in Greece

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If the majority of referees like your research, you can be certain that you are doing boring work. To push forward ideas that will matter to the world, you and I may as well accept that we are going to have to upset people and crawl through the trenches of muddy carping and explosive criticism. All referees – and I suppose that must include me – are subconsciously looking for manuscripts that play back to them ideas they already find familiar and palatable, and ones that lend support to their own prior research. That is bad and sad. However, it also happens to be human."

is it human?
The simple truth is that the scholar who is tired of referees is tired of life. Journal reviewers are going to keep on being incoherent, making fundamental mistakes, being childlike and gratuitous, forcing us to cite their irrelevant articles, thinking that after 20 minutes they understand our work better than we do after 20 months, leaving out the crucial references they claim have already shown the finding, and all the rest.
Between you and me, the only good referee reports I ever saw were written by me and by – oh, wait, no: there isn’t anyone else. This is how we all feel, and in some ways it is surprising how well a voluntary system of refereeing, based on a form of honour system, actually works.

More than 100 Feared Dead as Migrant Boat Capsizes in Mediterranean

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"We used to teach people to be free. Now we teach them to work." Benjamin Hunnicutt  #upei21c

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TODAY: Amy Goodman Speaks in New York to Mark 70th Anniv of US Atomic Bombing of #Hiroshima

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So there's a bit of thinking towards the end of about the roles people adopt when resisting tech change. #Stacktivism

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Optimistic prefiguration of post Corbyn victory from @dougald Feels like the "Yes"-ing of UKLab. And why not?

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#thebang2015 @bigpiclearning #TheMan #FearlessLeader #ThanksForGivingMeAJob

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cool. Periscope brought my presentation today to Scotland. the serendipity of networks. ;) #upei21c

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Mariusz Ciesla (@dotmariusz)
8/4/15 6:51 AM
@scottbelsky fun fact: Slack team doesn't allow remote work.

Scott Belsky (@scottbelsky)
8/4/15 6:49 AM
my bias against remote teams is changing. tech like Slack, Hangouts, etc play no small part... So long as you know when to meet in person.

deray mckesson (@deray)
8/7/15 6:45 AM
The "blue background, white text" option has been removed from the newest version of Microsoft Word on the Mac. Not good.

todd tauber (@toddtauber)
8/7/15 6:45 AM
54% of Americans' regrets are about our careers or our #education. via @degreed

Rodrigo Canales (@CanalesRo)
8/7/15 6:48 AM
IBM Adds Medical Images to Watson, Buying Merge Healthcare for $1 Billion…

.@leashless Basic Income is bullshit. What we need is land redistribution, not more paper money. That's just bureaucracy.

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Whoever figures out how to harness data to make a better product or service will get more customers, and more valuable data, over time.
that's the goal?

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#Futurist David Wood on #Singularity 1on1: #Radical #Change Lies Ahead is now on Vimeo RT @dw2

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"Brave new world – bold new adaptation" Six short videos about a forthcoming theatre production #BraveNewWorld2015

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ISIS captures dozens of Christians in Syria

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on the flag

Better to mispronounce Csíkszentmihályi than never to discuss Csíkszentmihályi at all.

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hiring more school counselors...

gattos purpose of schooling

Mile-high Manjushri: Ken Wilber, Integral Theory, and The End of The World as We Know It | Dr. Zachary Stein

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Yall wanna see something that lowkey shook me to my core? Check this. We should probably all sit w/ this for a bit...

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New #Taliban head Mullah #Mansour makes his point: 35 dead, 240 wounded as multiple bombings rock #Kabul

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Kevin Kelly on Artificial Intelligence and Designer Babies

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Mason’s vision for the future, in other words, is a world where the government provides the framework to enable individuals to flourish but state functions are handed over to citizens. It is a place where people are secure — and equal — enough to use the efficiencies unleashed by automation to pursue worthy goals, such as volunteering to write Wikipedia pages.
It sounds utopian. And Mason does not attempt to describe in any detail exactly how western society might achieve this new postcapitalist world. Nor does he address the issue that tends to preoccupy many unions and leftwing groups today, namely the fact that technology is currently turning many workers into the equivalent of insecure digital sharecroppers, rather than collaborative creative spirits. Just look at the current fights around Uber, and the lack of security for workers there
a nother way

