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Human Swarming & future of Collective Intelligence https://t.co/49NMrjkMiG via @singularityblog Unum software lets crowd decide realtime

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The Internets clearly not understanding Georgia Government. I suspect the reverse may be true as well. Still shaking my head in wonder.

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Wikipedia on Edicts of Government. https://t.co/Hdmg3Tmb9s State of Georgia is emanating an Official Code. It is clearly an Edict.

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Until: Who wants to live for ever? [A Short Doc] http://t.co/6WYXq8NHOw

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If you have to invent a new word for your approach to learning, it suggests you will be imposing something artificial on the process.

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a parallel banking system for #greece? http://t.co/b6QIDprdyk #Grexit #banks

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What magazines are for.

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"In this final stage of capitalism, we are moving from poetic technologies to bureaucratic [ones]"  >>http://t.co/xA9GNIvwuJ @davidgraeber

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This message isn't suicidal, it's reassuring that she's standing strong in the snake pit. American holocaust. Denying it is worse than denying the Jewish one, because the whole world can see this one taking place now!

By 2020, 65% of future jobs will require degree. Let’s make #learning more accessible. http://t.co/iHAzfbugPR.http://t.co/Ny8xPRwjqt
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or.. we won't have jobs/degrees.... how would that change things/thinking now..

A Crucial Realization About Journalism is Learned by Being its Subject http://t.co/C0k7L9pyJd

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Mandatory minimums do more harm than good—especially to communities of color http://t.co/ks10TsN8Os@LastWeekTonight http://t.co/WB63K1SjjQ

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Why using ex-convicts could give start-ups an edge by @thisiskyramaya and @alexaclay http://t.co/y7dP6Xz22Vhttp://t.co/Zp3OmeqBH7

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Wow, found out @alexisohanian was going to be an immigration lawyer before he founded @reddit, explains his support:http://t.co/WXNXGPwPro

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The brilliant @drcarlhart debunks the notion that weed contributed to #SandraBland's death http://t.co/ZYSNaiBK2O

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I’m upset. Outlet I know well has done 2 stories about something I’m involved in. They haven’t talked to me. Haven’t checked any facts.

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Shouldn’t bother me. But, you expect the pros to talk to you. Georgia published an opinion, we haven’t had chance to answer.

What is your art?

I define art as having nothing at all to do with painting.
Art is a human act, a generous contribution, something that might not work, and it is intended to change the recipient for the better, often causing a connection to happen.
Five elements that are difficult to find and worth seeking out. Human, generous, risky, change and connection.
You can be perfect or you can make art.
You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art.
You can enjoy the status quo, or you can make art. 
The most difficult part might be in choosing whether you want to make art at all, and committing to what it requires of you. 

After 2 Years, White House Finally Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition – With a "No" http://t.co/UmcGcEvgvJhttp://t.co/nSsUqIiJeP

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via danah, really great article that speaks to deceptive design patterns at Uber, which in speaks to a lot of my interests and predilections on design in general.
Fascinating on many levels -- from the analysis of incentives on corporate, driver, and passenger sides, to the design decisions made in executing on that, to the premise that asymmetric information is still a viable strategy in deception, to the ways that collective evidence is assembled and analyzed.
But most of all, what's fascinating is a Msft research team working hard to figure out a system that's not only man-made, but wholly understood by a small group of people ... including people like Ryan, people we know. In a weird way, it treats a wholly synthetic system as complex physics that can only be pieced together in the dark.
By no means intended as pejorative, re: the research. Just a pathetic state of affairs. We treat ideas like math, because math is where they're manifest, math is how they're analyzed.
It recalls the way wikipedia entries used to spring up for the games we'd make at Area/Code, looking to decompile the complex systems that we were generating. We used to silently watch them evolve, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, yup, yup, nope, yup. But we were looking to delight people, not deceive them. Mostly.

can do heat map.. but not where cars are..
just a zoom out of our crazy lives.. when money drives us .. no?

Man born with "virtually no brain" has advanced math degree http://t.co/6NKthjxzIF http://t.co/O8fJk8EJBI

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Small-world, scale-free networking— focused, intensified, overclocked— might turbocharge a fragment of a brain into acting like the whole thing.

