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The UK could have stopped my husband @HussainMJawad being tortured in #Bahrain | powerful read from @Eagertobefree

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The Australian government is making preparations to closer more than 280 indigenous communities that…

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We’re building a base for sliding up an exponential cliff of innovation while
maintaining the structures of society

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yup... Depression didn't make the Germanwings co-pilot murder 149 people

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On the evolution of the Internet & the rise of innovation-led, open-hardware business models: @Joi speaks at #SCC2015

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“Why Self-Organizing is So Hard” by @bud_caddell

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Everything you already understand about working in teams is reinvented with confusing language (e.g. circles, tensions, IDM, etc.) and a confusing process.  When we coach organizations, we start by putting the elements in place which foster self-management (including better talent, ways to measure teams, aligned metrics for all teams, a way to capture what the team is doing, etc.) and then move on to self-organization. 
In terms of Holacracy or GlassFrog, that means we start with training team Tactical meetings (very akin to Agile) but we do not introduce Governance until we feel like the management layers of a firm are capable and ready to let go of how teams are formed and structured. We’ve found that this phasing is absolutely critical to our success rate in helping organizations adopt new practices.

psst. sneak peek of commercial for @makeLOVELAND produced by @DetroitLives while some wrinkles get ironed. feedback?

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I cried as I typed this #immigration @defineamerican

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We must end the use of solitary confinement in prisons:
"According to a 2014 Amnesty International report, more than 40 states now operate supermax prisons. On any given day, there are 80,000 U.S. prisoners in solitary confinement."

Launching today: The Next System Project:

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Nuclear weapons essentially hold women, children, and civilians of adversary hostage to avoid a conflict. - Eric Schlosser #reinventors

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If you think systemic crisis means we need systemic solutions, join me and @TheNextSystem:

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@budtheteacher "Mister Rogers used the tech/media of his time to build relationships," to use this power for good. #csulit15

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Loved @astradisastra's review of Jon Ronson's book. @budtheteacher #csulit15

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@budtheteacher describing @msurman's blog post. Agree that we do not need to just understand the web but build a better web. #csulit15

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@msurman's post on  mozilla academy and the unnameable Mozilla Learning:

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Tired of federal fight, Brad Feld funds EIR program to help foreign entrepreneurs get US visas

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Don Tapscott (@dtapscott)

3/31/15 7:10 AM
Elon Musk: living off a dollar a day as a teenager convinced him he could do anything he wanted with his life
It gave him the assurance that he didn't need a comfortable salary to survive, allowing him the freedom to pursue his loftier goals, he says.

Interested in the #dmlcommons design research strand? Put the first webinar w/@bpenuel on your cal for 4/7@12 pm ET.

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New report explores intersection of neuroscience and #criminaljustice: via

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"If we don't sell arms to brutal dictators, someone else will."

"If we don't sell drugs to kids, someone else will."

Same argument really.

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"Why Millennials Understand The Future Of Work Better Than Anyone Else"… (@Salon)

4/1/15 7:24 AM
Robert Reich dismantles one of our country's ugliest and longest-running myths about the

rather than algorithms... thousands more images


using big data to train computer algorithms

first we teach them to see.. then they help us to see better

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4/2/15 7:05 PM
@EricJorgenson Thanks for the offer but I am overcommitted just now. #peersinc… launching June 9

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4/3/15 5:06 AM
Das Video der Democracy Lecture 2015 mit Naomi Klein ist online!… #DemoLec15

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Bifo on depression and crashes, of airplanes and economies.…#GermanWingsCrash

Good idea indeed, except that the absolute majority of the contemporary population should be put on leave.

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Asya Abdullah:: Rojava is a moral revolution against the mentality of the nation-state. Biggest real "nation" = women. #networkaq

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