Joe Hancock (@jahoseph)
8/4/15 1:16 AM
The 27 Club is a myth: looks like age 56 is realy the bum note for musicians: #27club

pammoran (@pammoran)
8/8/15 6:03 AM
@lasic @T_Menadier schl b/f #ACPS Open Ed Philadelphia - The Workshop School

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
8/8/15 6:04 AM
Major charter school expansion in the works for L.A. Unified students

Tim Berners-Lee (@timberners_lee)
8/8/15 6:05 AM
"Georgia claims that publishing its state laws for free online is 'terrorism'"…

Liderazgo Participativo en Oaxaca: ven a aprender nuevas herramientas para colaboración efectiva. ago 19-23 #adlp2015

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In a challenge to conventional views on modern monetary and fiscal policy, Professor Bill Mitchell of Newcastle University in Australia has emerged as one of...
via robert searle

After 27 Years, Reporter Who Exposed ECHELON Finds Vindication in Snowden Archive

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I'm live with now with @mitchjackson: #blab

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@leashless @benvickers_ You guys seen this? The town where local govt runs on Twitter -

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So what really needs to change is not how we describe our organizations, but the role of leaders within them.  Whereas before, it was the role of managers to direct work, in a connected age we need to instill passion and purpose around a shared mission.  The networking, if encouraged and not inhibited, will take care of itself.
– Greg
perhaps instill... until we are all detoxed.. but passion/purpose begs to come from within as well.. ie:already there.. uncover rather than instill

Rusty (@Rustyc20)
7/29/15 8:23 AM
How Four Dudes Skated from El Salvador to the U.S. to Flee Gang Violence via @RollingStone

social media cant be said to give "voice" to the underheard by just amplifying everyone, but to the degree that it also mutes the overheard

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Barry Wellman (@barrywellman)
8/9/15 6:54 AM
#Networked_p 164 The rise of mobile has changed hhold comm from place-to-place to person-to-person. 1/…
2/2 Quietly texting even more private than talking on mobile when others are around: dinner table, car, in front of TV

I will always remember that the call to action initiating the movement was organic – that there was no organizing committee, no charismatic leader, no church group or school club that led us to the streets. It is powerful to remember that the movement began as everyday people came out of their homes and refused to be scared into silence by the police.

As much as this fight is about systems and structures, it is also a fight about hearts and minds. We will work hard to teach people that the safety of communities is not predicated on the presence of police – that safety is a more expansive notion than policing. Safety is strong schools, access to jobs, workforce development and access to healthcare, among many other things.
and/or .. beyond schools.. jobs...
And just as a path through a mountain is made passable not just by removing the stone but by supporting the mountain from crumbling back in on itself, we know that no barrier will ever truly be removed until a corresponding structure, system or policy has positively taken its place
and let's make sure it's deep/simple/open enough for all of us.. as one.
otherwise.. it won't work. one world.

Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold)
8/9/15 9:51 PM
I believe I have achieved art magic. 54 sec video of new work: poplar, linen, spider web, acrylic, #Arduino,

Gina Neff (@ginasue)
8/10/15 6:48 AM
@barrywellman Nope -- likely search engine optimization. Longer abstracts with more detailed words get higher citation counts based on 1000s

"Protesting is good, but it only brings attention to the problems. Solving the problem requires doing other things.” ‪#‎moralmonday‬ ‪#‎prayforferguson‬
benjamin r

Even in the places of greatest privilege and "liberal" ideals, a  value-for-money mentality triumphs over self-organised civic space

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Terror suspect set free after Ireland refuses extradition to US b/c of "inhuman and degrading" prisons:

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I wasnt worried about missing @audreywatters #digped talk; I knew this was coming Do we care that machines dont care?

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for @kateMfD @audreywatters @adelinekoh - a modest proposal...apropos of conversations.

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People in STL to follow on twitter: 

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Compared to...