It means Pinker's theory "violence has dropped" is fragile to few observations, and we know one of them is wrong. @dottorpax

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Those Unattended: A short sci-fi film by Brian Garvey http://t.co/cQUf399Wgq

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Commoners in Transition showcases exclusive interviews with individuals and teams working to strengthen the #Commons http://t.co/59mBUu116s

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How societies around the world treat their elders: http://t.co/5buu39TcBN

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To be read side-by-side: @sivavaid on the lawlessness of Uber http://t.co/FY9tAaL49C / Udacity as “Uber of education”http://t.co/pBJQl99RYF

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.@Joi @markoff Markoff has a book? OMG, didn’t know! [Buying] http://t.co/GQRrVte5Un Machines of Amazing Grace.

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so it's official: Turkey was fully collaborating with ISIS and the US was aware of it http://t.co/l8azFimtBx

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Tomorrow @paulmasonnews book will be launched: The Network Economy Sends Wakeup Calls http://t.co/J0xqVRhPIy

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An excellent discussion on what children's education needs to look like.
by peter d
As a father of twin 4-year-old boys, these questions are on my mind. (My wife may have a different point of view as an artist).
passion, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking, grit

My goal for my 4-year-olds is to expose them to as many ideas as I can, and then fan the flames on whatever they want to do. (One of my closest friends loved playing video games in high school. Today he’s one of the world’s top video game designers. You can create a career from any passion!)
interesting choice for critical thinking..
Critical thinking is probably the hardest lesson to teach kids.
It takes time and experience, and you have to reinforce habits like investigation, curiosity, skepticism, and so on.
If you have ever talked to four-year-olds, you’re probably familiar with the “Why?” game.
It goes something like this:
Parent (enthusiastically): “It’s time to go to school!”
we can do better peter - and you think so too... no?
My advice: Try not to BS them.
in the city. as the day.
a nother way.

SG (Nov) #learntech2015 Artificial Intelligence, Education & Learning: Reimagining Possibilities in the Hyperconnected World by @rogerschank

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@willrich45 Also skeptical about the rise of the machine, but sure of the need to prep students for a future of relearning and reinvention.

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or just not keep them from their/our innate ability (ie: curiosity of 5 yr old) to do so.. natural life as prep. rev of everyday life.
p 172 ... lifted lives
and convo of Denise and will..

there is no prep.
life as prep.

there is no mandatable/teachable prep

BBC Brasil - Projeto do MIT identifica ‘nerds’ que são 'reis da gambiarra' em favelas do Rio http://t.co/dv7uV6x5JM

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Emergency shelters made from earthquake rubble will inspire you.
http://t.co/v9eia0JboL http://t.co/M4tSuKudQH

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A horrific interview with Larry King helps explain how Cosby got away with it for decades http://t.co/8pcfvUWUqihttp://t.co/biwJigOdE3

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Great post by @nickgrossman on support services for on demand workers aka "Union 2.0" http://t.co/IFBbedBexc

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Hundreds of local artists have been surveyed for what they really need. There are no galleries in the Union, for instance. It’s all about spaces and tools for working. - See more at: http://artandseek.net/2015/07/28/a-new-artists-workspace-out-of-an-old-ice-cream-plant/#sthash.10gAy27j.dpuf

@iancosh @davidgraeber @berlinbarbarism "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation,one is by arms, the other by the debt"John ADAMS

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Sad to see @doctorow leave, but he's right about (central) London - http://t.co/mrhL5zgXzO

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“I am not well” by @tressiemcphd  https://t.co/gHM4ec3Zd0

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Twitter is not, by definition, an organized debate platform. Nobody HAS to debate you, even if their profile is public. Know this.

