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Kenyan university massacre survivor emerges after two days in cupboard


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#Networked_p 125 Networked individualism has profound implications for individuals, social milieus & overall societies. 1/4

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No explanation required ... http://t.co/csqAQ8HdFU http://t.co/qBz6zBnLNI

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Dictionary (in artist's book form) of every word as its top Google image search: https://t.co/YpIA073q6yhttp://t.co/Syk3kqCEFe

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So @fredwilson wrote a fine piece today on VCs (http://t.co/I5aLlzD92A) which inspired one from me @Medium   (https://t.co/jwZryV1dgi).

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On the connection between #opendata and effectively addressing social and service inequity in #citieshttp://t.co/bmY3yYLQSc @swartell

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A practical definition of reputation

Buckminster Fuller and Education Automation via @audreywatters   http://t.co/MU1Ky9Xb1y

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60 Minutes was... amazing. Probably the best insight into the community and what it all means to us that I've ever seen.

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(via Buckminster Fuller - Thinking Out Loud (1996) - YouTube) http://t.co/kThEjR3ruX #idea

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Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof)

4/3/15 6:27 AM
Bravo to @AP: Its tremendous reporting on modern slavery in Indonesia has led to rescue of the enslaved fishermen m.apnews.com/ap/db_289563/c…

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens)

4/6/15 6:35 AM

Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto)

4/6/15 6:36 AM
The One Thing That Can Transform An Idea Into A Phenomenon - digitaltonto.com/2015/the-one-t…

Jose Vilson (@TheJLV)

4/6/15 6:30 AM
False accountability assured that educators in Atlanta got arrested, but accountability evangelists roam the streets with rinsed hands.

Salon.com (@Salon)

4/6/15 6:42 AM
The real reason law schools are raking in cash slnm.us/EDOidNm pic.twitter.com/9eKXytiVBk
 Economic choices, in other words, are not made in a vacuum; we can select only among the finite alternatives that precipitate from our actual pasts.
The prevailing silence, I think, comes from an implicit recognition that to ask the question is to answer it – that to speak the words aloud is to break a very serious taboo. If we start talking about that, everyone seems to know, we will never be able to sleep at night. The monster has been shut away in the closet for good reason

Pinch me. I'm invited to an improvised conversation between Yo Yo Ma, Moshe Safdie, Frank Gehry, Jon Kamen, & Richard Saul Wurman.

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Here, by the way, is Chomsky's answer to "our side is superior because we only kill innocents by accident" (17:00) https://t.co/lCimdrFhss

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Space and the City - @TheEconomist - http://t.co/aZPtuXUC0S

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On today's show: @trevortimm on the FBI VS #encryption, #NSA wanting more hacking powers, #IranDeal.http://t.co/ZBP5qr9zAD @FreedomofPress

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▶ David Harvey: The crisis of planetary urbanization  http://t.co/0hiBLDSLFT

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Definitely read @jackshafer on the media reaction to the Rolling Stone debacle  http://t.co/FNG7S59pEV

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graeber at occupied uni of amsterdam

http://t.co/e7MorFKlhu began with the belief that all citizens should have access to the laws and materials of government, sez @carlmalamud

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(@carlmalamud is speaking at @civicMIT today - I'll be tweeting out a few of my favorite bits.)

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and our norms are very very strong RT @ideafestival: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” - Frank Zappa

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“The rest is just an appendix.” @cshirky on Rolling Stone. http://t.co/s41rjaIFxN http://t.co/PigUxPRziW

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“Neurodiversity may be every bit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general. Who can...http://t.co/ignDPN5UCC

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It's obviously a huge failure of leadership in Mexico, but those drugs are going somewhere. It's a failure in the US too. - @EthanZ #MLTalks

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Every 26 hours there is an attack against a journalist in Mexico. Whole regions are going silent, self-censoring. - @ajcorchado #MLTalks

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The zones of silence in Mexico have grown over time, and it's largely due to this attempt to control the narrative - @ajcorchado #MLTalks

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even if you have charming engaging leaders.. if you don't have the right institutions.. - @ajcorchado #MLTalks

when we have fewer correspondents/pov - it's easier to stick with the one narrative. how to hear/get all the stories. - @EthanZ #MLTalks

This new quote format is the best UI tweak to Twitter in years. Nicely done! https://t.co/cql0mMEcfX

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how do we put our theories in harms way, ie: question our own theories - @@bpenuel #DMLcommons