Maria Popova (@brainpicker)
8/10/15 7:02 AM
Parker Palme’s spectacular commencement address on the 6 pillars of the examined life

toma on fb
Inspiring indeed. This may be one of the greatest calls to action in a speech I've ever come across. The courage to posit this notion in a forum like Aspen at the risk of being shunned by a community so many aspire to join or connect with...stunning.
It leaves me wondering...when one of the 67 richest people in the world reads the statistic that "the 67 richest people have as much or more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion combined", what is the first thought and/or feeling that comes to you?
Christopher Chavez, tip of the cap for the share.

combo of berti Ted and aspen talk..

Gabriella Coleman (@BiellaColeman)
8/10/15 7:04 AM
So many people change their demeanour and attitude toward me only after they find out I am a professor#LookLikeAProfessor
Simon St-Onge (@lestechnomages)
8/10/15 9:07 AM
@BiellaColeman @McGillU Obviously! We pay thousands of dollars to learn, and Prof. have the power to evaluate what we retain. Scary... :^)
Gabriella Coleman (@BiellaColeman)
8/10/15 9:10 AM
@lestechnomages @McGillU I think we should have a baseline respect for all humans independent of their position and status.

lisagansky (@instigating)
8/10/15 7:07 AM
Managing exchanges in global p2p mkplc @WeAreWeSwap @TransferWise @kantox @CurrencyFair@LoveHomeSwap #sharingeconomy…

Johann Hari (@johannhari101)
8/11/15 5:30 AM
I was on Australia's top-rated morning TV show, talking about my book & TED talk:

lisagansky (@instigating)
8/11/15 5:34 AM
We urgently need loads of innovation addressing #climate by @BillGates via @jeangui @btincq @refocuspartners@POC21cc…
I spend a lot of time with the CEOs and scientists at all these companies discussing how to build a business around an innovative idea and take a product to market. If government research budgets open up the pipeline of innovation, not only will I expand my investments, but I believe other investors would join me in taking these risks.

Some subsidies for deploying renewable energy are also very inefficient, creating big incentives to install solar panels where it’s often not sunny or wind turbines where it’s not windy. We should be looking for ways to reduce these subsidies and invest the savings in the basic R&D that will help solve the problem

In my view, innovation is essential to human progress.

indeed.. so let's do this first... free art/ists...

fb james

Yay! The Spanish translation of 'Chasing The Scream' has been named as one of the 10 best books of the year

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Thanks to all who joined our webinar w @facinghistory. You can watch (and share!) it via

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Thx @bonstewart @slamteacher @Jessifer @higheredmuse for hanging out w us @VConnecting #digped - recording here

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It is utterly depressing that there are no Weathermen of our generation to free @xychelsea. 35 year jail sentence with indefinite solitary?

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US Army threatens @xychelsea with 'indefinite solitary confinement' for expired toothpaste and asking for a lawyer.

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kyra maya phillips (@thisiskyramaya)
8/12/15 6:42 AM
This is completely brilliant. Read. Now.…
what can be more miserable than the fate of a reading public of this kind, that feels always impelled to read the latest writings of extremely commonplace authors who write for money only, and therefore exist in numbers?
Haruki Murakami makes the argument that “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
would be a good thing to buy books if one could also buy the time to read them; but one usually confuses the purchase of books with the acquisition of their contents. To desire that a man should retain everything he has ever read, is the same as wishing him to retain in his stomach all that he has ever eaten. He has been bodily nourished on what he has eaten, and mentally on what he has read, and through them become what he is
Every one has aims, but very few have anything approaching a system of thought. 
do not accompany it on the epicycles..

x-d glasses ness

Saul Kaplan (@skap5)

8/13/15 6:11 AM
Until U.S. education changes as fast as the nature of work does we will continue to lose competitiveness.

oh my.
nature of work..?
fast changing..?
lose competitiveness...?

David Graeber (@davidgraeber)
8/13/15 6:13 AM
ha! tell those who dismissed my "subjective" methodology we got numbers now! 37% of Brits say thr jobs are…

Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93)
8/13/15 6:16 AM
Who are the best Qatari or Qatar-based activists, writers and journalists to follow? #Qatar