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During #BaltimoreUprising, security firm ZeroFox labeled @Nettaaaaaaaa & I as threats. 2015.https://t.co/nVi171NoT2 http://t.co/vJKbKyyrPz

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"When do kids start to think of school as a hoop to jump through instead of a way to make the world a better place?" @ctovani #cx32015

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Yes. @carlmalamud is the real deal. He should be honored as a true hero of the Internet! https://t.co/irshIjAeQd

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What if we treated education as every bit as important as sports? If teachers were glorified as athletes are?https://t.co/mVWqGYtJ3H

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we'd have famous teachers..?
messed up that we go there. kipp on - what do we want people to be doing with heads.. et al

This kind of taxonomy really helps us to understand how the on-demand #WTFeconomy ecosystem will develop  https://t.co/M8vmH5HNRK

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except - a lot of assumptions.. no?

hey my buddy Boris has a piece in the Independent! He speaks truth. http://t.co/dPE04bgEHV

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on fb john b to pam d

. @AmeenaMatthews: Life after ‘The Interrupters’: http://t.co/mE1lm48HrQ http://t.co/4gl1XXli0i

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The $250 million YouTuber branding economy
"LOS ANGELES—Oliver Luckett is a matchmaker. He puts young online stars together with brands, helping them tap into the growing online audience. At a time when video growth is booming online—both YouTube and Facebook say they are pushing out billions of video views daily—it’s a natural that brands like Target, Sony, Nickelodeon and Ford have turned to folks like Luckett to help them reach that elusive young viewer.
He works with 6,000 “influencers,” folks with a large social media following or engaged fan bases, to hire them directly to talk up the brand to their audience. What they don't do is a traditional sell, like we've seen on television for 75-plus years.
When working with marketers, theAudience has its clients create video ads, mentions in tweets and Instagram photos, casually put product placement in their videos or appear at company events on behalf of the sponsor.
Nickelodeon recently worked with theAudience to build awareness for the recent Kid’s Choice Awards, via social stars Christian Collins, Megan Nicole and Chloe Lukasiak. The result was coverage that “felt very organic and authentic to our fans,” says Nickelodeon chief marketing officer Pam Kaufman."

need to read and watch their video.. but my first reaction (even as i listen to auto play video).. is that video - as much as i love it.. has really dampened my online experience. ie: keeps me from reading articles... because auto play slows ability to read/scroll.
i realize i could fix settings .. but this shouldn't be the default.. right?
we are so attuned to shoulds and pushes .. coercion

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"One question you can ask is how many people of a particular group have to be in a room for them to speak," Page said. That is, having a woman in a room doesn't affect a whole lot if she doesn't feel comfortable speaking up. And while he has found that the presence of just one member of a minority group in a room can positively influence the rest of the group to be more cognizant of their own language and behavior, that's different from actually hearing out that person's ideas.
And what happens when your racial identity is part of what got you picked for the team, but you know you'll get booted unless you you play to the crowd, never letting your identity confuse or disrupt?

Trying to get inside minds of children to create a space to spark learning - why not try this for the rest of us?http://t.co/klkANWVQ8E

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rat park for people. as the day.

I just published “On Moving Lines and Network Life” https://t.co/ZyhAh2kKDN in response to @ftrain'shttps://t.co/fqOBpVh0X3

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US Govt war against tech firms that dare to provide encryption just got uglier  https://t.co/XX37QiE2Lp

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Next up on @Lawfare, by @benjaminwittes .... https://t.co/yFYrS0a0SK

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ABSOLUTE MUST READ, LONG READ: How A Small-Time Drug Dealer Rescued Dozens During Katrinahttp://t.co/XAmSoRcSyv

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500+ kids were killed in Gaza last year dude https://t.co/0KyNvrr5z4

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“I have seen...an almost complete turnaround in the attitude people have with government." -Denise Mercer @MaconBibbhttp://t.co/QkaNMNqZma

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Must-watch film by @johnharris1969 if you want to understand the Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon: http://t.co/8RiUX8G01j

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“He wants us small, speaking a language no one understands, in a minority, hiding behind our traditional symbols.”https://t.co/cWdQSfMBJV

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"Uber recently acknowledged its commitment to “maintain social order'" http://t.co/7P4AU8zfYP http://t.co/evT3ocoECk

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oh my.

Uber valued at nearly $51bn after latest funding round http://t.co/tTtGbwJmaT

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The art of storytelling according to StoryCorps and Humans of New York http://t.co/eoP9ccwaKH

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Book Review: Museums in the New Mediascape: Transmedia, Participation, Ethics by Jenny Kidd http://t.co/Ho0BOJgmfN

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Museums In The New Mediascape: Transmedia ...

As ever, though, the question of payment hovers over these questions: if audiences are to become authors and creative practitioners within the museum, how will their labours be compensated? The recent ‘Wages for Facebook’ manifesto provides further evidence of increased skepticism about the economics of digital content.

by making it free/open/useable/useful... et al.. no?

A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of democracy https://t.co/bXdKvHUQj4

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'To measure is to interfere'. Should be carved into the entrance of every office. From @MGleiser's The Island of Knowledge

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“[http://t.co/toqTQYUt0v] users from rural areas believe that Facebook is the internet”  https://t.co/9f7seEgVWQ

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The U.S. Institute of Peace, a gov-founded & funded mega-think tank, is run by pro-war neoconshttp://t.co/kbd6WvjmTv

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oh my.

"How do we provide bespoke tools, not bespoke luxury items, for everyday life? [Using digital hardware]" @tigoe #sketching15

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Please support this incredibly important film about citizen democracy (in Iceland) Blueberry Soup's Voyage to Europehttp://t.co/cqNb06kZIo

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An example of participatory urban planning in Kamo, New Zealand http://t.co/4LZuYODmN7

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from arbitrator to fascilitator
the difference when it's a 2 way convo
pop up town square
large amts of council business no longer needed... large sums of money could be used otherwise
you are the they in - they should do something about that.

367975 #Blocktalk
In one hour we have @leashless talk about the Ethereum Launch,  and where we go from here.

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not until we get out of the crypto currency ghetto..

Wow: “Facebook builds drone to provide Internet access to remote part of the world” http://t.co/hz1Cu4zxZa

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A @MSF doctor's diary from #Yemen : Injured little girl is only survivor of  airstrike which killed her whole familyhttp://t.co/ekrfFjsjqo

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Fascinating talk by @Joi on ISIS as a C. Diff analogue, and what if hipsters could be made to pick up trash. #foocamp

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Yanis Varoufakis (@yanisvaroufakis)

8/2/15 6:21 AM
In conversation with El Pais (Claudi Pérez), the complete (long) transcript yanisvaroufakis.eu/2015/08/02/in-…

"Silicon Valley is having to relearn how to do silicon. Not to make it, but to sell it." Eric Klein #sketching15http://t.co/BvQqx9dG5r

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The one Cecil the Lion article worth reading.


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from jimmy w rt

This is likely my last contribution on social media and elsewhere for a while. Perhaps a long while. And this is whyhttp://t.co/LKCiYIyiKA

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I wrote something on my blog: "The Defaults and Constraints of Teaching in #Highered" http://t.co/jBcdYi2D3y

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Ira Socol (@irasocol)

8/3/15 5:46 AM
In 1832 William Alcott noted that kids need to move every 2-5 minutes and go outside every 20. Has your school caught up yet? #edchat

Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews)

8/3/15 5:47 AM
Thanks for this thoughtful expo and critique @IrvineWelsh bellacaledonia.org.uk/2015/08/03/pos… but I can't get past#f***mybookwasreviewedbyIrvineWelsh!


what's it like to live for 50 yrs.. in fear

indonesia - the 1965 genocide - death of more than 1 mill indonesias

first film - the act of killing... via killers.. who were proud of it.. one had a change of heart

The other kinds of laziness  seth

Yanis Varoufakis (@yanisvaroufakis)

8/4/15 6:12 AM
Vindicated, while Lagarde emerges a loser? – David Marsh in MarketWatch yanisvaroufakis.eu/2015/08/04/vin…

Daniel Wickham (@DanielWickham93)

8/4/15 6:14 AM
My list of Iran tweeps for anyone interested twitter.com/DanielWickham9…
et al

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)

8/4/15 6:30 AM
Amelia Earhart on life and human nature – wonderful letters to her mother buff.ly/1hgSL3M pic.twitter.com/5GJyjVitVn